Some readers in the West might object to the above title.They would say they want nothing to do with Imperialism,of exploitation and dominance.This is not about you,the problem is you have no choice but to be part of the Western Imperial system.
As discussed in my other articles we still live in a empire system.The dominant empire system is the US+Europe and smaller countries part of the empire,Canada,Australia and New Zealand.this is thy are the dominant power system in the world.
Things are now changing as a power shift takes place to the East with the rise of China+other emerging countries like Russia,India and Brazil.The rise of these countries is direct challenge to the dominance of the Western empire system.The West is trying hard to come with strategies to contain these emerging powers.There is great international game of chess being played,there will be winners and losers.The losers will be we the people who have no choice or influence in this great chess game.
The reader may well ask how does the empire system work.We will show how the US+Europe work together to exploit the rest of the world.
It exploits through money flows,uneven trade agreements,by ensuring poor countries do not become competitors.The US empire has killed more people in the name of democracy and human rights than Hitler.
The US+European empire is a killing machine,in the Good Society empires must go,along with the nation state a defunct European concept.
In future articles we will discuss how to dismantle the empire, and the nation state which is not good for the people.



                                                             Kind Regards

                                                             Tiger Moto

The explanation for title is 500 years of western imperialism& colonialism v 70 years of independence for the colonized

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