American exceptionalism

It is often said that America is a unique country,a beacon of light on top of a hill illuminating to the rest of the world..its respect for rule of law,human rights,individual freedoms and commitments to free markets.
All these qualities make America exceptional in world affairs. Lets look at the reality...America is exceptionally good at :-

1) Bombing and destroying countries which it does not like..installing compliant regimes.

2) Bombing and destroying countries in the name Democracy and Human rights....Iraq and Libya being two examples

3) America is exceptionally good at toppling governments it does not like,regime change,assassinations and support for terrorist groups by the CIA is well documented..Since the creation of America over 300 years ago it has been conflict with many parts of the world for over 270 years

4) America is exceptionally good at killing people in the name of democracy and human rights....over 20 million killed..many more injured..military interventions in over 40 countries..with over 700 military bases in i in 3 countries....over 45 in the Middle East alone.It is the world's biggest militarily power and the world's biggest Arms spends more on the Military than the rest of the world put together

5) America is very good at appropriating the resources of other countries it wants at very low prices...Middle East oil being one...the deal of the century signed with Saudi oil paid in dollars for keeping the Monarchy in power.

6) America is very good at imposing its financial and economic system on the rest of the world..the Dollar Hegemony...and Wall Street

7) As the world's biggest economy America is exceptionally good at ensuring any trade deal will benefit US Corporations the most....Nafta and TPP being two such commitment to free trade means the US free trade is not fair trade..this keeps poor countries from developing as they continue to supply primary goods at low prices..which keep them poor

8) America is very good at indebting poor countries with high interest development loans which it cannot be these loans have to paid back in Dollars..which means trading with the US selling primary goods at low prices..the debt trap keeping countries poor

9) If any country tries to operate outside of the US Dollar Hegemony,it will have sanctions put on it or be invaded....Russia,Iran,China,Iraq,Venezuela and Iraq being some examples.

10) America is exceptionally good as the world's leading money laundering centre...(Wall Street and its Bastard Child City of London)

11) America is exceptionally good at supporting the Democratic Terrorist State of Israel...militarily,economic and financially..$15-$20 Billion and indirect per that Israel can continue its project of land theft,murder and Ethnic cleansing of Palestine..while its military wrecks havoc in the Middle East..bombings and assassinations with impunity

12) America is the worst Imperial power to exist in history with a global reach un -matched by any power past or present.

So to conclude America is exceptionally for all the wrong reasons. The American Empire died in Iraq..over 10 years of hell for the local population.....17 years in Afghanistan..with no way the moment America is involved in wars with seven the 70's the US was at war with it is at war with the Muslim world
There seems to be no end to American exceptionalism...which is bad news for Humanity and the world.In our concept of the Good Society we do not believe that any country should be above others..all must respect International Law and respect for Human Rights of others


Kind Regards
Tiger Moto


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