Zionism equals-Religion-Colonialism-Bible-Jews-Race-Nation State-Terrorism

The modern creation of Israel is built on the murder, dispossion, destruction of Palestinian, houses, cities, village, towns, cities and confiscation of their arable land, and water resources.
Please read the small list of crimes by the Zionist movement and Jews against the Palestinians. All these crimes have been documented and are taken from the book State of Terror by Thomas Suarez. His sources are from the newly released primary documents by the British Government. Right from the beginning Zionist was a settler Colonialist project based on the destruction of the Palestinian people..in this project not only Arabs were killed but Jews also.
1) Roosevelt 1944 offered refuge to 500,000 Jews..rejected by the Zionists who sabotaged the plan
2) Jews of Africa and the Middle East used as cannon fodder for the newly created Terrorist State of Israel
3) False flag Terrorist acts used against Palestinians to get them to leave, their homes destroyed so that they could not return
4) Baron Rothschild’s finance settlements since 1880’s, their were petitions against this, by Jews and Palestinians living in the region at the time
5) Paul Nathan sent by a German Jewish Relief association reported Zionist settler campaign of terror 1914 against the Arab population
6) Zionism-Ethno-Nationalist movement and the Jewish National Fund buy best lands in the region
7) Absentee landlords register land and sell at a high price to Jews, while not allowing the Arab tenants any rights
8)1917 Balfour Declaration base on the premise Palestinian land as empty land..biggest lie of the century...it is land theft
9) Herzl the original founder of Zionist suggested starving the Palestinians by control of the labour market..then deny them employment
10)1924 by banning Palestinian labour the Jewish National Fund a settler colonialist state dehumanizes Palestinians, displace and subordinate them
11) Schooling denied for Palestinian children but available for Jewish children
12)1937 Peel Commission reported that the Jewish Agency Mandate have race laws since 1929 to preserve Jewish blood
13) After the fall of Communism many Jews in Russia wanted to go to the US..Zionists force them to go to Israel
14) Herzl tried to but Palestinian land from Ottomans for settlement of Jews..plan failed
15) 1905 Balfour blocked Jews from Russia coming to the UK
16) Montagu opposes Jewish settlements of Palestinian lands..Rich Jews oppose Zionism at that time
17) Israeli soldiers create problems among the Palestinians to justify violence and retaliation
18) The King Crane Commission 1919 which reported that settling Jews in Palestine would lead to conflict was suppressed till 1922, by Zionists
19) Zionist claims Jewish descent based on Biblical prerogative outweighed the desire for self determination
20) Palestinians look to the US for help an ‘American Mandate’..Zionist put a stop to this
21) Tel Aviv no Arabs to the city and no Arab to work for a Jew
22) The Havara agreement use Jewish Assets to purchase German goods..which obliged Jews to go to Israel and not other countries?
23) Adolf Eichmann went to Israel to help the Jews tom settle in the stolen land
24) Peel Commission reported racially segregated statehood-Ethnic Segregation..fake stories of Arab Revolts circulated in the news media
25) Palestinians oppose Jewish domination not immigration..this lead to riots..house demolitions and collective punishments of the Palestinian population
26)1936 Palestinian murdered in the UK office by Zionist Terrorist organization
27) Zionist Terror targets Palestinian offices in the UK
28)1930 2 Jews killed by Palestinians..Zionists kill 2 Palestinians..1929 anti-Jewish protests against local Jews Irgun kill 2 Arabs
29)Irgun attack passenger trains...agricultural workers, bombing of Arab cafe’s, Arab buses, vehicles attacked, bombs placed in trains, Arab markets bombed, bomb placed above a Jewish money changer, bomb placed on bus by a 12 year old girl.
30) Irgun bomb Haifa Arab market..bomb in Jerusalem kill 11 Palestinians..Bomb in melon market kill 45 Palestinians..Irgun use biblical passages to justify murder
31)the UK crush the Arab revolt..thus serve as occupier of the Zionist colonialist
32) Zionists with US backing want the whole of Palestine..Zionism- settler Ethnocracy..a racist ideology
33) The Fake Holocaust co-opted to the Zionist Agenda
34)three main Zionist terrorist organization 1) Stern Gang 2) Irgun 3)Lehi
35)the Lehi a racist organization ..in Italy organize to overthrow UK in Palestine..to liquidate Jewish Diaspora..to transfer to Israel
36) Most assassinations of Jews by Zionist terror organizations..Jabotinsky founder of Irgun
37) Jewish gangs put bombs in Jerusalem immigration office...non Jewish traffic stoned..looting of Arab shops
38) Village of Biyar Adas 10 Palestinians killed including 4 women by Zionist terrorist organizations
39)Irgun...bomb in cinema 13 killed..Irgun kill 14 Palestinians in Haifa market..bomb of local post office
40) Bombing of coffee houses, kiosks, train stations, 5 Palestinian villages attacked..land mine kills 9 Palestinians
41)Bomb in Haifa killed 21 wounded 24 50% women and children...Libya village 3 killed 1 police officer killed and 2 police inspectors killed in a land mine
42) Syrian orphanage bombed in Palestine..13 killed and 4 wounded...Palestinian bus attacked..Arab cafe blown up...35 killed
43)Irgun proposals...Use German ships to avoid UK blockade...1938-48 100,000 Jews migrated to Palestine+ 500,000 emigrated..one third to Europe one third to Palestine and one third elsewhere.

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