Quite recently on youtube. i listened to an Israeli human rights campaigner,who gave a very interesting analysis of who benefits from the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands ,its people and resources.Here for my readers are her analysis and summary:-

  • Water,land,resources  such quarry stones and lime for construction are being exploited
  • Under the Geneva Convention stealing of resources of occupation is illegal..The Israeli's know this but get away with it because no sanctions applied..because the US will block any move to do so
  • US military aid to Israel is a means of funding US taxpayers dollars to the military industrial complex..which sells arms paid for by the US taxpayer to Israel for Free !!
  • Toxic Medical waste is routinely dumped in the Westbank
  • 18 Industrial Zones in Israel and the Illegally occupied Westbank responsible for severe pollution,with high rates of Cancer...Pollution is a byproduct of Industrial development in the area..illegally occupied.
  •  Exploitation of  Captive Palestinian labour of over 35,000 who work in the illegally built settlements in the occupied territtories
  • Free land in the Westbank, i.e stolen lands + industrial zones and subsidies from the Israeli Government +Palestinian labour who work for less than the minnimum wage and have no rights..enables Israeli industry to lower their costs of production
  • Palestinians in the occupied territories have no civil rights,not allowed to organize,or unionize.Under military rule they are subject to permits and restrictions of all kinds.If a Palestinian were to complain or strike he would lose his/her permit and lose their right to work or move.
  • There is exploitation of  captive Palestinian markets.The Palestinian economy dependent on Israel for everything under Israeli terms...they pay 3x more for electricity and more for water...this a traditional pattern of Colonialism as practiced by English Imperialism
  • Area C which is 65% of the illegally occupied Westbank..is under strict Israeli military rule...Palestinians are not allowed to build anything from homes to schools to roads..
  • Area B is under military control with a local Palestinian administration with very little means to provide basic amenities to their population
  • Israel has cell phones towers all over the illegally occupied Westbank for their citizens,the Palestinians are not allowed to have their own cell phone towers ,they have to pay roaming charges to Israeli companies in their own lands !
  • Area A of the illegally occupied Westbank is under strict military rule


                                                            So who profits $$ from the  Israeli goods,labour,checkpoints,settlements,the destruction of Palestinian industry such as dairy farming has been destroyed by Israeli policies in the occupied territories:-

  1. The Banking Industry which funds illegal settlements and industry in the Westbank
  2. The wine industry in Israel relies on the illegally occupied Westbank grapes and land use..it is difficult to separate the economy of the illegally occupied Westbank and Israel proper
  3. Israeli law states that any business that boycotts settlements in the illegally occupied Westbank can lose future government contracts...so business must supply settlers in the illegally occupied Westbank but no Palestinians in the region...so there is Apartheid in services provided
  4. Agriculture for Israeli farm produce is subsized such as planting of olives and grapes
  5. The Israeli economy is very centralized..20 families control 50% of Israeli stock market...10 largest groups control 30% of market listing on the Israeli stock exchange


 The three Main Demands of the Palestinians are:-


                                                      1) The right of return

                                                      2) The end of occupation

                                                      3) Equal rights for the Palestinians

The BDS movement has been set up to put pressure on business and governments not to do business with Israel because of its occupation.Soda stream and Veolia have been targeted as doing business in the illegally occupied territories.Veolia has lost $10 billion worth of contracts.They supplied segregated buses for Israeli's and a light transport rail system to enable workers in the settlements in the illegally occupied Westbank going to and from work.They have abandoned the rail system and no other contractor wants to take over the project.

                                              Any company doing business in the occupied Westbank by exploiting those resources can be taken to International Court.The Israeli's use the excuse in the quarry mines Palestinian labour benefits therefore they are not stealing the resources.My answer is take it  to the interantional court and see waht happens Israel!.International law is very clear on this matter..you cannot use natural resources of occupation for your own gain.

                                           Motorola a well known mobile phone company supplys and runs the ELBT system,Caterpillar supplies buldozers used to demolish Palestinian homes.Caterpilar now supply un-manned,remote controlled buldozers used to demolish Palestinian homes...often while people still in them..leading to many deaths..or murder depending on how you see the situation.

                                      Hewlitt Packard supply bio-metric machines and data on magnetic cards which controls the privileges and movements  for Palestinians.

                                         The above are a small number of ways the Apartheid Racist State off Israel operates.Please read this article and tell your friends and relatives..we must end the suffering of the Palestinians under the brutal regime of Israel...a Democratic Terrorist State..and apartheid racist state,violater of international rights and human rights of the Palestinians.


                             Please click here to  see a list of Atrocities committed by the democratic terrorist state of israel against the Palestinians




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