If you read the newspapers, listen to economists,politicians and business people they all promote the idea of free trade,it is seen as a good thing,that brings prosperity for all,so countries must be open to free trade.
Countries must reduce barriers to free trade so that consumers in all countries can get the best goods and services at the lowest prices.No countries citizens should be deprived of these benefits.
The free trade mantra is regarded essential for the development of countries,especially poor countries so that they can trade out of poverty.The assumption is each country through buying and selling with others can both benefit from exchange of goods and services.
World trade has gone up considerably over the best decades.International trade agreements like Nafta,and organizations like WTO set the rules for free trade.
But there is serious false assumption of free trade.The simplistic free trade mantra hides the power system ,and complexity at work ,between rich powerfull countries versus poor countries.
When trade is conducted between rich and poor countries trade is very uneven,it can never fully beneficial to both sides,the poorer country often loses out.
Anyone trading with the US, trade will benefit the US the most.So free trade can be weapon that can be used to bully and coerce small or economically weak countries into uneven trade agreements.
In our concept of the good society,we promote free and fair trade.We in future will publish articles which will show how rich countries became rich and it is not what they are preaching to poor countries.
Kind Regards
Tiger Moto

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