The Goebbels Awards this month goes to Mark Regev propagandist for the Democratic Terrorist State of Israel

Mark Regev has managed to set very low standards for his profession for his blatant propaganda for the war crimes and human rights abuses of his country against the Palestinians. When the slaughter of innocent, men, women and children were being massacred by one ton bombs, army shells, and missiles in Gaza. Mark Regev managed to blame the victims and Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. He described the democratically elected Hamas as terrorists. No doubt the Israeli’s were bombing Gaza in the name of Humanity.
Mark Regev the country you represent is the Middle East Terrorist State.Everybody knows that an Israeli in uniform is the real terrorist. Illegally occupying Palestinian lands for over 35 years with a brutal and cruel military regime, where daily Palestinian men, women and children are humiliated, beaten, degraded and shot and injured
Mark the terrorists in uniforms you defend are killing two children a week, and injuring many more in the name of defending the country since 2000 your Moral army has killed 1500 children, know doubt you are proud of their achievement. Check out the YouTube video of unarmed men, women and children be shot by your proud elite cowards in uniform you defend.
So please accept this Goebbels Award for the most ludicrous propaganda, the only person you have convinced of your propaganda is yourself, because no one else believes it
We the sane people of the world who believe in justice for the Palestinians hereby Award with Honours First Class to Mark Regev the Goebbels Award in recognition of his duties to the Democratic terrorist state of Israel for the following
• Defending the crimes of Israeli’s in uniform
• Lying on behalf of the Democratic Terrorist State of Israel
• Blaming the victims for the crimes of the criminals in uniform (the IDF) Israeli defence force
• For telling blatant lies on world news channels .when everyone see’s the facts on the ground tell a different story
• For your well rehearsed lines on TV, are so comical and predictable, it’s hard to believe any one takes you seriously you have lost the reason to distinguish between image and reality. There may be mental health issues here, you need attending to
• For protecting Israel from the international community of war crimes which your countries terrorists in uniform commit everyday
• For defending ‘targeted assassinations’ also called murdering people the state of Israel does not like
• For defending the illegal occupations and taking of Palestinian land in the name of Moses (who never existed)
• For defending the arrest and detention of Palestinian men, women and children without reason, evidence or trial
• For defending the collective punishment of Palestinian,men,women and children
• For defending ‘revenge ‘killings by Israeli’s in uniforms also known as Terrorists in uniform
• For continuing to portray your country as victim when it is the perpetrator,(with one of the most advanced military In the world)(all supported and supplied by the world’s biggest terrorist state the US)
We hope that you will cherish this once in a life time achievement award. You will able to tell your grandchildren how you justified the murder of innocent Palestinian ,men, women and children all in the name of Defending the Democratic terrorist state of Israel.

                                  Kind Regards Tiger Moto

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