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70,000 Moderate Rebels in Syria?
The Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron gets the Flying Pigs award this month .He came out with the ludicrous statement that there are 70,000 moderate rebels fighting Assad in Syria. This information is supplied to him by the British intelligence service.
This is the same intelligence agency which supplied the former Prime Minister Tony Blair that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and is able to use them in 45 minutes, total lies and fabrications to fool the public.
The intelligence agencies have a very poor record of supplying reliable information, otherwise they would be able to stop terrorist acts before they are commited.David Cameron has back tracked somewhat, now saying there might be some bad people among the 70,000 who do not share our love of democracy and human rights.
The bottom line is the West’s intervention in the Middle East have been disastrous, and to justify the intervention any useless information is being used to justify the mass slaughter that is taking place of innocent,men,women and children, by these so called moderate ,or not so moderate rebels?
The ordinary people of Syria must be asking themselves what they have done to deserve this!
So I hope Mr Cameron appreciates this month’s flying pig’s award for the most ludicrous, ridiculous lie of the month.

Who are these ' Moderate Rebels'

                                The moderate rebels are ideologically driven criminals from over 50 countries..armed and supported by the West through third parties like the CIA,the Israeli's and some Gulf states who want to get rid of the Assad regime.A moderate rebel is one who rapes,murders,beheads less than ten people a week.Imagine if in the uk you released all the criminals from prison and gave them arms and money and logistical can only imagine the  atrocities and mayhem they would cause among a defenseless civilian population...this is what the Western powers have done in Syria...the outcome of this policy is clear to be seen in the devastation  in the country

A moderate rebel is one who beheads,murders,rapes ten people or less in a week...

                                 Please logon on to the link below to see the real war waged by the West in Syria against the defenseless population by a independent Canadian journalist Eve Bartlet

                                                            The West at War with Syria

                                                            The Corbert Report

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