The Israeli Prime Minister has once again put his foot in his mouth. He has in a speech blames the holocaust for a Palestinian Mufti who visited Hitler.According to him The Grand Mufti persuaded Hitler to burn the Jews.
Besides this being factually in correct, the Grand Mufti did visit Hitler as an individual, as many people visited Hitler including the then Prime Minister of Britain. There is nothing sinister about this, he was leader of Germany at the time, you had no choice to deal with him whether you like him or not. If an individual does something regrettable that does not mean it is reflective of his community.Isil does not represent the Muslim world, Zionists do not represent all Jews.When Hitler was in power many leaders and government officials from many countries visited him.
What Netanyahu does not tell you or does not know Many Zionists visited Hitler asking him to give the German Jews a hard time so that they may be persuaded to go to Israel. As the Zionists were finding it hard to persuade Jews to go to Israel. When Hitler came to power the Jews were a non issue, he was more concerned about acquiring land which he felt belonged to Germany which, as far as he was concerned was occupied by other countries, who he had disagreements with. Also he was concerned about the welfare of Germans living in other countries
So Netanyahu besides being a mass murderer of Palestinians is also a blatant liar. We expect politicians to lie to us, we do expect them to be convincing, not Netanyahu the Nutter,he was about to lose the last election, he deliberately provoked the Palestinians by invading Gaza killing Hamas officials and arresting a large number, in retaliation Hamas fired ‘rockets’( to you and me fireworks not real rockets).
Netanyahu the Nutter used this as excuse to launch a one sided massacre of men, women and children. Described as a war of self defense, this is ridiculous; Hamas do not have tanks, air planes, armoured carriers, high velocity rifles. The outcome was inevitable, with the support of its allies who used the standard diplomatic double speak (to cover Israeli crimes) that Israel has the right to defend itself with proportionate force. What this means is that the Palestinians have no right to defend themselves who are under occupation, simply allow themselves to be massacred, by one of the world’s most advanced armed military forces.
The regular predictable massacres in Gaza, Israel refers to as mowing the lawn. The assumption is that the Palestinians and Arabs need to be reminded who is boss in the Middle East. The best way to teach them is to kill lots of them on a regular basis.
So Gaza massacres are a common feature of the polices of the Middle East Psychopath Israel, without warning or justification Israel will launch attacks on Gaza and neighbouring countries, Lebanon is a favourite Israeli target, all in the name of self defense,with tacit and full support of the US (partner in crime)
If the Nuremberg laws were applied to day both Israel and the US would be hanged for war crimes.
So once again the Prime Minister of the Middle East Psychopath Netanyahu the Nutter tells the world what a lunatic place can be the Democratic terrorist state of Israel
‘God may have chosen the Jews as the chosen people’,The Israeli people have chosen Netanyahu the Nutter to run the Democratic Terrorist State of Israel, God must be very upset at what his chosen people are doing to the Palestinians and Arabs. No doubt when the chosen people do go to Heaven, God will be giving stern lectures to the chosen people on human rights abuses.(I have been reliably informed by Gods assistant that there will be more than one lecture with titles as follows:-
You do not kill innocent men,Women and children. God forbids this, this applies to his chosen people

Palestinians have basic human rights too, not just Israeli’s.Palestinians are also Gods children even if they are second class citizens next to the chosen people
• God wants all his people including the chosen ones to get along with each other
To treat other peoples as if they are sub humans and kill them without justification or reason means you will not go to heaven and ,your status as the chosen one will be withdrawn
• In order to get to heaven especially the chosen ones, right to heaven must be earned on earth. That means you must do at least two good deeds per day that does mean bulldozing Palestinian homes or denying permits to Palestinians to build extensions to their homes.
Wearing an Israeli soldier’s uniform does not give you justification to harass Palestinian families 3am in the morning and arresting the adult members in the name of security. Think of the traumatic effects on children. Remember God loves children more than the ‘chosen ones’.

..........more lectures to follow watch this space (Gods assistant is The Angel Gabriel is on holiday, as soon he is back I will be writing to him about more lectures for the ‘chosen people’).

                             I hope when Netenyahu the Nutter retires he will cherish my Flying  Pigs Award along with other awards like Mass Murderer of the year Award

Tiger Moto

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