For my non U.K readers flying pigs is a term used when someone tells big lies. When someone tells a big lie we say to them that pigs can fly, it means we know you’re lying. So the Flying pigs awards goes those people whether they be in public, private, business, academic, political life etc.
So if you would like to nominate someone for the flying pig’s award we would like to hear from you.
To get you started I will not mention a Labour party politician who appeared on a popular political T.V program in the UK, the subject discussed was immigration, whether the economic benefits justify high immigration. She said that the migrants to the U.K brought an economic benefit of £6 billion,
The statement she made is factually correct, accept for one small point .The two faced cow forgot to mention that the migrants also cost the U.K tax payer around £6 billion in providing provisions such as schooling, health and housing, so overall net benefit is nearly ZERO. So she gets my flying pig’s award.
If you want hard evidence for the above please go to Migration Watch website ( who have all the hard facts about migration to UK
So please be free to nominate a liar of your choice for this award. (Make sure you get your facts right before accusing someone for this ward, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of Court Action)
Kind Regards Tiger Moto

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