Many people watching the news will be aware of the refugee crises engulfing the EU.The terrible incidences of boats capsizing and the subsequent deaths from drowning including the terrible picture of the three year old boy found on a Turkish beech, which spiked the heart and conscience of many people around the world.
The UK Prime Minister was shamed in to making a statement to allow a few thousand extra refugees into the country, an absolutely disgraceful statement considering that Germany is preparing to allow in hundreds and thousands. The meeting at the EU to discuss this issue the Chair woman was in no doubt as to the failure of EU countries come up with the money to deal with the issue. Besides bickering the EU has no unified response to the situation
There is a new game being played in the EU ,its called ‘ Pass the refugee’, where each Country affected by the influx of refugees builds borders, gasses them use violence by police and security forces to keep them out of the country or in one place, or puts them on coaches to transport them to the border of another country.
In the game of ‘Pass the Refugee’ Hungry, Croatia, Serbia is winning at the moment. They will no doubt soon be joined by other EU countries as this game becomes more popular. I ask my readers to come up with solutions to these problems here are my suggestions
Tiger Moto’s solution to the Migrant Crises:-

• The countries responsible for bombing these countries have direct responsibility to take in ‘ALL THE REFUGEES’. The UK& US will have most of them. '
• The P&O ferries should be sent to these war torn regions and bring these people to the UK.As many of these people are paying smugglers thousands of dollars to come. The refugees would save money, as P&O charge a lot less. This would mean when they get here they will have savings, they would need less tax payer money to settle. A win win situation for all of us.
• P&O should also lay on special liners to sail across to the US where most of these people should be going to, as the US IS DIRECTLY responsible for most of the refugee problems in the region. Since large numbers will be going to US, we the British taxpayer as a humane gesture will give each person a resettlement grant ,so that that they can start a new life in the land of Free and the Brave, where they can really taste the fruits of democracy and human rights.
• The other option is give this refugee EU citizenship and allow them to settle where they want. Most will settle where there are already large Diaspora communities, which will not affect the recipient country in adverse way as the they already have substantial migrant communities.
• The UK is home to very large numbers of migrant’s communities, our population will be become even more diverse and multi-cultural, and remember in the UK we celebrate diversity and Multi-Culturism, so there will no objections from the public? Remember in the UK we love diversity?.
• So the reader can decide which game the UK should play (1) Pass the refugee (2) ‘Refugee holiday to the US (with one way ticket) (3) The Calais solution (4) We should stop interfering in the Affairs in other countries. You cannot bring Democracy, Freedom and human rights by bombing and destroying countries.
• If readers have their own solutions, be free to discuss (My favourite solution is number (4) ).

Kind Regards Tiger Moto

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