The European Union(EU) meant to be the end point of European civilization where countries merge into a borderless world,with free movement of labour and capital.Backed by by a legal framework of property rights and human rights.
In principle the idea of the EU sounds good,it gives opportunities to 500 million people in huge trading area,for people and business to interact.
In practice it cannot work,the concept of a United States of Europe will not work.You cannot form a Union with 27 countries,with their own histories,languages,cultures,politics,ethnicity and traditions,and merge them into one unit.
The EU was formed when the world was a different place.It emerged after the Second World War to prevent European countries going to war again.A common market was created in goods and services.Originally the dominant players were France and Germany,France benefited from the huge agricutural subsidies and Germany from export of its industrial output in to the large trading area of the common market.
Later as more countries the subsidies have steadliy declined for France.So now the dominant economy in the EU is Germany,that is one of the reasons the EU central bank is located in Germany.
The EU is undemocratic most of its legisaltion now made by unelected EU officials.It is worst than the old Communist USSR,as it makes laws and regulations to run the EU empire.It is sold as peoples agenda but in reality it is a big business agenda.Big business now can access cheap labour and lower peoples wages and living standards,as people from low wage economies migrate to high wage economies,which then become low wage economies.
The EU is becoming a poverty enhancement project as it dismantles the welfare state.
The EU is an Empire in all but name.Inthe Good Society we are against empire.The EU empire must go,we believe the EU will not last more than 20 years due to its internal contradictions.
The Nation state must be broken into a smaller geographical units,a very decentralized system with local laws,economics and politics
The Good Society will publish future articles which will show what a shambles the EU is.
Kind Regards
Tiger Moto

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