Deadliest diseases to infect Humanity

Throughout history there have been terrible diseases which have killed many millions of people. Some we have found cures for, others came and went, and new ones emerge all the time. I want to give you my top ten list of terrible diseases to infect humanity. Please be aware this is not an exhaustive list, this is simply my ten. You can however add or subtract to this list.

1) Small Pox
This disease first appeared around 430 bc.It has been killing people in great numbers. Since accurate records began around 1799 upward of 300 million people have died. Today it is one of the few diseases we have been able to eradicate almost 100%.This is a remarkable achievement.

2) The Spanish flew
This terrible disease came from nowhere and in a two year period 1917-1919, infected 500 million and killed 20-50 million people. A truly terrible disease to infect humanity. It has not re-emerged, which is a good sign

3) The Black Death
This disease appeared between 1340-1771 killed about 75 million people mostly in Europe. Where this disease came from no one is quite sure. Thankfully it has not re-emerged.

4) Malaria
This disease of the tropics spread by the female mosquito kills around 3 million per year. Despite modern living conditions, we have yet to eradicate this disease, despite much research and money being spent. A cure remains elusive.

5) Aids
Aids is a recent disease to infect humanity, no one knows where it came from .Since 1981 over 25 million people have died, and people are still dying today. There has been progress made where people infected are able to live with a mild strain of the disease.

6) Cholera
Deadly water borne disease which has been around along time. First recognized officially in 1817.It continues to kill millions mostly in poor countries where hygiene is not taken very seriously or lack off.

7) Typhus
This terrible disease of the modern era has killed over 3 million between 1918-1945.This disease was very prevalent in concentration camps under Hitler, The American Civil War (in internment camps), and under Napoleon where he lost many of his soldiers to this terrible disease.

8) Obesity Parasite
This recent new disease infecting high income countries, such as Europe and North America. It is linked to high calorie intake, virulent forms are spread by the Fast Food Industry. And it is spreading as the Fast food Industry finds new countries to infect. The terrible side effects of this disease are Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.
The world health organization is doing its best to contain the virus by better hygiene i.e. healthier living, but the Fast food industry who spread this disease are doing their best to resist the new healthier strain of the virus.

9) Tax Parasite
This terrible disease was introduced by Royalty in Europe to fund wars. Since then it has infected democracies especially of rich countries. The tax disease is now spreading to other newly emerging democracies. It starts of infecting small parts of the population then spreads, until the whole of the adult population is infected. Luckily it does not as yet infect children, but that may change over time. The major side effects of this disease are it taxes people to death. In fact death is the only way to avoid this terrible disease

10) The God Parasite
The God parasite appeared about Ten thousand years ago when humans began to congregate, live in villages, towns and cities and started to create civilizations. There are 3 virulent strains of this disease:-

A) Christianity

B) Judaism

c) Islam

A) Christianity
This disease in the past was very virulent, it spread very quickly to most parts of the world. It was very dangerous during the Crusade period, under Colonialism, Imperialism and during the Inquisition. Throughout history it has killed millions. Today this disease exists in a very mild form in most parts of the world. There exists a virulent form in the United States, among the American Taliban, and in the Bible belt region of America, and it infects people in political high office such as US Presidents, who are very susceptible to it. There are signs of this disease now emerging in China and Russia. So far only mild forms of this disease have emerged. This is a good sign, let’s hope it does not turn toxic.

B) Judaism
This disease in the past had a very virulent strain. Great attempts were made to eradicate it in many countries, Especially in Europe. In most countries today it exists in a very mild form. But a very virulent form has surfaced in Israel. It is killing Arabs and Palestinians in great numbers. There is a new strain in Israel now, which has nuclear tips. This disease is now a serious threat to the rest of humanity.
This disease was incubated in the US, with US dollars approved by the Jewish Congress every year. It is now so dangerous that not even US Presidents can control it. It is now completely out of control. It is wreaking havoc in the Middle East.
The only good sign is that the Judaism disease, outside of Israel is declining very rapidly.

c) Islam
This is a new disease compared to the others. It is at the moment in its most virulent and toxic form. It is killing in great numbers. There is a worldwide attempt to eradicate and constrain the spread of this virus. As yet all attempts have failed to contain this deadly disease. Toxic forms of this virus have turned up in Europe, the UK (London underground 7/7).In the US 911 the Twin Towers. Indonesia (Bali bombing) and many other places.
In the Middle East there is a new strain which blows itself up, causing death and destruction on a daily basis. This explosive strain is spreading fast to other parts of the world.

It is difficult to work out where the next outbreak will be, it could be any where, anytime.Since this disease has no recognizable pattern, scientists cannot make predictions. It is hoped that peace and prosperity may bring about a mild form into existence.

This may be difficult at the moment virulent strains dormant in the past are re-emerging such the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafists, Wahabism,the Taliban in Afghanistan ( a strain of Wahabism).International efforts to control these new deadly diseases are proving difficult, despite $billions being spent.


It has been estimated that the God parasite has been responsible for the death of around One billion people throughout human civilization. This makes the God parasite the biggest killer in human history.
There are now renewed efforts to eradicate this disease. The internet is being used with Atheist Medicine to eradicate if possible, or bring about a mild form of this disease. They are having a remarkable effect. In Europe this disease is in rapid decline or exists now in its mild form. In America Atheist Brand Medicines such as Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennit and Richard Dawkins are making substantial progress. Already in the US there has been a 25% decline, especially among younger people of the God parasite.

The reason the GOD parasite is so difficult to eradicate.It is a childhood illness. Once the disease has infected a young mind, it is very difficult to cure in adulthood. Especially the Islamic strain which infects young minds at a very early age. The Wahabi strain as in Afghanistan and Pakistan is spread through Madrassas, with funding from the Saudi Government, who incubate this disease in their home country before exporting it .

Atheism is the best Medicine to eradicate the God Parasite. But the virulent form of the God parasite has been known to be resistant to the Atheist Medicine. So the Atheist medicine has to administered very carefully in small doses over a long period. In most cases the best that can be hoped for is that a mild, less deadly form of the God parasite may emerge over time. So we may never get rid of the God parasite, but we can live with a mild, non toxic form of the disease.
Kind Regards
Tiger Moto

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