Letter to God-Part1

Dear God

It is over 2000 years since you visited the earth. Since then lots of things have changed, many good, some bad. I am writing to you as we earthling humans, our civilization is at a cross roads. The three great religions you have created are in the process of being replaced by human laws not Gods laws, which I am sure will concern you greatly, also they are in decline. If you decide to come to earth there is whole list of intractable problems for you to solve.

I hope your intellectual capacity has not diminished over time, as you will need to devote a great amount of intellectual resources to solve the many earthly problems. To get you started I have list of questions for you think about. The questions start of easy and gradually get harder. So let’s get started:-

(1)Many millions of people pray to you everyday to solve their immediate daily problems. With exception of the few Prophets, very few people get an answer. Your inability or refusal to answer prayers directly, has led us earthly humans come to certain conclusions about you:-

(a) The aging process as you are over two thousand years old, your hearing is not what it should be. If this is the case when you come to earth I have arranged an appointment with my local NHS hospital for a hearing test. The medical staff will be delighted to treat God for free! no doubt they will ask for their personal problems to solved. You being omnipotent, all seeing, all knowing, all powerful it will be child’s play for you to solve their problems. Once your loss of hearing has been treated hopefully you will be able to answer the prayers of millions.

(b)Your communication system needs updating, we live in the internet age. In the past you only communicated through the Angel Gabriel and the prophets. I hope the Angel Gabriel is still gainfully employed and not pensioned of or sacked. Since you have only supplied a limited number of prophets and the last prophet was Mohammed (peace be upon him), your communication sytem is now closed. To open communication with you I have an email address for you GOD.gmail.com and a website God.org.

I have reliably been informed all the internet service providers will offer you free service. Be prepared for millions of requests. If your communication director the angel Gabriel is not familiar with modern technology, i can book him on an I.T course at my local college where i am sure the staff there will be delighted to see him.

(2)The three great religions you have created are always in conflict with each other. Each one lays claims to the true belief of your good self God. The Christians, Muslims and the Jews have been each other’s throats and killing in great numbers, all in your name, each claims the true belief of your good self. Each claims their book is the revealed truth of yourself good self.This is going to be your greatest problem to solve,to bringing harmony between these religions.

(3)Since your Prophets have not been able to clarify, explain and iron out contradictions in your great works of literature, when they were on this puny earth planet. The anomalies and contradictions have lead to a very wide range on interpretations. As an example:-

(a)All your three great works all advocate slavery, is this acceptable? Today we have banned slavery. We puny earthlings have what is called the United Nation and a human rights charter which replaces much of you work, i am sure you cannot be happy about this. If you still promote slavery let us know, so that we may continue the practice.

(b) Beating of wives and in general the status of women in your great works is not good. You advocate beatings, sexual slavery, selling of women, and their testimony in court only worth half of a man. We now thanks to the women’s movements have equality for women in law. In your great works women are reduced a second rate status, can you explain why this is so, i am sure women who are 50% earth’s population will want to know why.

(c)There is much confusion over what we can eat and drink, the Christians can eat pork and consume alcohol, the Jews cannot eat pork but can drink alcohol, the Muslims cannot eat pork or drink alcohol, the Sikh’s can eat and drink anything, the Hindu cannot eat the cow, are vegetarians can drink alcohol.

This is all very confusing, therefore you will need to clarify the above situation and design a single menu that we can all eat and drink from, because many people are ignoring the dietary and liquid requirement of their faith, which I am sure must displease you. The Hindu’s do not eat the cow but have a huge export market (so the cow may be sacred at home but not abroad).In Islamic countries illicit alcohol is a booming industry. In Muslims countries such as Afghanistan drugs such as opium are a major export industry, which according to your good book are banned.So please give us universal menu we can eat from.

(e)All your books have banned charging interest on money. Our capitalist system is based on charging interest on money, which I am sure you will be very cross about. Our debt based economies are now going bankrupt.

I would urge you write our debt off, can you please pay of my son’s mortgage and student debt first, before you write of the debt of other countries.

(f)There is a great campaign mostly on the internet by new Atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennet, Peter Hitchens and Sam Harris, to get rid of you. They believe you are fictional person, a figment of people’s imagination. They are having a huge influence. In the West organised as religion is on the decline, this must concern you greatly. To stop the slide either reveal yourself or smite the Atheists. If you do not do either then your reputation among us puny humans will continue to decline.

The above is a small number issue I have raised which bother us puny earthlings. I will be writing to you in the future for more advise, as there are a huge increasing number of problems for you to solve. I do not want to overburden you with too many problems as you have been retired for over two thousand years.

As a good will gesture can you please give me next week’s lottery numbers? This would help me greatly as I would be able to devote my time to your good works 24/7.

Kind Regard

Tiger Moto

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