Capitalism depending on your viewpoint has brought the greatest number of prosperity for the greatest number of people.People point to China which has used the Capitalist system to take 400 million people out of poverty,a remarkable achievement in human history.
Others point to shameless exploitation,sweatshops in East Asia.Underlying the Capitalist is the profit motive,greed and shelfishness.The idea that private greed serves public need.
Our view is we are not pro-capitalist or anti-capitalist.We simply want to make the capitalist work for the benefit of everybody.We believe in the Market System which may or may not be described as a capitalist system
In the market system there has to be trade in physical goods and services, those goods and services must be determined by societal needs.A persons income must be proportionate to their contribution to societal needs.In the market system we must look at goods and services provided,their benefits to society,is the income earned excessive or not and the rewards justified:- a simple equation
Activity in Market system + Income Earned =Benefits to Society
As the Head of the UK'S Financial Authority said of the City of London financial that only Socially useful activities must be undertaken.
In the present system unjust rewards abound where a persons contribution and income earned has no link.In the Good Society there has to be a link between income and a persons contribution to Society.So when a Hedge Fund manager is paid $2 billion dollars,one must ask what did he do for the money,did he cure cancer,did he save starving children in Africa,what unique knowledge or insight does this person possess,which is not available to anyone else
Our view the link between a persons contribution and their income is broken.Millions struggle and cannot earn enough to pay for basic needs,while others earn millions which has no relation to reality or their contribution to society,
In the good society their must be a living wage.Instead of paying people for positions they hold,we must evaluate their contribution to the betterment of society.As an example the head of a large commercial bank in America which was involved in the financial debacle resigned and his compensation was $165 million,now that is reward for failure.
We are not against the profit motive as long it just for the work undertaken and their is a direct link to the benefits to society.We believe in self interest not shelfish interests
In the Good Society We will show how the profit motive can be used for good purpose in the market system.Making money from money is something we want to restrict
In future we will publish articles which puts people before profit and profit for people in the Good Society.
Kind Regards
Tiger Moto

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