The master Race Principle
Throughout history some groups of people somewhere in the world, past or present decide they are the ‘Master’ Race and what they say goes. This is usually done by the use of or threat of force.
For most of history most people have not been free, they have been part of or subject to a power system, be it slavery, Feudalism, Monarchy,
Facism, Imperialism, Colonialism, tribalism etc.
Each power system imposed its own value system by a dominant elite class (The Master Race) on the population under its control. If we look at past history who were the Master Race. Let’s start with the Romans, the Greeks, The Egyptions,The Assyrians, the Muslim Empire (it must said the Muslim Empire was unique built, on Faith, Trade and ‘mild’ form of slavery).The British Empire, were all based on the Master Race Principle of coercion, domination and control .
All power systems regardless of what principle they are based on ultimately failed, because to impose the Master Race Principle you need force. Throughout history people have resisted coercion and domination, As a consequence of this all power systems based on the ‘Master Race Principle’ do not last, are either replaced by a more democratic system or another power system with a new ‘Master Race’.
As an example Egypt had a peoples uprising got rid of Mubarak the Dictator only to be replaced by another Military dictator under the Army ‘the new master race’. The new dominant power system with rigged elections. You do not hear much criticism from British Politicians and there is much Western silence on this issue. (This is something my readers need to think about)
If we look at recent history. France under Napoleon made a serious attempt at being the Master Race, by trying to dominate Europe and failed. The Germans under Hitler tried to impose its power system on Europe and Hitler definitely believed in the Master race principle and was defeated, at considerable human cost. Japan in East Asia tried and failed.
Bringing my readers up to the present most people in the world live in Democracies, so you would think there would no Master Race principle. Many readers will think of the US as the dominant economic and military power of the 20 centuary.The US is an unusual Empire, the US is not a Master Race more of a dominant culture it wants to enforce what we call ‘Americanism’. Some Americans may believe themselves to be the Master race, but that is a delusion when money and status makes people believe they are the master race because they have lost touch with reality.
The Master race in Europe today is the UK.This may be hard for most people living in the UK, who I am sure would be shocked to be compared with Hitler or Genghis Khan.
Let me make my position clear, the Empire mindset exists in the UK,among a small Oxford/Cambridge Elite that are in positions of power and run this country, from the civil service to Politics to the Financial sector, to the BBC are dominated by the small elite ‘the master Race’.
Typical of this is David Cameron the Prime Minister, who goes around telling other European countries how to run their affairs. He does not realize that he is patronizing and insulting to his European Colleagues. The Language of politics he uses starkly reveals his master race mentality. The EU countries he lectures to on the UN development index are better than the UK.The UK is mostly at the bottom of this league. The reader must ask why there is a master race mindset in parts of British Society
My personal view (not scientific but observational).The UK has never been defeated by invasion in the last 200 years. It may have been defeated in other parts of the world but not on its own soil. Also it had the largest Empire, being also an Island Nation and being isolated from the rest of Europe has affected the mindset of the UK elites. The UK class system has been crucial in propagating the master race principle.
So being an Island nation and an Empire Nation and not being invaded and defeated like Japan or Germany, may not bring out the best out of the British Empire Elites. The Empire may have gone but the mindset has not.
So what should Britons do, who do not have an Imperial/Colonial mindset unlike the Master Race Elites of the UK?
Hitler nearly solved the problem. Had he had a little more time he would have flattened Britain like the US did to Japan. Japan is now a very pacifist country with a limited military solely for self defence and does not intervene in the affairs of other countries or goes around trying to sell human rights or democracy. Our preferred solution in democratic societies is our Concept of the Good Society is as follows for the UK.
We must take an active role in Politics and carefully scrutinize the backgrounds of our politicians, whether they truly represent our interests, or are simply elites who a have an Empire and Island Mentality and represent the Master Race principle. So I would recommend a peoples charter of the UK Citizens.
We the people of the UK are not a part of the Imperial or Colonial mindset and are not Part of the Master race principle
Which our elites belong to.
• We the citizens of the UK and citizens of the global community want a just and equitable world. Where people are free from exploitation, and where people have more than ‘market value’ than in the present capitalist system. The sentiments we outline above are ignored by our master race elites of this island nation.
• The Master Race Elites take our votes and our tax money and ignore our wishes. They use our tax money to fund wars to bomb defenceless countries in the name of democracy and human rights. The actions of which puts in danger the lives of UK citizens.
• We want a political system which truly represents our interests and not that of the Elite Master Race. We want an economic system that does not exploit people and a fair distribution of income and equality for all.
• We the Citizens of the UK beg, grovel, pleed on our hands and knees to the Master Race Elites who are ignorant, self serving, and arrogant that represent the master race principle who serve out the interests of the powerful in society. We want you to be in power not serve power
• We know this will be tough task, we will give all moral and educational support you will need. Please refer to our Good Society charter. First lesson is you have to decide who you represent the people or big Business represented by the elites of the master race. You cannot have two masters decide us or them.
• Once you have decided to represent the people, please give us a federal system, local economics and politics and all taxes raised locally must be spent locally.
• If you manage to achieve this then you will truly represent us, because any political and economic decisions you make, will be better decisions as you will live in the area you represent and they will affect you as well as everyone else.
• A recent respectful Think Tank has suggested a Federal System for the UK.Contact them and they will provide you with all the necessary facts and figures to prove to you why a Federal System of local Economics and Politics is best for this country.
Kind Regards Tiger Moto

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