Most people know the concept of nothing or having nothing is something people have understood for a long time. Before the Zero was functionally used by the Arabs, Roman numerals were used which were limiting. The concept of the Zero pre- dates the Islamic Civilization. It was used by the Babylonians and the Sumerians and the Mayans, most of it as a symbol of some sort. So the Zero is a common symbol of many past civilizations.
It was the Indian Mathematician Brahmagupta who made practical use of the Zero in equations of additions and substractions.He was one of the first to recognize it as a symbol and a number.
Later the Zero travelled to China and the Middle East around A.D 773 To Baghdad.AL Khwarizmi used it to invent Algebra in the 9th century, for multiplying and dividing numbers which became known as algorithms.
The Zero travelled to Europe courtesy of the Moors brought to Spain.The Italian mathematician Fibonacci used equations using the Zero which did not require an Abacus. Fibonacci’s equations became very popular with merchants who used them to balance books.
By the 1660’s the zero became common place in Europe It was fundamental in the workings of Descarte, Isaac Newton, Liebniz in Calculus. It paved the wave for Physics, Engineering, Computers (the binary code of ones and zero’s) and in Financial economics theory. So the history of the zero is one the most important invention of human civilization.
Bringing the subject to modern times I want to use the zero for a completely different purpose. Take a blank piece of paper and draw a big zero in black felt pen .Now look at this zero. This zero could be your bank balance, your investment returns, your exam results, your promotion prospective, your chances of winning the lottery, or success with the opposite sex.So the zero has many uses.
I want to use the zero in a very particular context, Politics .I can see some sceptical looks from my readers, what has the zero got to with politics, well let me explain.
I live in the U.K the birth place of Democracy. The UK is run by two main political parties, Conservative and Labour and a smaller party called the Liberals. So the UK for the last 100 years has been run by this two and half party racket.
Now the ZERO is the influence the UK voter has on public policy. I will repeat the UK vote paying public have Zero influence through the ballot box. Some people in the UK may well have worked this out, please be patient. Now if a party does something you like and voted for, it is not because they listened to you, it just happened their interests coincided with yours.
When the UK government decided to go to war with Iraq, some two million people registered their protests. It made no difference to the outcome Tony Blair went ahead (As he had given US president Bush Junior (also known as Dumbo Bush) an understanding a year earlier to go with the US invasion force.
So when you vote you may think you are voting for a candidate to be in power to serve your interests and needs, well I am sorry to tell you this is a big lie.
When you vote for a candidate you are voting for them to serve power, not be in power. The reader may well ask if voting makes no difference why bother voting at all. Not voting is not a solution. You must vote, next time you go, you can do two things (1) cross out the names of all the candidates and write non of the above (2)vote for minority single issue candidates or minority parties. These two things will register your discontent.
As an example if you want out of the EU, support small business and want limits to migration vote Ukip. If you are not well off which is most of us, vote for the Greens, they have an excellent policy of the citizen’s income, where everyone will be paid a living wage which meets your basic needs and keeps you above the poverty threshhold and give you a dignified existence.
Just remember the two and half party racket have been running this country for over a hundred years, this would seem long enough for them sort out the UK’s economic, political and social problems. They are not the solution but the problem.
So make yourself familiar with the Zero which in UK politics means no influence and no change. If you really want change which is often a popular party slogan you must vote for change.
So let’s turn the Zero in to positive number. If you find politics hard to understand and confusing, do not worry. My advice do not read papers, or listen to mainstream TV, it’s mostly propaganda. Go to the internet there are lots of very clever people who have websites which give you enough information to make an informed choice. Watch non UK TV like Russia Today or Al Jazeera who give a more balanced view of UK politics, and often have on their shows heavy duty intellectuals worth listening to.
So get active let’s turn the Zero into a positive number for change, which means change for the better, and not the two and half party racket.
Kind Regards Tiger Moto
p.s I have YouTube channel called the good where there will be a video coming soon called the democracy Con: the Zero

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