Social Engineering of the worst kind

I live in the United Kingdom,a country that likes to pride it self a liberal,free markets,multi-cultural society,with universal values of equality and opportunities for all.
This unique selling point of the United Kingdom as a multi-cultural paradise is a false once...there is trouble in paradise. Let me explain. If you watch T.V commercials in the U.K you will see most of these commercials will have a Black person either in the foreground or in the background. Now the U.K black population is around two million people which is about 3% of the population...but about 90% of the commercial advertisements on T.V.
The question to ask is this a natural phenomenon or there is social engineering taking place to promote black people to the exclusion of others in commercials. So how is it that private commercials are promoting black people in so many of their their commercial logic here ..or are there other factors at work. Lets look at this detail:-

1) Black people are very talented at doing commercials ...hence the high number in commercials..they are the best ..therefore the high rates of them in commercials is normal and natural...does this sound convincing...well probably not

2)The Black community like many minority communities suffer promoting them in commercials...these commercials are a stepping stone for them to Hollywood..and fame and fortune awaits them...does this sound convincing...well probably not
Or that Black people are high spenders therefore it makes commercial logic to target this lucrative the exclusion of others...although evidence suggest this is not the case..the Asian community has far bigger spending power..per household

3) There is social engineering taking place of the worst acclimatise the indigenous people to third world mass this is what big business wants..a cheap plentiful supply of labour..which can be used to undermine the social fabric of British society and lower peoples wages and living standards

4)What Big business wants..Big business gets. In order to sell mass
migration..which if put on the ballot paper would get a definite
no. So some clever person in the department of lies and propaganda of the government came up with the idea of multi-cultural ism in order to sell third world migration. The concept is hard to argue against...but most difficult to achieve in In Europe where managed migration parties are winning popular offering to limit migration and preserve the original social order of the indigenous population..of their language,religion,customs,rituals and culture.

5) The companies who pay for the production of advertisements do not want to be seen as anti-immigrant i.e. politically having a black useless person in the background covers them from any potential liabilities of not being friendly to Ethnic minorities..i.e. being politically correct.. a new means of suppressing free speech and getting compliance from the population.
Mass migration has lead to voluntary segregation in many major cities...London and Birmingham being two. In inner city London local 'whites'are a minority in their own country. Demographic projections suggest the indigenous population will became a minority-majority by 2050.No one group will dominate the major cities..this will get reflected in the politics which will lead to conflict as communities with different social and economic values will want to impose their own values on others or exclude others.
Mass migration many economists believe brings economic benefits..for governments they are instant tax payers. The actual facts suggests despite over 10 years of mass migration the tax take of the government has remained static or has gone is between 34-40% over the last 30 years. So the economic argument is a non starter. Can we come up with a alternative explanation..yes we can..i believe the following:-

The black population of the U.K is about to be politically correct there needs to be two black persons in every ten commercials..this would be a fair representation of their size of the population.
This blatant social engineering will back fire as the general population is not that stupid and many will simply see what it is ….indoctrination and propaganda and ignore it....the right response to this stupidity
So I salute that insignificant useless black person in almost every advertisement in the British Media Commercials. We hope to see you soon in every Hollywood Movies as the useless insignificant black person..and hopefully there will be a special Oscar for you that useless insignificant black person...i hope you write a book and have your own Television program as that insignificant black person ...and you can interview lots of insignificant useless black people of your choice.
Now for some serious analysis...peoples perception and attitudes towards other people are based on many things.,in art,culture,media..but the most important is personal inter actions. If the indigenous person has a good inter-action with a ethnic minority..whether that be in personal, social or work related..then they will have positive attitude and say good things. On the other hand if it is negative
..then they will have negative opinion and tell others. This is how the real world works.
In our concept of the Good Society Social engineering should not be practised as it it can promoting one group of people above others.
Kind Regards
Tiger Moto

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