In the U.K Politics is everywhere, in the newspapers, TV etc.Living in the U.K you get the impression people are obsessed with politics. This is not the case. The UK is a classed based society, and the middle class obsession is politics and money, God intended the middle class to be rich.
Since the middle class in the UK have the highest tax burden in number terms, they are an important constituency in the UK, they must be heard and appeased.
Politics in the UK is about winning the middle class vote. The two main parties in the UK have a similar message for the middle class although slightly different. The Conservative message is greed is good, the Labour party we don’t mind people getting rich as long as you are respectable(whatever that means).So politics in the UK about winning the hearts and minds of the middle class .
The wealthy 10% who own most of this country’s wealthy keep a low profile, they continue to grow rich and pay very little tax. Extrapolating from our UK example we can say that many decisions in politics are of an economic nature and political decisions can be determined by economics.
Politics and economics are directly linked. In the past in the West this was known as political economy and was taught at Universities. Sometime in the 60’s economics and politics became separated. The economics profession went down the mathematical route. Politics became divorced from reality reduced to politicians playing games of lies and deception.
The result has been disastrous. Political decisions have not worked out properly more based on ideology than reality, when applied in the real world have not worked often having the opposite effect i.e. the economic consequences of political decisions have  been terrible for the ordinary people.
With economics the process at work has been the same, ideology in decision making has replaced facts, enquiry and consequences which have had the opposite effect of what had been intended. The Neo-Liberal agenda that markets know best in economic terms have had the opposite effect than intended, leading to the global financial crises.
Our intention in the Good Society is to connect Economics&Politics .Our view is that the people must decide through political discourse the kind of society they want to live in and then the economics will follow.
If economics is allowed to dominate then those with money and power will dominate and determine the politics at the expense of the ordinary people.
The US is a classic example where lobbyists out number elected representitives.There has been a corporate takeover of the US electoral system, money not votes determines outcome.
In the good society Politics& Economics should serve the needs of the public not big business or the wealthy.
In future articles we will show Politics&Economics can be made to work for the people.
Kind Regards
Tiger Moto

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