Barak Obama’s Legacy Black and a Failure
There will be much written about when Barak Obama is no longer President. He will make lots of tours and appear on many TV shows, no doubt he will set up or Head some type of Foundation to bring peace and happiness to the world, something he has failed to do during his Presidency. He will make lots of money for simply being a Black President, despite his record of achievement being no different from previous Presidents (who says colour does not matter!!!).He will definitely see the colour of money!$ in the future.

My job is not to go through the familiar arguments whether he should have done this or that. My intention is to show that the US Presidency is now more ceremonial than real. Real power in the US is now in the hands of the private corporate sector which dominate US politics. The corporations fund the Presidency and the legislature. The corporate sector has bought up the US electoral system. Independent journalist Greg Palast describes the US electoral system as the best money can buy (for further information buys his book-very informative).

So what to make of Obama’s Presidency. I will lay out a few suggestions you can read and decide how you see Obama’s Presidency
(1) It makes no difference who is President; the policies do not seem to change. Obama has continued with many policies of his predecessor

(2)To become President of the US you need to sign up to two things

(a)A belief in GOD

(b) You have to go before the Israel lobby AIPAC and promise you will give Israel everything it wants. Once you have said ‘yes’, you will be anointed by AIPAC and you can further and pursue the Presidency

(3) Most of the money now comes from the financial sector (Wall Street) which funds both parties. To become President you need to raise minimum of around $100 million dollars to get of the electoral block, by the time a President is elected in excess of a $1 billon will have been spent. What this means is that good independent candidates like Ralph Nader simply cannot be elected, despite having policies which the electorate like.

(4)The mainstream US Media which is corporate owned ensures that only those candidates they support are given air time. Independent candidates rarely are given air time, this is a subversion as democracy as only certain views are made available to the public, others are not

(5) Almost 50% of US electorate do not vote. Polls show they do not believe their vote will make any difference as are both parties have similar agendas

(6) Since democracy does not work inn the US the question must be why the US insist on other countries having the same system which obviously does not work in the US.

(7)Why is the US bombing poor defenceless countries in the name of bringing democracy and human rights? As one of the world’s leading Public intellectuals Francis Fukuyama has made it clear in a speech on democracy that the US has not been able to force democracy on a country that does not want

(8)Every President since the Second World War elected has been involved in some or many conflicts/wars in the world

(9) If the Nuremberg laws were applied today every US President since World War 2 would be hanged. So remember as President it will not take too long for you to become a war criminal. So when you retire from the Presidency you will automatically have a criminal record along with your other achievements.

(10)Your public humiliation at the hands the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on prime time television will be the lowest point of your Presidency, and to top it all Netanyahu a Foreign head of state gave a speech in the ‘US congress ‘to further humiliate you.US citizens must be asking who runs the US, you or Netanyahu

(11) You took votes from the black community and money from Wall Street,and dumped the black community as soon as you got elected.In some parts of the black community you will be known as the Shoe Shine boy for Wall Street

To summarise to be President of the US you need to know the following:-

• It makes no difference who is President of the US, Black or White, old or young, male or female, transvestite or cross dresser, gay or lesbian, alcoholic or drug addict, slim or fat, good looking or ugly, intelligent or dumb (the US has had both),have the ‘vision thing’ or not, married or single, you can be a lady boy of Thailand (as long as you are born in the US),you can have mental health issues or be ignorant or senile(the US had all three)

• The main ‘talent’ you need is to be able to read a cue card, a prepared rehearsed speech. You do not need to understand what you’re saying or know the implications of the speech. You need to be sincere at all times, believe in what you are saying and saying the right thing is better than knowing the right thing

• As soon as you are made President you be will given a choice of poor defenceless countries to bomb in the name of democracy and human rights by the Pentagon

• You must on a daily basis show your love and admiration for the The Democratic Terrorist state of Israel .You must sign any demand for money and military aid (annually $3 billion+$11 non military aid) made by the Israel lobby for the Middle East Psychopath so that they can kill, maim and injure Innocent men, women and children in Palestine, and deny them self determination which they have right to under International law and the UN.

• You will remain silent when Israel carries out acts of genocide against the population of Gaza in the name of security and defending itself against a defenceless population, with weapons you have supplied

• During these Gaza Massacres you will send your Defence secretary to organize a ceasefire, which comes in to force after the Israeli’s have completed their massacres which you know about in advance. This Gaza routine is so familiar it should have a musical tune attached to it. Everyone knows Israel informs the US well in advance of any military interventions (Massacres of the Palestinians).

• You must veto any resolution which is critical of Israel’s gross violation of International law and human rights abuses which Israel ignores every day, against the Palestinians. The US has vetoed some 40 resolution since 1948 relating to Israel, you will continue with this traditon,if you forget the Jewish Congress and the Powerful Jewish lobby AIPAC will remind you of your duties

• You will continue to deny the Palestinians right of statehood and self determination under UN resolution 242, which the US was signatory at the time. You will continue to ensure UN resolution 242 is never implemented and you will veto the resolution every time at the UN, with the votes cast US+ The Democratic Terrorist State of Israel+ a few Island nations on one side and the rest of the world on the other side

• Your blind devotion to Israel will continue to cause problems for your Ambassadors abroad, how they will have to justify promoting democracy and human rights and nuclear free world, while at the same time you supporting a country Israel which does not, believe in democracy and human rights for the Palestinians ,or will not allow its nuclear weapons to be controlled and inspected under the international organization ,who’s task is to inspect nuclear weapons and facilities as is happening to Iran.

• You will continue to bully and coerce small countries into signing trade agreements which are against their own interests but good for American corporate interests

• You will continue to be one the world’s biggest CO 2 producer and try to minimize the impact this has on the world by using dodgy statistics.

• You will continue your war on the poor in the US. By giving tax hand outs to the rich known as corporate welfare, and cut social provisions for the needy in society. In America this is known as Socialism for the Rich and Capitalism for the Poor.

• You will continue to bail out big business and the financial community with US tax Dollars and put the debts of these businesses will be put on the US citizen (the national debt); while at the same time you will preside over people having their homes repossed because they have lost their jobs which have gone over seas.

• You will continue to preside over the stagnant and declining wages for the last 30 years, with the good well paying jobs for graduates disappearing, while personal and private and public debt continues to rise, lowering US living standards by the day

• You will continue to fund the world’s largest military in the world and spend $billions which will be the same as the rest of the world put together. All in the name of defending the ‘free world ‘from threats which no longer exists
• You will continue with a foreign policy which has made the US the world’s most hated and a pariah status which no other country comes close to matching. You will ask yourself why the US is so hated, yet never questioning that the interference in the affairs in other countries does not lead to good outcomes. This lesson never seems to be learned by any US President.(Mental health issues or learning difficulties in the state department possible reasons)

You will achieve all of the above without knowing anything. A remarkable achievement. So the US Presidency is available to any US citizens, no experience necessary or intelligence, just make sure you have corporate sponsors    

 GOD BLESS AMERICA THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE,BRAVE AND THE STUPID,WHERE ANY ONE CAN MAKE IT TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SOCIAL LADDER (America has the highest prison population  in the world ,and a homeless problem to rival any poor country....shocking for the richest country in the world)

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