One of the keys to unlocking global prosperity and our concept of the good society is the access to and use of land and property.

                                                                 Left to the unregulated Capitalist system it has led to rampant land and property speculation,so that in many parts of the world people are  finding it increasingly hard to rent or buy.

                                                               We believe that the present system of land and property tenure is not working for people in many parts of the world.It is not working for the public good.To explain this we will use a simple example.

                                                              Imagine your neighbour buys a new car,you like the car.We can manufacture the car to meet public demand.Now imagine your neighbour buys a new plot of land ,we cannot manufacture more land because it is in fixed supply

                                                       Mainstream economists treat land and property like other assets of production like labour and capital.We beg to differ,it is crucial to the development of the good society that people have access to and use of land and property at an affordable price.We will show how other countries have developed a better model of land property distribution than the U.K

                                                         We believe land should be given back to the original owner  'GOD'.

                                                           Kind Regards

                                                          TIger Moto

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