Islam’s 16 Commandments
(1)Thou shalt not kill innocent, men, women and children. Read the holy script. In the eyes of God this is the worst thing you can do, it is not Islamic

(2) Thou shalt not blow thyself up and kill innocent, men, women and children. Only God is allowed to take your life. If you commit suicide and kill other people, you will not go to heaven. God will make you live forever between hell and heaven, Gods twilight region

(3)Thou shalt not force women including those from other faiths to become your wives. God strictly forbids ‘consent under coercion, duress, violence or force. Women must consent to be in marriage. Read the holy script

(4) Thou shalt have four wives if thou desire. It is true that the holy script allows four wives, there are however strict conditions as follows:-

(a)You must get consent from wife number one to be allowed to have wife
Number two

(b)You must get consent from wife number one and two to add wife
Number three to your repertoire.

(c)You must get consent from wife number 1, 2 and 3 to add wife number
You must treat all your wives equally, and they have equal share of your wealth

(5)Thou shalt not hit your wife(s), Domestic violence is strictly prohibited. Under Islam you are allowed to ‘discipline’ your wife as you would your children. This does not mean you can beat her up. It simply means you have not explained your viewpoint successfully and you must try harder.
God promotes peaceful co-existence with your wife(s), learn to say ‘Yes Dear I will pay for it’, this will go a long way towards peaceful co-existence.
Golden rule no smacking, unless between two consenting adults, as available in any red light district your city, and you have to pay.

(6)Thou shalt respect people from other faiths and cultures. Read the holy script, it says people of the book must be respected. In the Islamic civilization one of the greatest intellectuals, as was a Jew, the greatest Architect was a Christian, one of the greatest mathematicians was an Indian. Read Islamic history as well as the holy script. The Islamic Civilization was Multi-Cultural and Multi-Ethnic, peaceful co-existence for over 1000 years.

(7)Thou shalt not behead men or chop hands, or stone women to death, and do bad things to those regarded as infidels. Beheadings and stoning are ancient barbaric practices nothing to do with Islam

(a) Punishment should be proportionate to the crime

(b) You must first investigate why the person has committed the crime. If a
Person steals because he is hungry, you must take away the hunger.

(c)If a person persists with criminality despite the help given, then the three
Strikes and you’re out rule applies

(e)The word infidel was used to describe those people who tried to kill the
Prophet (Peace be Upon Him). He passed judgement that if these people are found, to kill
Them, because they are bad people.

(f) The word infidel should not be used against people you do not like. It is
Forbidden to apply the word infidel today, as it only applied to the enemies of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him). There are no living infidels today.

(8)Thou shalt not exploit people or charge interest on loans. These things are something the Islamic community has forgotten.

(9)Thou shalt pay the poor tax (Zakat) which is paid every year 4% of you net assets that is assets-liabilities, i.e. your net worth

(10)Thou shalt educate thyself. Islam demands that education is for all and learning is for life.30% of the Koran is devoted to seeking knowledge. By seeking knowledge you expand Islam

(11)Thou shalt not be a part-time Muslim or practice fake Islam.

(a)Islam is not about what you wear or the size of you beard

(b)Real Islam is about being a moral and ethical person 24/7.This means digging in to your pockets and donating to charity and/or helping the needy in society. (Something we have forgotten)
The above are not voluntary options but obligations on all Muslims, to help those less fortunate than themselves. Islam demands equality and justice before the eyes of God.

(12)Thou shalt not use Islam to extort money from people in the name of God. Islam is not against making money. It is concerned how you make money and what you do with it. You must learn the difference between:-
Profit and Prophet
One should not be used to make money from the other
God is not a Capitalist

(13)Thou shalt not use violence or threaten people who criticize Islam. Defenders of Islam should not use violence. The Islamic civilization made progress by critical inquiry. The writings and teachings of Islam have been argued over and debated over 1000 years. That is how progress is made

(14)Thou shalt not use any form of violence under Islam. Islam is a religion of peace. You are allowed to defend yourself but not allowed to use violence against others in the name of Islam. It is strictly forbidden

(15) Thou shalt not use violence to settle disputes.Under Islam disputes are settled through an arbritation process,where the adjudicator will listen to both sides. He/She will give a judgement using a combination of  law,morals,ethics and religous aspects in to the decision making process.The judgement is in writing and final,and you must accept the judgement and it is binding.To argue against the decision means you are going against (1)God  (2) Moral and Ethics of Islam (3) the Legal code which is binding to all Muslims.

(16) Thou shalt not  use violence or harm in any way Gays and Lesbians.Yes  all the holy scriptures are not kind to Gays,Lesbians along with other people.This does not give anyone reason to harm Gays and Lesbians.They are also Gods creations and therefore deserve to be respected as individuals.If you have some personal issues with Gays or Lesbians,you cannot use Gods Law on earth .Only God has the right to judge people when they get to heaven.Remember rule number (1) thou shalt not kill or harm innocent people,that applies to Gays and Lesbians.

Selective mis-readings of the Koran to justify violence of harm against others is not Islamic. Do not use violence in the name of Islam.Lying, cheating, embezzelemnt and fraud is wholly Un-Islamic. Islam teaches us to settle disputes by peaceful means, usually through an arbitration process, precided over by the good and the great in Islamic societies, within a legal framework.

                                                            You are not allowed to selectively interpret Islam to suit you. If you or Isil or any other organization or individual intent on violence, please read Pakistan’s leading Imam and scholar who has written a 600 page denunciation of violence used by Isil and other organizations in the name of Islam.
Please only use peaceful means to defend Islam. Organize politically, use reason and arguments to defend Islam. Do not promote, use or advocate violence of any description. Read Scholarly works on Islam to familiarize you with the true meaning and purpose of Islam. Remember as a Muslim you are an Ambassador for Islam, promote Islam as a tolerant and peaceful religion.
To make the point once again violence justified in the name of Islam is Un-Islamic. Islam promotes peaceful co-existence, by using violence you are denigrating a great Religion and 1400 years of Islamic civilization.

                                                               Read and listen to Islamic Scholars and public intellectuals like Tariq Ramadin, who teach what real Islam is, of non violence, hard work.thrift, peacfull co-existence, respect for the rule of law, humility, compassion
, justice, human rights, education for all, equality and self respect for oneself and others.
                                                            So please do not use corrupted texts from people who know very little about Islam. Do your own research, check the facts, there is a rich history of over 1000 years of Islamic history. A world system which integrated art, culture, religion, modernity, science, politics and philosophy and so on.In our Concept of the Good Society we promote religious tolerence.Religion in the Good Society is a personal thing of a person and must not be forced upon other people.By promoting religious tolerence we promote the Good Society.

sources :Politicaly incorrect guide to the Koran. Tiger Moto                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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                                                          Kind Regards Tiger Moto

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