The reporting of Islam and the Middle East in Western Media is very distorted.The Western worlds war with Islam has been going on for over 1000 years,it is not a new phenomenon.

                                                        It is not about Isil or Islamic terrorists or other forms of violence,we will deal with these issues in future articles.What  it is about is ideas.Islam is not simply a religion but a 1400 year civilization,which made major advances in culture,art,politics,science,economics,innovation.

                                                    It acheived all this without charging interest or what we regard as a modern Banking system.What the West fears is not Islamic terrorists but the power of ideas.The world is run  by ideas,Western ideas and values are unique to them.Imposition of Western ideas of democracy,Liberalism and human rights are not necessarily universal values and trying to impose them on  other countries and societies may not work.

                                                                           Imagine for a moment if the present situation was reversed and the world dominant force was Islam,and the Islamic world tried to impose its political,cultural,economic system upon you.How would people in the West react.I am sure they would resist economic,cultural and economic domination.

                              This is the situation in the Muslim World ,it has for the last 500 years been under Colonialism and Imperialism which is still in force today despite democracies,under which many countries have become Neo-Colonial States.Never truely free to persue their path of cultural,political and economic development.

                                               We aim to show through articles how we still live in a Empire system.The Empire system is very bad for our concept of The Good Society.It must go.

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                                                  kind regards

                                          Tiger Moto

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