The Middle East to most people is a region of extreme violence,politics,nationalism and religion.The Middle East is a complex region old and new,a 2000 year civilization.
The modern Middle East is the product of the first world war,collapse of the Ottomon Empire,Czarist Russia and Western Imperialism and Colonialism.The Sykes-Pico agreements between France and Britain drew lines on a map and divided up the territory according to their own national interests.
At no times were the people's of these regions asked what they wanted.Under the Western imperial system,political,economic and social values imposed on these regions were not of their choosing.
The concept of Islam is contested one,there is more than one version.In the Western media Islam is reduced to synchronised head banging sessions in the Mosque.These are rituals of Islam ,real Islam is a civilization which pre-dates Chritianity,which was successful for over a thousand years until the Europeans in their expansionist phase destroyed it,by winning many key battles.
Just like the British Empire there are many myths,and in Islam there also many myths.When the Ayatollah Komeni after the 1978 Iranian revolution tried to revive the Caliphate,this was not recreation of the past but his own personal preference and reading of history.
The creation of the Middle East Psycopath Israel is also a modern 20 century project,nothing to do with the ancient kingdoms of Soloman and David,these are minor figures and have nothing to do with modern creation of the Middle East Psycopath- Israel.There is also no thing as a Jew which we will discuss in later articles.
The increasing clan based interpretation of religious texts is evident in Christianity,Islam ,Hinduism and Judaism.So we have in the US religious fundamentalism,40 million who believe every word of the bible and are preparing themselves for the second coming of Christ.#
Hindu nationalism has been used by the present Indian Prime minister to get elected.In Judaism there are those who believe they are the chosen people and the land of Moses that God gave them.(which makes God a racist and property developer).So facts have been replaced with myths.
The Saudi Monarchies claim to the Holyland the birth place of Islam was introduced in 1986 to deter a rival claim by the King Hussein of Jordan to the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.So the holy land places are 20 century inventions.
The Arab-Israeli conflict is about two rival ethnic groups claiming the same land under the British mandate to Palestine in the 1920's.It has nothing to with ancient religious texts.In the 1920's the Jewish population was very small.After the creation of Israel,the Jews became the majority after the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.The idea of jewish home land (Zionism)pre-dates the creation of Israel,it was an idea of Atheist jews mostly European Zionists.
The Jewish star of David is nothing to do with Israel,history,religion or King David.It is symbol used by Christians,Jews and Muslims,found on many Mosques in Iran and Persian gulf states.
Yasser Arafats checkered head scarf which became a symbol of Palestinian nationalism,was designed by Manchester clothing house in the 1920's for newly created Arab legion in Jordan.
Symbols are used to promote ideology,to consolidate political power.As the world becomes more globalized Dominant Imperialist Ideology is now dissapearing,as people increasingly reclaim their cultural,historical,linguistic identity.So contrary to to the globalized one world view,there are going to be many worlds.
So people increasingly rely on myths to make sense of a changing world
Kind Regards Tiger Moto

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