Websites and important people you need to know about

• Business insider.....Excellent business information on the US economy


• Zero hedge...... Excellent business information on the US economy


• Positive Money...UK based website which wants monetary reform of the
UK banking system, to create money debt free and interest free.

• Migration Watch.. UK based, best source of information on migration statistics in the UK.An independent and trusted site


• Tax Justice Best site for information on Tax Evasion and money laundering


Michael Hudson (Economist). One of the best economists in the world has a unique understanding of finance and how real economics works.
His writings explode many myths and conventional wisdoms of economic theory. He along with other like minded economists is trying to overturn conventional economic theory on its head.
In summary Michael Hudson + others believe most of what is taught about economics is junk.


• Renegade Economist.... A website which gives alternatives to mainstream economics. It high lights the shortcomings of our present economic system and suggest better alternatives.

New Economics Foundation... A UK based website which wants to replace our current economic and political system, which is not working for the majority of people.
They want an economic and political system which puts people first; we must live within resource limits and look after the environment for future generations
The New Economics Foundation covers a very large range of subjects and provides in depth analysis of why our present system is not working and provide in depth technical analysis and alternatives. This is a very important website, which will over time be very influential.


Naomi Prins.. Is a financial journalist, before that she held many senior posts at some of the biggest financial banks in the US at managing director level. She has a unique understanding of what banks actually do, her books are very revealing as an industry insider, how our Banking system is not working for our best interests.
As an example in the past Investment banks made money for clients, now many of them make money from clients.

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