The idea of Imperialism and Colonialism to many people would seem absurd in the 21st century.With so many liberal democracies and free market Capitalism means we live in a new world of co-operation and trade.And and that countries are free to persue independent Political and Economic development.
Winston Churchill is reputed to have said the further back in history you go the more you see in to the future.That may or may not be true,it does raise an interesting point.
Imperial&Colonial history plays vital part in events today.The fact that we are not this is the result of the Western Media suppressing information you need to asses events you see happening in the world today.
To really understand events/conflicts in the world,you must be able to put them in a historical context,to understand what is really going on.Events/conflicts do not emerge fron nowhere,there is usually a historical background to them.
The Western Media with its three minute news slots everything is reduced to soundbites,which reveal nothing of substance.
At present there is nasty civil war going on in Syria,how many of you know about Syria's history,economics,politics.Of the colonial past which divided Syria in to two the other half called Lebanon.
After the First World the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire,the Sykes-Pico agreement by one French and one British civil servant,simply drew agreed lines on a map and divided up the region,according to their countries interests.
At no time were the people of the region asked what they wanted or allowed to make decisions by themselves for themselves.(this was a period of Imperial arrogance)
As a consequence of Colonial&Imperial policies of artbritary borders drawn on a map,segregating and putting together communities often antagonistic towards each other.
Past Imperial&Colonial polcies are still affecting events in distant lands today.
With Syria you have over 14 ethnic groups,Syria has tried everything to make it work,democracy,Capitalism,Communism,Fascism,Socialism,military dictatorship to make the country work
India and Pakistan have had three wars over the Kashmir issue,not settled during partition,presided over the then Colonial power Britain.
We will show that we still live in Colonial and Imperial world.It has not gone away simply changed format.
In our concept of the good society Imperialism&Colonialism has to go.People must be free to associate,organize through Politics and Economics their own agenda.
Kind Regards
Tiger Moto

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