Holocaust Horror Stories
                                                    My name is Abdul Bin El Cohen (Don’t ask how i got my name it’s a long story).I am a holocaust survivor and want to tell you in as few words as possible how i survived the ‘Jewish Holocaust’, not to be confused with the European Holocaust of 50-60 Million dead, or the Russian Holocaust with upwards of 25+ million dead, or the Armenian holocaust, or the Chinese Holocaust with estimates of 100 million dead.
                                          I want to concentrate on the ‘Jewish Holocaust’ because our suffering and victimhood is morally superior to all the other Holocausts, and most important the ‘Jewish Holocaust’ is the best money earner...those dumb Germans have already paid out us more than 100 billion Deutschmarks, and billions more till 2030, after this date our children will be collecting the guilt money.
                                        My story begins in a small place in Berlin worked in the local Jewish bakery, baking bagels and other things for our customers who are Jewish and German, everybody got along just fine. We as German Jews had full citizenship rights, we were over-represented in the professions like law and Medicine, no one minded as long as people got the service they needed. We also were very powerful in finance the banks like the Warburg’s .We owned and ran some very large businesses in Germany shipping being one, we controlled 50% of the media.
Many of us were assimilated into German society and saw our self more German than Jewish. Many of us fought in the First World War to defend our nation along with the Ethnic Germans, some of us reached the highest posts in the German military, all round things looked pretty good for us..then things started to go wrong.
                                           Germany lost World War 1, a war which it did not start or wanted. The Versailles treaty crippled our economy, we were made to pay massive reparations, we lost territory, were made to give up access to our resources like coal, massive hyper-inflation which ruined our purchasing power, as businesses went bankrupt. Berlin became the sin capital of the world where every kind of sexual fantasy and degradation was practised,including child prostitution...many of these seedy bars and clubs were owned by Jews.
The local Germans being very Conservative in nature did not like the moral degradation of their society where women had to prostitute themselves to feed their children, with millions unemployed it was a hopeless situation. International Jewry with high finance moved into Germany to buy up German assets like farmland on the cheap.
                                             In the past a minority of Jews in finance were responsible for many financial manipulations and speculations in Germany. These manufactured boom/bust cycles were very profitable for some Jewish members of our financial community.The local Germans and ordinary German Jews paid for these financial speculations in ceased assets and extortionate interest rates...this is a practice we in the Jewish financial community have long practised, this is one of the reasons we got kicked out of over 40 countries throughout our history.
                                              People often say Jews have been persecuted, which they have but no one seems to tell you why...it could be their immoral, un-ethical or illegal behaviour, which the host community finds deplorable. Our victimhood status today is assured regardless of the circumstances or blame, because we own so much of the Western Media and Hollywood, (including Newspapers), these are our brainwashing organizations for the Goyim (Gentiles-non Jews) to prevent them finding out the truth of our manipulative ways, and to get them to fight our wars...we rule by proxy
                                                This victim status has enabled us to steal other peoples land...Palestine, put them in Ghettos, concentration camps, evict 50% of the population, to mercilessly murder them on a regular basis in gross acts of barbaric violence against a defenessless population with no army, tanks or planes, while we have one of the world’s most high tech armies in the world, and we get to be the victims, because we own the mass media and holllywood,and that which do not own we make sure they stay silent while we carry out our massacres. The US and Europe knows not to mess with God’s chosen people. Every US President has to be certified Kosher by AIPAC our very own powerful Jewish lobby. No US President will ever confront us, we are the real superpower.
                                                   Things could not get any worse, Communism took hold of Russia by the Jewish Bolsheviks who ended up killing 25 million people in the ideology of Communism. Communists started to infiltrate Germany trying to create a revolution, with over a million members with Jewish leaders like Rosa Luxembourg, it seemed we the German people were next for a dose of Communism. My local bakery owner watched with horror as Germans started to worry, because they knew what happened in Russia to ordinary people.
                                                   We had elections that year and a young chap called Hitler was elected, he did not win outright and had to share power, something he detested as it stopped him from implementing his own agenda for the people. Contrary to what is told about him are mostly lies and propaganda..Especially as the most evil person history because he gassed and burned 6 million Jews (this is a topic i will discuss in detail in future articles).
Hitler realised that his political partners were a liability, he soon out manoeuvred them and became Boss of Germany. He and his team set about how to rebuild Germany. His main concern was to overturn the Versailles treaty and to protect Ethnic Germans who lived in all parts of Europe, and in some were persecuted like the Jews...sounds familiar..You see the Jews are not the only people who have been persecuted, but we do get the Golden prize for victimhood.
                                                  The Germans were also ethnically cleansed from many parts of Europe..Hitler had to rescue these people with assistance, so that they could come back to Germany...this never gets mentioned..Everybody knows about the six million Jews..but do you know how many Germans died. They were also after the world war put in to concentration camps by Eisenhower and left to die. So you see atrocities are a feature in all sides of this conflict.
Hitler’s plans for Germany were as follows:-
                  1) To create its own currency and use it to rebuild Germanys’ infrastructure like schools, roads, bridges, hospitals, power stations etc.Contrary to mainstream Historians most of our money did not go to armaments, so these lies keep being told by Pro-Jewish media in the West.

                    2) The massive works created over 6 million jobs within two years, this became known as the German miracle, and Hitler got the man of the year award by Time Magazine. World leaders from all over the world came to Germany to find out how Hitler was able to do this
                   3) The Versailles treaty made it impossible for Germany to defend itself, because it limited its Military capacity. Just to make the point when we struggled to make payment to France as part of reparations, the French sent troops into our country and we could not stop them. We were humiliated.

                   4) In Poland Ethnic Germans were persecuted (just like the Jews) for being German, especially in the Danzig town of Poland where many ethnic Germans lived. Germany sent three delegations to Poland requesting the Polish government protect these people, if not let Hitler protect them..they refused and insulted us.

                    5) Hitler introduced positive discrimination to address the imbalance in German society which meant, more Germans to be appointed in prominent positions i.e. in the professions and the civil service. These laws very much like those in America in the sixties to help blacks climb the social ladder. The local Jews obviously resented this as it impacted on them.

                  6) Hitler kicked out many of the International financiers, many of them Jewish, including locking up a Rothschild. He put an end to their extortionate financial racket of charging excessive interest rates which crippled German industry and people.

                 7) He introduced a 40 hour working week, breaks for workers, paid holidays, welfare protection for women and children...and many more such things which never get mentioned.
                8) He cleaned up Berlin of the filth, pornagraphic material was burned, the mainstream historians and media fail to mention this, only showing books being burned but not what they were about. Many of the bars and clubs purveyors of filth were closed, as many of these were Jewish owned they resented this.

                                     Hitler did many more things which too time consuming to mention. Hitler gave back our pride and dignity after the defeat of World War1..a war which we did not want or started. The International Jewish community decided to go to war with Germany. First they demanded that Jews must be given back jobs in high positions which they had lost. International Jewish finance could no longer extort money out of the Germans,they hated Hitler pursuing independent development with no need for international finance.
                                   We the German Jews although discriminated, were free and safe to carry on with our business. We demonstrated against International Jewry because they were working against our national interest. We were German Jews and proud of our country. When Hitler came to power not a single Jew was harmed or had his assets taken from outside of the German legal system.

                                    International Jewry did not heed our warning and initiated a boycott of German goods. Germany at that time relied on exports to feed itself. The boycott hit us hard and lasted for over 10 years. To make matters worse a diplomat and a high ranking civil servant was killed by a Jewish extremist, this led to reprisals including our Bakery..the event became known as crystal night..the window was smashed and Jew daubed on the shop front. Luckily the rioting only lasted a few days, the German authorities quickly put a stop it, curfiews and arrests followed, things calmed down but the resentment against us began to grow as the boycott made us the enemy within.
                                           Hitler was also to learn the defeat of Germany was due to Zionist Jews doing a deal with Lord Balfour to give Palestine to Zionist Jews for bringing the US into the war. Over one hundred and fifty Jews were in the Versailles meetings and they made sure Germany was made to pay severly.This became known to the Germans as the ‘Great stab in the back’, for which we Jews would pay a terrible price...we Jews may suffer from victimhood..But we are never blameless..Something we have yet to learn.
                                It was at this stage that Hitler decided we Jews could not be trusted and his intention was to take us out of German economic and social life..What became known as the final solution to Holocaust promoters..but to Hitler it was to determine the final status of the Jews..i.e. emigration and deportation. These policies were wrong and misguided, advisors to Hitler should have told him this was a bad idea.
                                  What made this situation worst was Zionist Jews collaborated with Hitler in a number of agreements, the best known as the Haavara agreement, which enabled German Jews to deposit money in a special bank account, buy German goods, take them to Palestine and sell them to convert into cash. They could also take much of their belongings including cars and other household goods. Those Evil Germans also gave cash handouts to emigrate, many of us did not want to leave for Palestine which was already occupied by the local Arabs.
                                    The US and many European countries told Hitler it was wrong to do this, he offered all the Jews to them, but they declined and put strict limits on Jewish emigration to their countries. In fact Hitler offered 500,000 good able bodied Jews for 10,000 trucks, some coffee and soap. A real bargain, somehow the Europeans refused this offer, and one of Hitler’s advisors was to remark, they could have had all those clever,scientists,writers and intellectuals for very little...and they refused because they were Jews...So who are the Anti-Semites.
                                    Under the Haavara agreement some 500,000 Jews emigrated. Most did not want to go to Palestine but Europe and the US, because of the strict restrictions many ended up in Palestine..their last choice. But this made the Zionist Jews very happy as they needed Jews to populate their new homeland for the Jews. The Germans sent a high level delegation to Palestine headed by Adolf Eichmann (yes its true) to ensure that everything was O.K. and to give the local Jewish authorities all the assistance they needed.
                                      So you see Hitler was not all evil, he built Israel by sending, money, goods, Jews and any other material assistance..Such as training young Jews in Germany in farming and animal husbandry, before they went to Palestine. Germany still to this day gives all sorts of economic and military assistance.
My German girlfriend left me, my Bakery started to lose trade,i became unemployed. World War 11 started, again it was a war Germany did not start or wanted, despite what the History books tell us. With Germany expanding and conquering Europe, Hitler ended up with more Jews he did not want. His preferred solution was emigration and deportation. He sent orders for the Jews to be rounded up and put in internment camps, and Ghetto’s prior to deportation.
                                     I ended up in Aushwitz, rumours were circulated that Jews were being gassed and burned..This worried me a lot..As someone who has worked in bakery i am very familiar with Gas ovens and burnings. As the war intensified more and more people Jews and non-Jews ended up in the camps.
                                       As i boarded the train to Aushwitz, i was very worried as to what would happen to me, would i be gassed on arrvival, would i be worked to death or die of disease like Typhus which killed millions and was very rampant in concentration camps due to the density of population. As i arrived at the infamous death camps i was registered on arrival, the registrar was keen to learn of my skills, told him i was a baker, and was put to work in the kitchens. With over 100,000 people at any one time, and movement of people in and out of the camp it was a very busy place.
                                       Before i could start work i had my head shaved, my clothes and belongings taken of me, to be fumigated with Zykon B to kill the Typhus carrying lice, was given a shower, then a uniform, one of those striped ones you see in pictures’, i would have preferred American style orange uniforms, but you do not get to choose a uniform. A medical Doctor was on hand to discuss any medical handicaps you might have. Often ill or injured inmates would be given light duties, say like in the nursery helping young children
                                       Auschwitz is located next to an industrial complex where synthetic rubber called ‘Buna’ is made companies like I.G.Farben are located there. among others. At Auschwitz there is a hospital,library,brothel,post office,shops,swimming pool, sports field,nursery,school,vegetable garden, ‘gas chambers’, and orchestra.
                                      Working in the kitchens was hard work, workers were provided with morning and evening meals. I was also paid for my work with Auschwitz currency so that inmates could buy things from the shops. Gassing victims were selected by a lottery held at weekends. The gas ovens were always busy, Monday to Friday used to bake bread, Saturday to fumigate lice infected clothing’s and belongings of new inmates, and Sunday to ‘gas ‘people for being Jews’.
                                    I learnt from one inmate that i was due for a gassing. I was sent an appointment and told not to be late. I turned up that morning, there was a long cue to the entrance of the chamber, and we were packed in like sardines 20 per square metre...as the gas was slowly released i passed out. I woke up next morning and told to go to work.
                                I asked one of the inmates how i survived, they said it was a miracle, six further gassings were attempted on me and i survived through all of them. In fact i enjoyed the experience so much i offered to be gassed regularly.You see i was not the only one, many inmates have survived lethal Hydrogen Cyanide poisoning and lived to tell tales, of miraculous survival, write books and give lectures.
                               My aim was to be gassed more than any other inmate. Medical science however says that no one in history has ever survived Hydrogen Cyanide poisoning, even a very small amount, once enters through your skin is enough to kill you. There is no anti-dote to prevent its harmful effects. In Auschwitz lore anything is possible. I was told i would not be gassed anymore, 6 is the maximum limit. I really resented this as regular ‘gassings’ gave me a day of work plus as equal number of men and women were gassed .I got to meet the ladies of Aushwitz,you see we were segregated at Aushwitz,and i really missed female company since my girlfriend left me. Since we were all naked in the gas chambers, it was our only opportunity for recreational sex..(We tend to not mention these regular sex orgies).
                                    One of the other effects of Zykon B poisoning is the body turns bright pink. In all the gassings there i did not see one bright pink body. Lots of people died of Typhus disease and these diseased bodies were disposed of hygienically by being burned in ovens at the crematorium. Luckily i did not work there, but some of the people who did work there were convicted of mass murder after the war.
                                     There was penal code at Auschwitz administered by the inmates themselves. It was common for some people to be shot for breaking this code, stealing inmate’s food or other items brought swift retribution according to our penal code. The SS officers also were not allowed to abuse inmates, there was a procedure for complaints to be made against them, in fact one SS Officer was accused of rape by a Jewish lady inmate, he was convicted and shot ?.
                                     As i had survived the maximum limit of 6 gassings was given light duties until other means of disposal could be found for me. There was a shortage of soap at the camp, it was decided to make Jewish soap out of some of the inmates, the fat ones were chosen including myself. I was so delighted as my job at the bakery was getting boring feeding 100,000 inmates and constant complaints about my food.
                                      We were burned on the Auschwitz camp fire, a regular weekend barbecue event, the fat from our bodies was collected in pans, and gelatin was added to firm up the soap,i reacted very badly to the gelatin as it a pork derivative, being Jewish... pork is not something we are partial to. I turned almost black in colour ,plus not much fat came from my lean body only one bar of soap could be made of me.
                                   I was in the Auschwitz factory shop for over one year, and no one wanted to buy me, because of my colour and i did not smell right. The colour i could not do anything about. The smell was due to not being able to shower regularly. After the expiry date was reached on my bar of soap was taken off the shelf and turned back into a human being and sent back to work in the bakery. I hated it, my life as a gas victim and a bar of soap a failure. I needed to redeem my tattered reputation. There was a shortage of furniture, volunteers were needed to be turned into furniture. I put my name down was given a list of furniture to be turned into.
                                 I chose to be a three legged table. My life as a table was just as miserable as being soap. I was for two years on sale at a well known furniture store, no one wanted to buy me because one of the legs was unstable. This was not my fault as i have arthritis in one leg, also German furniture is not very popular in the UK and US ( remember the boycott).Being on a sale or return basis I was sent back to Auschwitz and turned back into a person..and you’ve guessed it, back working in the Bakery plus complaints about my food which never cease.
                                  My market value declining needed to make a success of myself..so far i failed 6 gassings, a bar of soap and furniture, my options were running out rapidly,i decided to give it one last chance there was a shortage of handbags, wallets and purses. I chose to become a handbag. Again i remained unsold, somehow i could not compete with designer brands, plus made in Auschwitz stamped on the bag was not a good selling point. Being on a sale or return basis i was sent back.
                               Hitler lost the war and we were all released. Like many survivors i was a witness at the Nuremberg trials where i told of my harrowing tales about being a bar of soap, furniture, and the numerous gassings and leather goods. My serial number tattooed on my wrist to remind of my Auschwitz failure.
                               I am now happily married living in the UK.I run my own Bakery where i serve customers of all nationalities, and ethnicities and no complaints. At weekends i have found success as a transvestite and cross dresser...I am a regular feature at the Manchester Gay festival.
I have written a book of how i survived under the Nazis regime against all the odds and will be doing a book tour,i am available for giving lectures of my experiences at Aushwitz.As Mr ‘Holocaust Eli Weasel’ (also known as the world’s biggest liar) is dead, he used to charge $20,000 dollars per speech i am prepared to do so for much less, please contact me on my website The Holocaust is a extortionracket.com.My German retribution pension is not enough so i need to supplement my income.
                                   So to summarise for my readers here is a list of my achievements:-
                              1) Survived six gassings ( a Auschwitz record which i hold to this day)
                              2) Turned into soap
                             3) Turned into a handbag
                            4) Got married and fathered three children
                            5) Weekend transvestite and cross dresser
                            6) Opened my own bakery called Bagles&Lies
                           7) Author of fiction books..my latest book called Bagles,Lies and Auschwitz


                                                The Red Cross and the 'Missing Gas Victims'

                                                          Kind Regards
                                                      Abdul Bin El Cohen

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i think this is an excellent article on the of absurdities and lies we have been told for over 70yrs

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