Holocaust Horror Stories
One of the mysteries of the ‘Jewish Holocaust is that in some Concentration/labour camps there were no ‘Gas Chambers’, so the question asked is how the Jews were killed and disposed off.
The Holocaust Historians have come up with a clever ruse to overcome this obvious problem. They have decided that two small out house’s coloured differently were used as ‘Gas Chamber’s to murder the jews.After the war these mass murder buildings conveniently disappeared, so sceptical historians and scientists are unable to determine whether these buildings were used for murder or not.
I have made a serious study of this subject and here are my findings:-
1) There were many different coloured outhouses each one used to murder different type of Jews and inmates at these ‘Death Camps’

2) The Blue Out house was used to murder rich Jews. To be murdered in the blue house you needed to prove that you had assets over $1 million dollars. Since most wealthy Jews had already migrated elsewhere, along with their money, the number of deaths recorded at this ‘Death house’ is very small.

3) The White out house was used to ‘Gas and Murder’ ordinary Jews, since there were many more of these the small outhouse simply was unable to cope. Constant breakdown of the ‘Gas Chamber’, erratic supply of ZyklonB due to allied bombing of supply routes, which meant ‘Gassings’ were delayed causing resentments among the jews,as the waiting list got longer and longer, something which Patients of the British Healthcare system are well aware. More Jews died of disease than Zyklon B poisoning. There was much resentment among Jews as you could only claim compensation if you were the intended victim of Zykon B poisoning..but not of disease or starvation..which are among the natural causes of death in war.

4) The evil SS decided that random selection of murders was inefficient. They introduced an appointment system, where inmates were informed in writing when to turn for their ‘Zyklon B’ gassing’. Once an inmate was given an appointment, he or she would need to bring with them some form of Identity..Passport, driving licence, a utility bill or bank statement.
Their i.d would be matched with their official concentration i.d. Imprinted on their body. So an Auschwitz i.d would be followed by date of birth, with male or female letter added, then your enrolment number based on the number of inmates ..Let’s say a Jew called Moshe Cohen his i.d would be A01011917300012.If your i.d did not match you would not be gassed

5) The Pink out house was used to murder Gays and Lesbians. As there were only a very small number of these ‘the gassing chamber’ became rusty and no longer functioned. With all Zyklon B canisters having a use by date..Many went out of date and no longer toxic.
6) The Red out house was used to murder people who were political agitators belonging to the Communist party or having leanings towards these ideologies. During Hitler’s regime there was a mass movement in Germany of around a million people trying to foment a Communist revolution to overthrow the democratically elected Hitler

7) The green out house was used to murder gypsies and people with criminal intent i.e. criminals and prisoners of war. The gassing of these individuals was problematic as officers and serviceman resented being gassed together with gypsies..People who they regarded as inferior to them.Infact officers had to be drugged, gagged, tied and dragged reluctantly into the gas chambers. Many perished before reaching the 'gas chambers’. This annoyed the SS men they had performance related pay according to number of gassed victims. Many did not receive their bonus that year...many resorted to the old tactic of falsifying numbers to ensure they got their Christmas bonus.

8) The yellow out house was used to gas people who spread false atrocity propaganda about the Germans..like they gas and burned six million Jews, or used Belgian babies as bayonet target practice..unlike today where the Israeli army does use Palestinian children as live target practice. It is in the IDF manual as children are regarded as enemy combatants.
Not many people were gassed in this house as, the people who spread these lies..ie.the Jews, the Allies and most of all the British Propaganda machine located in Westminster known as Parliament escaped punishment.

9) The Grey house was used to gas people all over Europe who were responsible for the ethnic cleansing of millions of Germans residing in these countries

10) The red and black house was used to gas international Jewry who campaigned for a worldwide boycott of Germans goods because Hitler introduced positive discrimination to promote more Ethnic Germans in high positions which were previously held by German Jews.Non were ever gassed due to most living in the US..although Hitler did lockup a Rothschild for a short period.

The Germans were unable to gas and burn six million Jews plus others for the simple reason the Allies bombed supply routes like road and rail, the consequence of this was food and medicine supply including Zyklon B which used to prevent the spread of Typhus disease....starvation and disease killed most people. Due to the shortage of Zyklon B the Germans invented Microwave technology. So we can say more people were micro waved to death than gassed. This is little reported in the mainstream media and Holocaust Museums.
So please pass the word... the ‘Jewish Holocaust’ was really a ‘Micro-Wave’ Holocaust.



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