Many people are aware of Zyklon B ,a insecticide used to 'gas',murder and 'burn'... 'six million Jews' by the Nazi regime,although the evidence for this heinous crime has yet to be found.Sherlock Holmes the great fictional Victorian Detective has been employed to find the evidence.As yet we are still waiting for his report about the 'six million' bright pink bodies..which are the result of hydrogen Cyanide poisoning.

                                                                   The history of Zyklon B is very interesting  one,here are list of very little known facts about Zyklon B:-


1)Zykon B was invented by a German Jew (yes its true).Before DDT it was widely used all over the world


2)It was used in delousing facilities in America and Europe to kill,  Typhus carrying lice..a disease which killed millions during this time period


3) As an insecticide  it contained hydrogen Cyanide..a deadly poison..strict procedures in equipment use,clothing and application...The Germans used purpose built Delousing well as mobile ones used to delouse clothing to rid of this deadly disease carrying lice.The disease was rampant in the labour and concentration camps such as Aucshwitz where there was a constant movement of people in and out of the camp.


4)In order to contain the disease which was killing hundreds of people per day/week/month.The Germans had  procedures in  place to contain the disease.All inmates to the camps had their clothes taken of them to be deloused,they had their head shaven to get rid of possible lice infection and given a shower and a new uniform.The Germans invented Microwave technology which replaced Zyklon B..infact very little Zyklon B was used when the  mass murder of jews was taking place in Auschwitz ?.We can assume from this more people were Micro-Waved to death than died of Zyklon B poisoning.This fact is little reported.


5)According to Holocaust Historians the delousing chambers known as  'Gas Chambers' by the Germans were of dual use.The Germans used the same facilities to kill millions of Jews and Zyklon B as the agent of death  as well as disease carrying Zyklon B is  a unique multi-purpose product....if you look closely on the Zyklon B cannister it is clearly written in very small print...Kill's bugs and Jews

                                                            The medical evidence for Zyklon  B use on humans  has yet to be found (no pink bodies) .As stated before hydrogen Cyanide poisoning turns the body bright pinks.there is no evidence of bright pink bodies or one produced to this day.Those evil Nazi Germans have pulled off the biggest mass murders in history and left no evidence..unlike the Russian Bolshivek Jew Yagoda who is responsible for the death of upwards of 17 million Russians, and his handy work is visisble to see,with documentary evidence to prove it.He puts Hitler to shame !!.


6)Many people are unaware that there were many variations of Zyklon B produced for different uses.


7)Zyklon A..This is used to kill Politicians and Journalists and mainstream Western Media who lie...which is over 90%  according to my calculations


8)Zyklon B..Used to kill disease carrying lice..(Typhus..which killed millions)Also very toxic to Jews...infact according to 'Holocaust Folklore' six million succumbed to it.Zyklon B however  was not toxic to Germans,Czecks,Russians,and others who were 60% of the Auschwitz population at the time..most of them survived.Zyklon must be the first genetically modified posion which only targets people of the Jewish faith.


9)Zyklon C..This is used to kill  Pro Zionist and Israeli prevalent in the Western Media often owned or influenced by the powerfull Jewish lobbies and interests...including Jewish owned Hollywood.Zyklon C as yet has not been proved to be very successfull.but the internet and alternative media may change that over time.


10)Zyklon D..Used to kill Gays,Lesbians,Cross dressers,trans-vestities..Its use has been banned in most countries, since laws now ban persecution of people for their gender or sexual orientation..which is a good thing..Zyklon D is no longer in production..although it is still in use in some countries where it is a criminal offence to be Gay or Lesbian.


 11)Zyklon E..This is used to kill Democracy.Very effective in the Western world (the main promoters of this system).People in the Western World are finding out their votes makes no diffirence to political outcomes.Regardless who they vote for policies do not change.the EU being a classical example.Zyklon E is widely used in the US by Corporations who have bought up  and killed the political process and killed democracy making sure it does not work... 100% effective in the US and EU.


12) Zyklon F...Used to  tax people to death and reduce their entitlement to benefits under the new Neo-Liberal Fascist agenda.It  has been to be very the state now through its ' legitimate' means of force has become a tax extortion Mafia...and people are unable to fight back.There is hope as some Americans are leaving their country of origin and disposing of their American Citizeship.


13) Zyklon G..Used against the banking industry and central banking who through debt and interest have enslaved creating money from thin air as numbers on a computer screen.We must eradicate this interest bearing debt enslavement disease.As yet Zyklon G is not very effective as governments are protecting the banking industry against the wishes and interests of the people


                                                       We must produce more Zyklon A and C


 please login to this documentary on JewIsh Terrrorism and mass murder something you are not told in the Jewish owned/influenced WESTERN MEDIA



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