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Business 0 Finance 4



                                                                 Business and finance are two things would that would seem to go together. Business needs money, financial community has money, an ideal partnership. Not quite if you look at most businesses on growth and expansion they tend not to rely on finance as much as people think.

                         A recent survey was by a retail magazine asking small shop keepers about their expansion plans, and what finance would they be using. The result was quite surprising, only 4% would be relying on banking or other financial instituitions, majority from retained profits, family, savings or direct investors.

                   This raises the question if ‘real businesses ‘are not relying on outside traditional finance for growth and expansion, how is the finance industry making its money. The recent financial crises are a pointer to what is wrong with the finance industry.

                                   Rather than investing in real businesses over the long term, which is what finance should be doing, finance capital has been making money from money, so what you have is two economies, one real with tangible, physical goods and services, and the virtual economy operating of the trading rooms of the financial industry, gambling with other people’s money like the Pension funds sold dodgy investments from these financial institutions.

                       The amount of money in circulation in the world far exceeds many times the total output of the world’s real goods and services in dollar terms. This seems bizarre that there is an oversupply of capital when most of us feel we don’t have enough of the stuff.

                               In future articles we will show how the Western economic model is  destructive as it relies on the continual expansion of the money supply, hence growth, to stop Western from economies stagnating, this means ever expanding debt, which over the long term is unsustainable ( Ask the Greeks)

                            There are alternatives to this destructive financial model which we hope to inform the reader in future

                                               Kind Regards  Tiger Moto

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The West& the Rest


                                            The title might suggest to the reader that there is some conflict between the West and the Rest. This is not so. Western dominance from Imperialism & Colonialism and now Globalization means it has been very successful in imposing its political, economic and social values on other countries. Many would say this is a good thing, of liberal democracies and human rights. Just a small problem the West did not practice these when they went around destroying other societies, and exploiting the people’s and the lands.

                                 The Western World was built on the destruction of the Islamic civilization and others.( I will discuss this more detail in future articles)Prior to the rise of the West the Islamic civilization was the most advanced in every field, in politics,economics,technology,business and finance.

                                    Samuel Huntington an American political scientist wrote a very famous book called the Clash of Civilization. The book was bitterly criticized for its simplistic antagonistic model. To summarise his book, according to him Western Democracy, civilization and capitalism emerged from a particular European historical context. Therefore the concept of democracy and its economic& social values are peculiar to the West.

                                He argued long lived civilizations like Islam or the Chinese or Persian civilizations would not have lasted thousands of years if they had no value to these societies. As the rest of the world develops they may not necessarily become Western in values and ideals. The Japanese are classic example, they have western style democracy, liberal capitalism, but no one would suggest the Japanese are Western; they have retained their historical, cultural and linguistic inheritance.

                                            So as other countries like China and India become richer, they may look Western to the outsider in consumer habits, but it would be a mistake to say they share Western values.

                                       So process of De- Westernization is going to take place hence the West and the Rest. There is a famous article written by a respected American political scientist arguing that this process is now taking place.

                     Wealthy Chinese and Arabs are going around the world buying art, culture and treasures, of their respective countries. Taking back their cultural, historical inheritance stolen by Western Colonial powers in the Past.

                     We only have to look in Europe where the Greeks want the Elgin Marbles which the British have, the Greeks rightly believe to be part of their cultural inheritance.

                                                Kind Regards

                                                Tiger Moto

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Late Victorian Holocausts-Mike Davies

                              This is a very important  book which highlights an area of Brtitish Colonial history little discussed or taught.Mike Davies is not a historian but a Urban Theorist.
                Simply put the book explains how during Britains rule of India anything between 7-30 million died of famines which could have been avoided.
                   Before the British arrived in India the Mughal rulers who ruled for 700 hundred years had  insurance policy in place to avoid mass starvation during famine periods.
                     India is a country of extreme weather, of monsoons and droughts.In times of drought during Mughal rule,there was a obligation and duty on those farmers not affected by drought to help those affected .Also the Mughal rulers ensured the rich helped the poor,in these hard times.
                       When the British came they gave farmers two choices (1)grow crops for the British for export or (2)grow crops for self but must pay rent on the land.The consequence of this policy was in times of drought there was no insurance policy to avoid mass starvation,millions died,because of British Colonial policies.
                       If google you can find one documentary which briefly mention this terrible period of British Colonial history.There are other scant mentions in Wikipedia
                I will be writing about this from a condensed version i have written.I will   write in bite sized chunks for you to digest.I can assure you will weep.
                                   Kind Regards
                                     Tiger Moto

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Important&Important and Relevant thinkers

Our aim is to inform you of people we believe are important and relevent thinkers past and present, who have made important contributions to our understanding of society.
                      There are two types of thinkers,those support state power and those who support the people.We will discuss both and their relevence.
                 In future articles we will start with the economist John Kenneth Galbraith,whose book this site is named after the good society.
                      Galbraith was a big thinker,who looked at the whole of industrial society and where it was heading.People are only discussing his ideas now and as his work,which looks at how we govern ourselves ,most of his work is of political theory.
                           Kind Regards
                           Tiger Moto

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US v Rest of the World

If you read  the  newspapers, listen to economists,politicians and business people they all promote the idea of free trade,it is seen as a good thing,that brings prosperity for all,so countries must be open to free trade.
                Countries must reduce barriers to free trade so that consumers in all countries can get the best goods and services at the lowest prices.No countries citizens should be deprived of these benefits.
                The free trade mantra is regarded essential for the development of countries,especially poor countries so that they can trade out of poverty.The assumption is each country through buying and selling with others can both benefit from exchange of goods and services.
                    World trade has gone up considerably over the best decades.International trade agreements like Nafta,and organizations like WTO set the rules for free trade.
                 But there is serious false assumption of free trade.The simplistic free trade mantra hides the power system ,and complexity at work ,between rich powerfull countries versus poor countries.
             When trade is conducted  between rich and poor countries trade is very uneven,it can never fully beneficial to both sides,the poorer country often loses out.
               Anyone trading with the US, trade will benefit the US the most.So free trade can be weapon that can be used to bully and coerce small or economically weak countries into uneven trade agreements.
                 In our concept of the good society,we promote free and fair trade.We in future will publish articles which will show how rich countries became rich and it is not what they are preaching to poor countries.
                      Kind Regards
                      Tiger Moto

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Western Imperialism 500 Rest of the World 70

Some readers in the West might object to the above title.They would say they want nothing to do with Imperialism,of exploitation and dominance.This is not about you,the problem is you have no choice but to be part of the  Western Imperial system.
                As discussed in my other articles we still live in a empire system.The dominant empire system is the US+Europe and smaller countries part of the empire,Canada,Australia and New Zealand.this is thy are  the dominant power system in the world.
               Things are now changing as a power shift takes place to the East with the rise of China+other emerging countries like Russia,India and Brazil.The rise of these countries is direct challenge to the dominance  of the Western empire system.The West is trying hard to come with strategies to contain these emerging powers.There is  great international game of chess being played,there will be winners and losers.The losers will be we the people who have no choice or influence in this great chess game.
                    The reader may well ask how does the empire system  work.We will show how the US+Europe work together to exploit the rest of the world.
                      It exploits through money flows,uneven trade agreements,by ensuring poor countries do not become competitors.The US empire has killed more people in the name of democracy and human rights than Hitler.
                 The US+European empire is a killing machine,in the Good Society empires must go,along with the nation state a defunct European concept.
             In future articles we will discuss how to dismantle the empire, and the nation state which is not good for the people.
                            Kind Regards
                             Tiger Moto

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Propaganda 10 public 0

Most people reading the above title old enough,will remember  Communist era of Mao of China and Stalin of the USSR.
                People believe propaganda is used only by non democratic states to fool the public.This is far from the truth.Most propaganda now is used by democratic free societies.In non democratic societies people are well aware they are being lied to,hence they believe nothing they are being told.
                      The reader may well ask how can propaganda be used in a democratic society,when you are free to choose,and when we have a diversity of opinions in our news media and papers.
                   To understand why we need propaganda in a democratic society.let me layout a view point (not original with me).
                  Through out history regardless the system in place wether slavery,feudalism,fascism,communism,dictatorship,the population has to be kept under control,obedient and compliant.In non democratic societies past and present force is used.
                    In Democratic societies you cannot use force (Although America is exceptional in the way it treats it's citizens.)Therefore in Democratic societies propaganda is used.So what you have is State sponsored and corporate media which works with government to lie,cheat,con the public and prevent you from finding out the truth.
                   So the BBC performs the same role as Pravda under the old Communist Soviet regime.The BBC  which stands for the:-
                   also known as the:-
Now the BBC deny they are biased.This not the case the Glasgow Media Group has shown when it comes to reporting of Izrael is completley biased in favour of Izrael.Media lens a internet site which methodicaly analysis the mainstream media has shown the BBC and others far from bias free.
                   Media lens shows, how words and sentences,selective use of facts,omissions are used to put a particular viewpoint.There is a website called Fact check uk which shows you where politicians get their facts from.What you find is they  selectively use facts to support their vewpoint,never telling you the full facts.This is known as lying by omission which is very popular with British politicians.
                                   So propaganda is used by all democratic states to con,lie,cheat people,to get them to support wars,policies which are against their own self interest.
                      It must be said propaganda is very subtle and convincing.There is a whole industry to create smoke and mirrors,of fog to prevent you from finding out the truth.
                       Remember Collin Powell when he lied to the UN,presented false evidence to say Saddam Hussein of Iraq had weapons of  mass destruction.This is the same person the West supported for 30 years and gave arms to when he invaded Iran with loss of over one million people.
                  Blatant propaganda and lies used to justify military in intervention with the loss of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives of men,women and children, in Iraq,Libya,Syria,Afganistan and so on.
                         In the Good society lying would be made a criminal offence as in Japan,which in the UK would mean an empty House of Commons.
    Future articles will show how to avoid being lied to and how propaganda works.
                                Kind Regards
                                Tiger Moto                     

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South Korea 13 Ghana 1

It is often said America does not have culture being such a young country,that is unfair America does have culture it has given us Mickey Mouse,Daffy Duck and McDonalds.We believe culture matters in our concept of the Good Society.The economics profession have dismissed culture as having any meaningful influence in their abstract economic models of the economy.
                   We believe  culture plays a crucial in the economic and social development of a country.To illustrate our point we will show by example two countries who's social and economic outcomes have been very different.
               South Korea and Ghana both became independent in the early 1950's,both were then regarded as very poor countries.With South Korea it was relient on US food aid to stop people from starving.Reports of South Korea at time paint a dismal picture,of the country with no future or hope,regarded as a basket case.
              SouthKorea is now one the richest and most advanced coutries in the world,question is how have they achieved this.South Korea has Confusion culture,of thrift,hard work,obedience,a orderly and harmonious society,of trust and working togther towards a common purpose.
Now if we look at Ghana it has remained poor,despite being resource rich.Perhaps Ghana suffers from what is known as the resource curse.Is it because they are less intelligent,i am sure there are many highly intelligent articulate Ghanians,is it because they are tribal,is it because they have bad government,is it because they are less hardworking,may be not ,i'm sure many work very hard.
                  Excluding all the above factors we must conclude that culture must play a role in their very different economic and social outcomes.
                In our concept of the Good Society we want to put culture in centre place,in essence Culture Matters.
                   We will show in future articles how culture plays an important role in the economic and social development of society.
                   Kind Regards
                   Tiger Moto


South Korea 13=  $26,000 = gdp per person                       Ghana1+ $1900= gdp pers on (2013 aprox)  ratio of gdp is 13 to 1

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Women 2 Society 0



                                     Women make up 50% of the population yet they are little represented in politics. In the UK in the past when the UK had substantial industry, requiring manual labour, it suited men hence their dominance in the workforce.

                         As the UK with other industrial countries relies less on manual labour and more on brain power women are competing with men in the workforce, and some cases winning, in Medicine women outnumber men, in Law and other professions women are entering in great numbers.

                          This is a remarkable achievement in such a short time period. In his book ‘the great disruption’ one of the world’s public intellectuals Francis Fukuyama has written that one of the greatest changes in the 20th century has been the changing role and status of women.

                         Women having financial independence means they are no longer prepared to put up with abusive in-laws or spouse. The other interesting point in the book is that nearly all countries where women have gone in to the workforce the divorce rate have gone, one of the exceptions being Japan. In Japan women get educated, go into the workforce, have relationships, get married, and have children. In Japan many women as soon as they have children stop working, stay at home and look after the children. Perhaps we can learn something from the Japanese.

                        Personal freedoms and choices for women have social consequences for society. In nearly all societies as people are more educated and richer they have fewer children, a classic example of Brazil where it was not uncommon for women to have six children, it is average of two. Better education, healthcare, more opportunities for women, provided by the government have created these situations.

                        As I said earlier personal choices for women have social consequences, the low birth in some countries has fallen below the replacement rate, Japan being one, there is a ratio where you need so many workers for each retiree to support.

                      Many rich countries have tried to solve this problem by importing labour from other countries, in effect the immigrants have become the children, rich countries do not have

                                       This may solve an economic problem in the short run but creates social problems in the long run. By becoming a more diverse nation, this gets reflected in the diverse politics leading to less consensus politics.

                              We are putting women in a terrible dilemma where they have to choose between a career or become mothers. It is very hard to be a mother and work, there is the old saying ‘women don’t have it all but are doing it all’. In the Good Society women should not have to make these tough choices. We need to organize society in such a way that women can work and be good mums

                          In the good society we should be able to reduce the working week to four days a week, it simply means working smarter not harder, it can be done the New Economics Foundation have produced a report how we can reduce the working to four days with any adverse affects on the economy.

                         In the present situation an increasing number of women are giving up very promising careers to look after their children. This is a terrible situation which women should not be forced to make. In some Nordic countries where female participation in the workforce is very high,many women have given up having children with disastrous social consequences for the country

                                         Kind Regards

                                        Tiger Moto

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The EU Con

The European Union(EU) meant to be the end point of European civilization where countries merge into a borderless world,with free movement of labour and capital.Backed by by a legal framework of property rights and  human rights.
               In principle the idea of the EU sounds good,it gives opportunities to 500 million people in huge trading area,for people and business to interact.
             In practice it cannot work,the concept of a United States of Europe will not work.You cannot form a Union with 27 countries,with their own histories,languages,cultures,politics,ethnicity and traditions,and merge them into one unit.
           The EU was formed when the world was a different place.It emerged after the Second World War to prevent European countries going to war again.A common market was created in goods and services.Originally the dominant players were France and Germany,France benefited from the huge agricutural subsidies and Germany from export of its industrial output in to the large trading area of the common market.
             Later as more countries the subsidies have steadliy declined for France.So now the dominant economy in the EU is Germany,that is  one of the reasons the EU central bank is located in Germany.
              The EU is undemocratic most of its legisaltion now made by unelected EU officials.It is worst than the old Communist USSR,as it makes laws and regulations to run the EU empire.It is sold as peoples agenda but in reality it is a big business agenda.Big business now can access cheap labour and lower peoples wages and living standards,as people from low wage economies migrate to high wage economies,which then become low wage economies.
                       The EU is becoming a poverty enhancement project as it dismantles the welfare state.
                     The EU is an Empire in all but name.Inthe Good Society we are against empire.The EU empire must go,we believe the EU will not last more than 20 years due to its internal contradictions.
                  The Nation state must be broken into a smaller geographical units,a very decentralized  system with local  laws,economics and politics
                 The Good Society will publish future articles which will show what a shambles the EU is.
                 Kind Regards
                 Tiger Moto

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Democracy Con

Western Democracy is a fraud and a sham and the West's exporting of this unworkable system to other countries is leading to problems.
                  In a real Democracy people have a meaningful say how they want to be governed.Democracy in the West is reduced to voting,which has no meaning and makes no difference to how people are governed.
                  In the UK at Election time parties hide behind meaningless slogans like 'it's time for change'.People are bombarded with statements,slogans,promises,policies,which people find       hard to decide what is the truth.The whole idea is to confuse the public,so that they are guided more by emotion than rational.
                 If log onto Youtube there is an excellent documentary called 'Investment theory of Politics'.The best part of the documentary where random people are asked on a beech, about the fourthcoming election who they will vote for and why.Non of the respondents could name or explain any of the policies of the respective parties.
   They were looking at the personal characteristics
of the canditates to decide who to vote,in other words emotion rather than rational judgement in their selection process.
               In the Good Society Democracy should be fully participatory and your vote should have a action plan attached to it,not a meaningless slogan
       Politics,Economics and Democracy must be linked and work together at the local level.There must be a direct link between voting,taxes paid,welfare,economics and politics,basically you should get what you pay for.
                  In UK we have not had a majority government since the 1950's when a party had over 50% of ther vote .The present government was elected by 25%,it is totally undemocratic.
               We aim to show how we can connect the public with democracy,in the Good Society we aim to link democracy and the people
                  Kind Regards
                Tiger Moto

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Imperial&Colonial history

                                         The idea of Imperialism and Colonialism to many people would seem absurd in the 21st century.With so many liberal democracies and free market Capitalism means we live in a new world of co-operation and trade.And and that countries are free to persue independent Political and Economic development.
                     Winston Churchill is reputed to have said the further back in history you go the more you see in to the future.That may or may not be true,it does raise an interesting point.
                 Imperial&Colonial history plays vital part in events today.The fact that we are not this is the result of the Western Media suppressing information you need to asses events you see happening in the world today.
               To really understand events/conflicts in the world,you must be able to put them in a historical context,to  understand what is really going on.Events/conflicts do not emerge fron nowhere,there is usually a historical background to them.
                The Western Media with its three minute news slots everything is reduced to soundbites,which reveal nothing of substance.
                 At present there is nasty civil war going on in Syria,how many of you know about Syria's history,economics,politics.Of the colonial past which divided Syria in to two the other half called Lebanon.
                 After the First World the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire,the Sykes-Pico agreement by one French and one British civil servant,simply drew agreed lines on a map and divided up the region,according to their countries interests.
                   At no time were the people of the region asked what they wanted or allowed to make decisions by themselves for themselves.(this was a period of Imperial arrogance)
                     As a consequence of Colonial&Imperial policies of artbritary borders drawn on a map,segregating and putting together communities often antagonistic towards each other.
                      Past Imperial&Colonial polcies are still affecting events in distant lands today.
                      With Syria you have over 14 ethnic groups,Syria has tried everything to make it work,democracy,Capitalism,Communism,Fascism,Socialism,military dictatorship to make the country work                    
                       India and Pakistan have had three wars over the Kashmir issue,not settled during partition,presided over the then Colonial power Britain.
               We will show that we still live in  Colonial and Imperial world.It has not gone away simply changed format.
                In our concept of the good society Imperialism&Colonialism has to go.People must be free to associate,organize through Politics and Economics their own agenda.
                             Kind Regards
                               Tiger Moto       

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                                In the U.K Politics is everywhere, in the newspapers, TV etc.Living in the U.K you get the impression people are obsessed with politics. This is not the case. The UK is a classed based society, and the middle class obsession is politics and money, God intended the middle class to be rich.

                         Since the middle class in the UK have the highest tax burden in number terms, they are an important constituency in the UK, they must be heard and appeased.

                  Politics in the UK is about winning the middle class vote. The two main parties in the UK have a similar message for the middle class although slightly different. The Conservative  message is greed is good, the Labour party we don’t mind people getting rich as long as you are respectable(whatever that means).So politics in the UK about winning the hearts and minds of the middle class .

                   The wealthy 10% who own most of this country’s wealthy keep a low profile, they continue to grow rich and pay very little tax. Extrapolating from our UK example we can say that many decisions in politics are of an economic nature and political decisions can be determined by economics.

                    Politics and economics are directly linked. In the past in the West this was known as political economy and was taught at Universities. Sometime in the 60’s economics and politics became separated. The economics profession went down the mathematical route. Politics became divorced from reality reduced to politicians playing games of lies and deception.

                                  The result has been disastrous. Political decisions have not worked out properly more based on ideology than reality, when applied in the real world have not worked often having the opposite effect i.e. the economic consequences of political decisions have  been terrible for the ordinary people.

                              With economics the process at work has been the same, ideology in decision making has replaced facts, enquiry and consequences which have had the opposite effect of what had been intended. The Neo-Liberal agenda that markets know best in economic terms have had the opposite effect than intended, leading to the global financial crises.

                            Our intention in the Good Society is to connect Economics&Politics .Our view is that the people must decide through political discourse the kind of society they want to live in and then the economics will follow.

                         If economics is allowed to dominate then those with money and power will dominate and determine the politics at the expense of the ordinary people.

                         The US is a classic example where lobbyists out number elected representitives.There has been a corporate takeover of the US electoral system, money not votes determines outcome.

                          In the good society Politics& Economics should serve the needs of the public not big business or the wealthy.

                  In future articles we will show Politics&Economics can be made to work for the people.

                                  Kind Regards

                                   Tiger Moto

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Profit over People

Capitalism depending on your viewpoint has brought the greatest number of prosperity for the greatest number of people.People point to China which has used the Capitalist system to take  400 million people out of poverty,a remarkable achievement in human history.
                       Others point to shameless exploitation,sweatshops in East Asia.Underlying the Capitalist is the profit motive,greed and shelfishness.The idea that private greed serves public need.
                        Our view is we are not pro-capitalist or anti-capitalist.We simply want to make the capitalist work for the benefit of everybody.We believe in the Market System which may or may not be described as a capitalist system
                         In the market system there has to be trade in physical goods and services, those goods and services must be determined by societal needs.A persons income must be proportionate to their contribution to societal needs.In the market system we must look at goods and services provided,their benefits to society,is the income  earned excessive or not and the rewards justified:- a simple equation
 Activity in Market system  +   Income Earned =Benefits to Society
As the Head of the UK'S Financial Authority said of the City of London financial that only Socially useful activities must be undertaken.
                      In the present system unjust rewards abound where a persons contribution and income earned has no link.In the Good Society there has to be a link between income and a persons contribution to Society.So when a    Hedge Fund manager is paid $2 billion dollars,one must ask what did he do for the money,did he cure cancer,did he save starving children in Africa,what unique knowledge or insight does this person  possess,which is not available to anyone else
                      Our view the link between  a persons contribution and their income is broken.Millions struggle and cannot earn enough to pay for basic needs,while others earn millions which has no relation to reality or their contribution to  society,
                      In the good society their must be a living wage.Instead of paying people for positions they hold,we must evaluate their contribution to the betterment of society.As an example the head of a large commercial bank in America which was involved in the financial debacle resigned and his compensation was $165 million,now that is reward for failure.
                        We are not against the profit motive as long it just for the work undertaken and their is a direct link to the benefits to society.We believe in self interest not shelfish interests
             In the Good Society We will show how the profit motive can be used for good purpose in the market system.Making money from money is something we want to restrict
                       In future we will publish articles which puts people before profit and profit for people in the Good Society.
                                 Kind Regards
                                  Tiger Moto

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Tax Scam

Taxes are something most people would not  like  to pay or pay as little as possible.Modern economies cannot function without taxes to pay for basic services we need.
                      The rational for taxes is that those people who earn the most should pay the most to help those people who earn the least therefore should pay the least taxes.This is seen as a civilizing influence for a just and equitable society.Although in practice this system has not worked out so well
                                 So taxes are paid for roads,schools,hospitals,pensions etc.These are known in Economics as Public Goods.As it would difficult for any one person to pay for all of these things,through collective provisons  we  all benefit from these public goods.Taxes can be seen as  mark of just society,that looks after the weakest members of society and provides a basic living standard which keeps people above the poverty line.
                                    The majority of readers i am sure do not mind  paying taxes if they get the benefits,so there has to be a link between taxes paid and benefits received.The link between taxes and benefits in the UK is broken,has been for many years.
                                        Taxes are levied on two sources of income (1) Earned and (2) Unearned.The UK government cannot distinguish between the two, as a result it charges the same tax rate.
                                        Someone doing manual work like a bricklayer will pay the same tax rate as a Landlord who receives rent which is unearned income.The tax system should be fair and just.The burden of taxes should fall on those who afford the most and on unearned income.
                                   The UK tax regime allows big business and wealthy individuals legitimate loopholes specially designed to encourage them to invest here,and pay very little taxes sometimes less than 2%.The taxes not collected from those who should pay the most,but pay the least,means that the money not collected is put on those ordinary people,so the poorest in UK society end up paying the most taxes in percentage terms.
                                This tax system in UK is known as just and fair system ?.We will show in future articles a fairer and just tax system,so that those who earn the most will pay the most.
                                The UK tax system is a shambles,hard to collect,difficult to understand,12000+ pages and more added every year.A whole industry of accountants,lawyers,advisors has grown up to help wealthy people and big business to evade/avoid/their full tax liability.
                      Despite success governments using the mantra of low taxes to get themselves elected,the overrall tax burden on the UK population has remained between 35-40% of GDP.Also in the UK we pay the most types of taxes in the EU and get the least amount for our tax money.In the UK     this is known as just and fair tax system.
                           The UK tax Authority's slogan to the people is tax should not be taxing.The real advertisement of the UK tax office is we will tax less the rich at the expense of the poor,so pay up or else?.We will send in the Tax Mafia
                                 Kind Regards
                                     Tiger Moto

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Money is something we are all familiar with. Most people believe they do not have enough of it and if they had a little more their life would be appreciably better off. How much enough is an issue to be debated, for later discussion.

                        Our intention in the Good Society, is to show what is the proper role of Banking&Finance in the modern economy, (in effect what is the role of Money).The recent Banking &Financial crises has shone a light on this mysterious world Most of us simply cannot decipher the inner workings of the Banking&Financial sector (and we are not expected to).

                            It would seem in the eyes of many people Banking&Finance sector has been involved in massive fraud, deceit, corruption, rigged markets, manipulations, outright fleecing of clients and their money. Yet despite all this very few prosecutions. Had any member of the public done 10% of what this industry has done you would be serving a lengthy prison sentence.

                       So it would seem the Banking&Finance industry is too big to jail and too big to reform. What Banks use to do in the past was very simple. They take depositors money from their customers and lend money to people to buy houses, start up small businesses, and for other general uses.

                   Banks used ratios and other financial yardsticks as to the viability of customer’s ability to pay, which have been developed over hundreds of years. The local Bank Manager had considerable decision making powers.

                   The internationalization of the Banking&Finance sector changed all that, local Banking decisions are now often impersonal made by a computer using credit scores and other data

                      The merging of domestic Banking&Commercial operations of  banks has enabled Banks to use depositor’s money and invest or gamble in risky financial products. The outcome of these risky ventures has been Banks have lost huge amounts of depositor’s money.

                   We should not only blame the Banking & Financial industry but governments too, for their light touch regulation of the industry which has enabled them to bypass to close scrutiny as what they are doing.

            In the UK we have the financial services authority (FSA) which is supposed to monitor and regulate the Banking&Financial sector. It would seem the FSA is no more than a name plate on a posh building, with over paid staff, who make nice statements in the media and produce glossy reports, but somehow nothing actually gets done.

                           The FSA needs to familiarize themselves with Goodharts law (named after the country’s leading expert on Banking).When you try to pass legislation to control the Banking&Financial sector, they will find means to avoid it, or the implementation is so weak, it does not work.

                           In the Good Society we want to show what proper Banking System should be and the proper role of Money &Finance in the Good Society. When governments say there is no money they are lying to the public.

                         There is not a fixed supply of money in the economy. Money is not like coal which you have to dig out of the ground and  is a finite resource. Money is elastic, we can make it stretch, it is an artificial creation.

                  Our intention in the Good Society is to change the relationship we have with money. Money should work for the benefit of people, not we work for the money.

                  We aim to show what the role of Banking, Finance and Money should be in the Good Society in future articles.

                           Kind regards

                           Tiger moto

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Welcome to the U.K (Warning: Economic & Social Experiments in Progress)



Once upon a time there was little Island country called the U.K.It was a great Sea power and ruled a quarter of the world. There was a saying the sun never set on Britain’s Empire.

                   The shameless exploitation of people of colour brought great wealth to this Island nation. It made some people very rich and others not so .During the height of its power Britain was about 2% of the world’s population and 40% of the worlds manufactured output. Just about everything was made in Britain. Then things started to go wrong

              As long as Britain could exploit its Empire it did fine. Then the Second war came and Britain was bankrupted. An enlightened US President called Roosevelt came along, known simply FDR was an anti- Colonialist and Anti- Imperialist made it a condition of money needed for reconstruction that Britain must get rid of its Colonies and set them free.

                              So after the 1948 decolonization took place. As a consequence of these events Britain could no longer exploit its former colonies in the way it did as before. Then suddenly competition started to come to U.K.

                                British business had a choice in order to remain competitive (1) invest in new technology i.e. plant and machinery, innovation, invest in high skilled productive workforce, or it could lower its labour cost making the same stuff.

                    Most British business decided the cheap option to lower labour costs, by importing low skilled labour from its former colonies, like the textiles Industry. Unfortunately the industry only lasted an extra seven years then it slowly died out.

                                And so it was other industries like the nationalized car industry continued to lose money while making cars nobody wanted. Then Margaret Thatcher came along and she decreed low and behold I will make Britain great again will wave a magic wand called Monetarism from the great Guru Milton Friedman (thank God who is now dead)

                        I will sell of Britain to big business, so auctions were held called privitizations, and the public were conned in to buying what they already owned, public utilities which then became private utilities.

                                 And Thatcher spoke from the Capitalist Mountain that everyone will be better off, and so it came to pass peoples water bills doubled along with their gas and electricity, house prices have gone through the roof, after selling of most of the social housing stock the government owned.

                                  Despite all the privitizations, and flexible labour laws, the U.K is still not as productive or innovative as its competitors, so more experiments were needed on the population, now we must now get rid of the welfare system; our benefits are too generous because some people can be better off on benefits than working. No one could work out that reasons people are better off on benefits is because our wages are too low.

                                And so it came to pass that the government of the day decided to subsidize low wages through the tax system called working tax credit, so it gave employers no incentive to pay a living wage knowing that employees could get tax handouts from the tax credit system. So £5 billion pounds became a tax subsidy for business to pay low wages each year.

                            And what happened the number of people on the minimum wage went and the number of people claiming tax credits.

                       Despite all the above measures the U.K’S overall tax rate that is direct and indirect taxes has remained static 37-40% of gdp.

                            So be warned more economic and social experiments are needed to make Britain great.

                          Kind regards

                          Tiger Moto

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Japan 84 Botswana 39

  The average Japanese woman will live to 84, while in some parts of Africa it is less than 40 e.g. Botswana

                   If you are born in a rich country, you can expect to live a longer life than your parents. In the last 200 years life span has doubled. Science has eradicated diseases which once devastated populations in the past. Cholera, TB and Diarrhoea once common are now very rare in the rich countries.

              During the Roman Empire expectancy was about 20 years, in the Middle Ages 33 years, the Black Death killed quarter of the European population. It is only during the industrial revolution, that life expectancy improved dramatically. Clean water and sanitation made life much better for the population and TB and Cholera which were an ever present menace became less visible.

                Antibiotics and hygiene reduced the number of women dying in childbirth. So you must ask yourself with so many advances why are so many people dying from simple treatable diseases, especially in Africa. Aids has ruined many African communities. In Sierra Leone 157 babies will die before reaching their first birthday (1).Unicef estimates 150 million children are malnourished (2)

               So what is to be done about this? The price of medicines is very kept very high so that many poor countries are unable to buy them. The world of medicines is dominated by big Pharma with less than 12 Corporations producing most of the world’s drugs. Through their use of patents and other rules and regulations they are able extort high profits at the cost of many lives in poor countries, this is not our concept of the Good Society.

                    India which is the world’s leader in producing cheap generic medicines has had to increase the price of its medicines by up to a third, because Western big pharmacy has put pressure through lobbying of their respective governments to force the Indians to put up prices. Big Pharma does not like competition. The U.K national health care system is regularly ripped off by Big Pharma,this is odd when you consider the buying power of the NHS,it should get the best medicines at the cheapest price(we will discuss later the British NHS at  later date)

                        Big Pharma now uses two evils to deter competitors, (1) product patent which we are familiar with and (2) Process patent which if anyone is able to find a new different, cheaper way of producing a drug they will not be able to sell at a cheaper price. This means more people will die in poorer countries

                        In the good society everyone should has access to at least basic health care. Poor countries should be allowed under licence if necessary, to be able to produce basic medicines for their population or Big Pharma should subsidize or at a sell lower cost .

                             Some of you might think we are idealistic, think for one moment, how you would feel if your child dies because you cannot afford $1 dollar for Diarrhoea medicine which cost cents to produce.


 Big Pharma motto is

Good Medicine is that which produces maximum profit even if does not work

Bad Medicine is that which works but does not produce extortionate profit for us

Medicine is only about curing people, if it makes extortionate profits for us

 We Big Pharma invest millions in advertising our noble aspirations to cure humanity, while hiding the true motives is to extort as much money,(while offering shoddy goods which may or may not work). We extort from governments, health care systems, the general population, and who ever strays into our path.

                       We are too big to be regulated by any one government, we have the legal means to bankrupt anyone who takes us on including governments, human rights organizations, individuals, and the Medical Profession and we have a proven track record of doing so

                  We will continue to extort money for medicines which should cost a lot less. As a result of our business model millions of people will continue to die in poor countries, because they cannot afford our overpriced medicines and will be denied basic healthcare which is a Human Right in our concept of the Good Society.

                        May those who die because of the above, men, women and especially children rest in peace and may God bless their souls, for they were not the ones chosen by Big Pharma to live.

                              Signed for and on Behalf of Big Pharma


                                       Kind Regards

                                         Tiger Moto

Book by: Jessica Williams: 50 Facts that should change the world. Published by icon books.2004 edition (available from

References (1) page 5

                     (2) Page 5

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US&Israeli propaganda,lies and deceptions

                                    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is now over 35 years old with no prospect of peace.It is now one of the oldest conflicts of the 20th century,where Izrael has illegally occupied the West Bank,East Jerusalem and the Gaza strip.

                                  This occupation has been supported by the US with military and economic support and its veto at the UN whenever Israel has been criticized by the international community and human rights organizations.As a result of this Israel continues to occupy and build illegal settlements and push the palestinians into smaller and smaller areas

                                                             Again the Western mainstream media reporting has been very distorted and pro-Israeli.The reality is Israel is  a Colonial occupier,and the bureaucracy of evil   it has created to control,humiliate,kill,injure the Palestinians with impunity.

                                       Very little of the truth of what the Israeli's are doing to Palestinians gets into the mainstream Western Media.The Western Media practices self censorship when it comes to reporting the crimes of the US and Israel.The Western Media is quick to point out the crimes of others,not when it comes to Israel or the US.

                                                   Times are  changing with new media out lets AL Jazeera,Russia Today and the internet, it is difficult for mainstrean Western Media to control the news narrative.As more and more people find out what is actually happening calls for action against Izrael and the US will grow. The Bds movement

has been very successful at pointing the spotlight on those Businesses having links or doing business with Israel

                                                 We hope to inform our readers backed by evidence and resources of the Crimes of the US and Israel  against the Palestinians.

                                               Our task will be tough as we expect to come against the formidable pro- Izraeli lobby and the superb mis-information,lies and deception of the Israeli propaganda machine.It is now time for the world to know the true face of Izrael,a violater of international law, of human rights,illegal occupier of Palestinian land.

                                         We will use as much as possible Israeli sources and Israeli/Jewish writers/authors/academics/etc as material sources.Wish us luck in this tough task.

                                            Kind Regards

                                             Tiger Moto             

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Land and Property one of the Keys to unlock Global Prosperity

One of the keys to unlocking global prosperity and our concept of the good society is the access to and use of land and property.

                                                                 Left to the unregulated Capitalist system it has led to rampant land and property speculation,so that in many parts of the world people are  finding it increasingly hard to rent or buy.

                                                               We believe that the present system of land and property tenure is not working for people in many parts of the world.It is not working for the public good.To explain this we will use a simple example.

                                                              Imagine your neighbour buys a new car,you like the car.We can manufacture the car to meet public demand.Now imagine your neighbour buys a new plot of land ,we cannot manufacture more land because it is in fixed supply

                                                       Mainstream economists treat land and property like other assets of production like labour and capital.We beg to differ,it is crucial to the development of the good society that people have access to and use of land and property at an affordable price.We will show how other countries have developed a better model of land property distribution than the U.K

                                                         We believe land should be given back to the original owner  'GOD'.

                                                           Kind Regards

                                                          TIger Moto

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