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Letter to God Part-1



                                  Letter to God-Part1

Dear God

               It is over 2000 years since you visited the earth. Since then lots of things have changed, many good, some bad. I am writing to you as we earthling humans, our civilization is at a cross roads. The three great religions you have created are in the process of being replaced by human laws not Gods laws, which I am sure will concern you greatly, also they are in decline. If you decide to come to earth there is whole list of intractable problems for you to solve.

                                         I hope your intellectual capacity has not diminished over time, as you will need to devote a great amount of intellectual resources to solve the many earthly problems. To get you started I have list of questions for you think about. The questions start of easy and gradually get harder. So let’s get started:-

(1)Many millions of people pray to you everyday to solve their immediate daily problems. With exception of the few Prophets, very few people get an answer. Your inability or refusal to answer prayers directly, has led us earthly humans come to certain conclusions about you:-

           (a) The aging process as you are over two thousand years old, your hearing is not what it should be. If this is the case when you come to earth I have arranged an appointment with my local NHS hospital for a hearing test. The medical staff will be delighted to treat God for free! no doubt they will ask for their personal problems to solved. You being omnipotent, all seeing, all knowing, all powerful it will be child’s play for you to solve their problems. Once your loss of hearing has been treated hopefully you will be able to answer the prayers of millions.

             (b)Your communication system needs updating, we live in the internet age. In the past you only communicated through the Angel Gabriel and the prophets. I hope the Angel Gabriel is still gainfully employed and not pensioned of or sacked. Since you have only supplied a limited number of prophets and the last prophet was Mohammed (peace be upon him), your communication is now closed. To open communication with you I have an email address for you and a website

                             I have reliably been informed all the internet service providers will offer you free service. Be prepared for millions of requests. If your communication director the angel Gabriel is not familiar with modern technology, i can book him on an I.T course at my local college where i am sure the staff there will be delighted to see him.

(2)The three great religions you have created are always in conflict with each other. Each one lays claims to the true belief of your good self God. The Christians, Muslims and the Jews have been each other’s throats and killing in great numbers, all in your name, each claims the true belief of your good self. Each claims their book is the revealed truth of yourself good self.This is going to be your greatest problem to solve,to bringing harmony between these religions.

(3)Since your Prophets have not been able to clarify, explain and iron out contradictions in your great works of literature, when they were  on this puny earth planet. The anomalies and contradictions have lead to a very wide range on interpretations. As an example:-

(a)All your three great works all advocate slavery, is this acceptable? Today we have banned slavery. We puny earthlings have what is called the United Nation and a human rights charter which replaces much of you work, i am sure you cannot be happy about this. If you still promote slavery let us know, so that we may continue the practice.

(b) Beating of wives and in general the status of women in your great works is not good. You advocate beatings, sexual slavery, selling of women, and their testimony in court only worth half of a man. We now thanks to the women’s movements have equality for women in law. In your great works women are reduced a second rate status, can you explain why this is so, i am sure women who are 50% earth’s population will want to know why.

(c)There is much confusion over what we can eat and drink, the Christians can eat pork and consume alcohol, the Jews cannot eat pork but can drink alcohol, the Muslims cannot eat pork or drink alcohol, the Sikh’s can eat and drink anything, the Hindu cannot eat the cow, are vegetarians can drink alcohol.

                      This is all very confusing, therefore you will need to clarify the above situation and design a single menu that we can all eat and drink from, because many people are ignoring the dietary and liquid requirement of their faith, which I am sure must displease you. The Hindu’s do not eat the cow but have a huge export market (so the cow may be sacred at home but not abroad).In Islamic countries illicit alcohol is a booming industry. In Muslims countries such as Afghanistan drugs such as opium are a major export industry, which according to your good book are banned.So please give us universal menu we can eat from.

(e)All your books have banned charging interest on money. Our capitalist system is based on charging interest on money, which I am sure you will be very cross about. Our debt based economies are now going bankrupt.

                       I would urge you write our debt  off, can you please pay of my son’s mortgage and student debt first, before you write of the debt of other countries.

(f)There is a great campaign mostly on the internet by new Atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennet, Peter Hitchens and Sam Harris, to get rid of you. They believe you are fictional person, a figment of people’s imagination. They are having a huge influence. In the West organised religion is on the decline, this must concern you greatly. To stop the slide either reveal yourself or smite the Atheists. If you do not do either then your reputation among us puny humans will continue to decline.

                       The above is a small number issue I have raised which bother us puny earthlings. I will be writing to you in the future for more advise, as there are a huge increasing number of problems for you to solve. I do not want to overburden you with too many problems as you have been retired for over two thousand years.

                     As a good will gesture can you please give me next week’s lottery numbers? This would help me greatly as I would be able to devote my time to your good works 24/7.

                            Kind Regard

                             Tiger Moto 




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Islam’s 14 Commandments


                        Islam’s 14 Commandments

(1)Thou shalt not kill innocent, men, women and children. Read the holy script. In the eyes of God this is the worst thing you can do, it is not Islamic

(2) Thou shalt not blow thyself up and kill innocent, men, women and children. Only God is allowed to take your life. If you commit suicide and kill other people, you will not go to heaven. God will make you live forever between hell and heaven, Gods twilight region

(3)Thou shalt not force women including those from other faiths to become your wives. God strictly forbids ‘consent under coercion, duress, violence or force. Women must consent to be in marriage. Read the holy script

(4) Thou shalt have four wives if thou desire. It is true that the holy script allows four wives, there are however strict conditions as follows:-

        (a)You must get consent from wife number one to be allowed to have wife                      

            Number two

        (b)You must get consent from wife number one and two to add wife

              Number three to your repertoire.

          (c)You must get consent from wife number 1, 2 and 3 to add wife number 


You must treat all your wives equally, and they have equal share of your wealth

(5)Thou shalt not hit your wife(s), Domestic violence is strictly prohibited. Under Islam you are allowed to ‘discipline’ your wife as you would your children. This does not mean you can beat her up. It simply means you have not explained your viewpoint successfully and you must try harder.

                         God promotes peaceful co-existence with your wife(s), learn to say ‘Yes Dear I will pay for it’, this will go a long way towards peaceful co-existence.

                    Golden rule no smacking, unless between two consenting adults, as available in any red light district your city, and you have to pay.

(6)Thou shalt respect people from other faiths and cultures. Read the holy script, it says people of the book must be respected. In the Islamic civilization one of the greatest intellectuals, as was a Jew, the greatest Architect was a Christian, one of the greatest mathematicians was an Indian. Read Islamic history as well as the holy script. The Islamic Civilization was Multi-Cultural and Multi-Ethnic, peaceful co-existence for over 1000 years.

(7)Thou shalt not behead men or chop hands, or stone women to death, and do bad things to those regarded as infidels. Beheadings and stoning are ancient barbaric practices nothing to do with Islam

    (a) Punishment should be proportionate to the crime

    (b) You must first investigate why the person has committed the crime. If a

          Person steals because he is hungry, you must take away the hunger.

    (c)If a person persists with criminality despite the help given, then the three

          Strikes and you’re out rule applies

    (e)The word infidel was used to describe those people who tried to kill the

          Prophet. He passed  judgement that if these people are found, to kill

          Them, because they are bad people.

(f) The word infidel should not be used against people you do not like. It is

     Forbidden to apply the word infidel today, as it only applied to the enemies of the Prophet. There are no living infidels today.


(8)Thou shalt not exploit people or charge interest on loans. These things are something the Islamic community has forgotten.

(9)Thou shalt pay the poor tax (Zakat) which is paid every year 4% of you net assets that is assets-liabilities, i.e. your net worth

(10)Thou shalt educate thyself. Islam demands that education is for all and learning is for life.30% of the Koran is devoted to seeking knowledge. By seeking knowledge you expand Islam

(11)Thou shalt not be a part-time Muslim or practice fake Islam.

       (a)Islam is not about what you wear or the size of you beard

       (b)Real Islam is about being a moral and ethical person 24/7.This means digging in to your pockets and donating to charity and/or helping the needy in society. (Something we have forgotten)

                   The above are not voluntary options but obligations on all Muslims, to help those less fortunate than themselves. Islam demands equality and justice before the eyes of God.

(12)Thou shalt not use Islam to extort money from people in the name of God. Islam is not against making money. It is concerned how you make money and what you do with it. You must learn the difference between:-

                                Profit and Prophet

One should not be used to make money from the other

                    God is not a Capitalist

(13)Thou shalt not use violence or threaten people who criticize Islam. Defenders of Islam should not use violence. The Islamic civilization made progress by critical inquiry. The writings and teachings of Islam have been argued over and debated over 1000 years. That is how progress is made

(14)Thou shalt not use any form of violence under Islam. Islam is a religion of peace. You are allowed to defend yourself but not allowed to use violence against others in the name of Islam. It is strictly forbidden


    Selective mis-readings of the Koran to justify violence of harm against others is not Islamic. Do not use violence in the name of Islam.Lying, cheating, embezzelemnt and fraud is wholly Un-Islamic. Islam teaches us to settle disputes by peaceful means, usually through an arbitration process, precided over by the good and the great in Islamic societies, within a legal framework.

               You are not allowed to selectively interpret Islam to suit you. If you or Isil or any other organization or individual intent on violence, please read Pakistan’s leading Imam and scholar who has written a 600 page denunciation of violence used by Isil and other organizations in the name of Islam.

                     Please only use peaceful means to defend Islam. Organize politically, use reason and arguments to defend Islam. Do not promote, use or advocate violence of any description. Read Scholarly works on Islam to familiarize you with the true meaning and purpose of Islam. Remember as a Muslim you are an Ambassador for Islam, promote Islam as a tolerant and peaceful religion.

                          To make the point once again violence justified in the name of Islam is Un-Islamic. Islam promotes peaceful co-existence, by using violence you are denigrating a great Religion and 1400 years of Islamic civilization.

                                 Read and listen to Islamic Scholars and public intellectuals like Tariq Ramadan, who teach what real Islam is, of non violence, hard work.thrift, peacfull co-existence, respect for the rule of law, humility, compassion

, justice, human rights, education for all, equality and self respect for oneself and others.

             So please do not use corrupted texts from people who know very little about Islam. Do your own research, check the facts, there is a rich history of over 1000 years of Islamic history. A world system which integrated art, culture, religion, modernity, science, politics and philosophy and so on.


               Kind Regards Tiger Moto

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US Tax Dollars Fund Murder in Palestine by Israeli's


US Tax Dollars Fund Murder in Palestine by Israel

Many US citizens have through their distorted lens of the media have been portrayed an image of Israel which is completely at odds with reality. The pro-Israeli and often Jewish owned or influenced, American Mainstream media has been very good at hiding the truth about Israel, and Israeli genocidal and cruel policies against the defenceless Palestinian population.

                            I will not go into detail why the US media is so distorted when discussing Israel that will be for further articles. The American mainstream media has managed to show the Israel’s as victims of Palestinian violence and somehow Israel defends its self against this violence.

                                   In fact the truth is reverse of this. It is the Israeli’s who the aggressors are and it is the defenceless Palestinians who are the victims. There is an excellent documentary( see YouTube ) called Peace, propaganda and the Promised Land which explains all of the above and more, please watch it, very informative.

                                     The image of Israel in the Mainstream Media is, as a small defenceless country surrounded by Arab enemies who want to destroy the only democracy in the Middle East. It therefore needs US protection to stop it from being annihilated. It has survived eight wars with the Arabs and it cannot afford to lose a war, for Israel to lose a war, will be the end of Israel. This is complete false history of the facts.

                      In the eight wars Israel has had with the Arabs seven were initiated by the Israeli. The only one not was by Egypt which warned Israel if the occupied Egyptian Sinai was not given back there would be a war. Israel ignored this and a full peace treaty which was offered by Egypt and other Arab neighbours which Israel rejected.

                                       Only after exhausting all peaceful means to get back the Sinai did Egypt launch a war, Egypt did not ‘invade’ Israel it only invaded its own territory. So when it is stated that the Arabs launched eight wars against Israel this is a false lie, repeated often in the American media.

                                     Now that I have laid the foundations of my argument lets discuss US dollars and murder.

The Democratic Terrorist State of Israel for the year 2014 received

$3.2 billion in direct military aid + $10.2 billion indirect aid total = $13.

Taking this figure as an estimate some say the higher figure in total is $15  

Let’s take the higher figure in 2014 Israel killed, maimed and injured

                           10284 Palestinians

   This means that each Palestinian life cost the US citizen

                                    $1 million dollars (approx)

  That means ONE dead, maimed or injured Palestinian = $1 million US dollars

           Now the US must ask them what you get for $15 billion given to Israel

·        $1 million US dollars used by Israel to kill, injure, or maim a Palestinian. A defenceless population of men, women and children.


·        99% of Israeli military hardware is US supplied,So Israeli’s kill, maim and injure innocent defenceless Palestinians with US supplied weapons


·        Not all the US money will be used to kill  Palestinians, some of this will be used to fund subsidized illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank



·        US dollars will be used to fund wars against neighbouring Arab countries. This is known as the Deterrence capability. Israel regularly has to show whose Boss in the Middle East by regularly killing Arabs in large numbers in unprovoked attacks. Lebanon is a favourite Israeli target. It has also bombed Syria,Algeria,Iraq


·        US dollars fund assinations of people who Israel regards as an enemy of the State. This can be anyone Israel does not like, no evidence necessary. This includes Iranian scientists and Hamas elected officials and their wives, children and relatives. No one is safe, if they are seen to be ‘enemies of Israel’.



·        US dollars will be used to undermine the Middle East Peace process which the US is committed to in principle, but not in practice for the reasons outlined. Israel has monitors in the UN to prevent any peaceful settlement of the Arab/Israeli conflict.


·        It is not in the interest of Israel to have peace with its neighbours, because to do so would mean no more US dollars and giving back occupied Palestinian land.


·        US dollars do not protect Israel instead Israel has become a US funded military base, a regional Middle East Psychopath, a rogue state,violater of International Law and of Human Rights of the Palestinians.



·        US dollars to Israel do not make Israel a strategic ally. Israel has no strategic, military or economic value to the US


·        US dollars  and support to Israel has brought the reputation of the US to rock bottom at the international



·        US dollars and uncritical support of Israel has made the US isolated in the UN and it does not make it  safe for US citizens abroad


·        US dollars to Israel are used to spy on the US  to steal military secrets and technology  and to undermine US strategic and business interests



·        US dollars used to kill American military personnel. Israel fired on the US Liberty military vessel killing many and injuring, many more. Israel has yet to apologize in public, or give compensation to the victims.


·        US dollars used to  fund indirectly the ‘Jewish congress’ to ensure that no criticism is made of Israel



·        US dollars used to fund Israeli high living  standards for Israeli citizens while for many US citizens they are declining, with budget cuts


What should US citizens do about funding tax dollars to a rogue statue which violates international law and human rights of the Palestinians?


(1) They can demand that no more money be sent to Israel unless it abides by international law and respects human rights of the Palestinians, and gives the Palestinians their land and Statehood under UN resolution 242.


(2) Israel has one of the highest standards of living in the world, it does not need US dollars there are other more deserving countries which need the money and it will not be spent by them to kill, injure and maim people, or used to fund the military


(3) Demand that any elected US Congress person signs an oath of duty to put the interests of US citizen’s first ands not that of the Democratic Terrorist State of Israel. Their record will be checked and loyalty points given. At the end of the year if they have been seen to favour Israel over US interests. They will be asked to resign and be publically humiliated and treated as enemy of the state. Their US citizenship will be withdrawn and be deported to a country of their choice.


(4) Any US citizen, who goes to Israel and is involved in any way the occupation of the Palestinians directly or indirectly, will be treated as enemy of the State and participating in human rights abuses. On their return they will tried and sent to prison for participating as US citizens in criminal activities abroad.



(5) Ask the US government  not to veto  UN resolutions critical of Israel, which also demand the withdrawal from occupied Palestinian land, and give the Palestinians a State


(6) Demand back the $100 billions + already given to Israel. If Israel says it cannot pay, demand back the money looted by Jews+ others from the US which has been laundered through Israel. When Israel was created, US Jews managed to ‘raise’ over $5 trillion dollars?!! For Israel? Where did this money come and was it earned honestly.



(7) Demand that Israel’s status as a tax haven for dodgy money be taken away. Much of this money is stolen from US tax payers


(8) Get rid of dual loyalty for American jews.They has to decide Israel or the US not both. Either you are with us or against us.


(9) Get rid of the Jewish national Fund (jnf) status as a charity. The Jewish national fund uses US tax money to fund illegal settlement of stolen Palestinian lands


(10)        And finally the most important thing US taxpayers and voters need to do is to get rid of the Jewish lobby AIPAC.This lobby is against the interest of the US. It funds Congress; it has twisted and distorted American Foreign policy to suit Israel and not the US.


AIPAC has undermined US strategic and economic interests at home and abroad, by diverting so many US dollars towards funding the Democratic Terrorist State of Israel


(11)        Every US Presidential hopeful has to stand before AIPAC and say in public that he/she will give Israel everything it wants.


(12)        How can a US President or hopeful swear allegiance to a foreign country and be allowed to get away with this.AIPAC should be outlawed as an organization which undermines US interests, and its members should have their US citizenship withdrawn and then deported to Israel, and all their assets confiscated.


(13)        Join Michael Scheuer’s ‘Dump Israel campaign’. Michael is a former CIA analyst and Historian, listen to him on (YouTube) at a Senate hearing where he blasts Israel, as not being a strategic ally or asset for the US.


Sources  website runs by Alison Weir

The Guardian

The fateful triangle. Noam Chomsky




                               Kind Regards Tiger Moto









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Barak Obama’s Legacy Black and a Failure

 Barak Obama’s Legacy Black and a Failure

There will be much written about when Barak Obama is no longer President. He will make lots of tours and appear on many TV shows, no doubt he will set up or Head some type of Foundation to bring peace and happiness to the world, something he has failed to do during his Presidency. He will make lots of money for simply being a Black President, despite his record of achievement being no different from previous Presidents (who says colour does not matter!!!).He will definitely see the colour of money!$ in the future.

                                  My job is not go through the familiar arguments whether he should have done this or that. My intention is to show that the US Presidency is now more ceremonial than real. Real power in the US is now in the hands of the private corporate sector which dominate US politics. The corporations fund the Presidency and the legislature. The corporate sector has bought up the US electoral system. Independent journalist Greg Palast describes the US electoral system as the best money can buy (for further information buys his book-very informative).

                                    So what to make of Obama’s Presidency. I will lay out a few suggestions you can read and decide how you see Obama’s Presidency

(1) It makes no difference who is President; the policies do not seem to change. Obama has continued with many policies of his predecessor


     (2)To become President of the US you need to sign up to two things

(a)A belief in GOD  

(b) You have to go before the Israel lobby AIPAC and promise you will give Israel everything it wants. Once you have said ‘yes’, you will be anointed by AIPAC and you can further and pursue the Presidency

    (3)  Most of the money now comes from the financial sector (Wall Street)                which funds both parties. To become Presidency you need to raise minimum of around $100 million dollars to get of the electoral block, by the time a President is elected in excess of a $1 billon will have been spent. What this means is that good independent candidates like Ralph Nader simply cannot be elected, despite having policies which the electorate like.

(4)The mainstream US Media which is corporate owned ensures that only those candidates they support are given air time. Independent candidates rarely are given air time, this is a subversion as democracy as only certain views are made available to the public, others are not

(5) Almost 50% of US electorate do not vote. Polls show they do not believe their vote will make any difference as are both parties have similar agendas

(6) Since democracy does not work inn the US the question must be why the US insist on other countries having the same system which obviously does not work in the US.

(7)Why is the US bombing poor defenceless countries in the name of bringing democracy and human rights? As one of the world’s leading Public intellectuals Francis Fukuyama has made it clear in a speech on democracy that the US has not been able to force democracy on a country that does not want

(8)Every President since the Second World War elected has been involved in some or many conflicts/wars in the world

(9) If the Nuremberg laws were applied today every US President since World War 2 would be hanged. So remember as President it will not take too long for you to become a war criminal. So when you retire from the Presidency you will automatically have a criminal record along with your other achievements.

(10)Your public humiliation at the hands the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on prime time television will be the lowest point of your Presidency, and to top it all Netanyahu a Foreign head of state gave a speech in the ‘US congress ‘to further humiliate you.US citizens must be asking who runs the US, you or Netanyahu



To summarise to be President of the US you need to know the following:-


·        It makes no difference who is President of the US, Black or White, old or young, male or female, transvestite or cross dresser, gay or lesbian, alcoholic or drug addict, slim or fat, good looking or ugly, intelligent or dumb (the US has had both),have the ‘vision thing’ or not, married or single, you can be a lady boy of Thailand (as long as you are born in the US),you can have mental health issues or be  ignorant or senile(the US had all three)

·        The main ‘talent’ you need is to be able to read a cue card, a prepared rehearsed speech. You do not need to understand what you’re saying or know the implications of the speech. You need to be sincere at all times, believe in what you are saying and saying the right thing is better than knowing the right thing

·         As soon as you are made President you be will given a choice of poor defenceless countries to bomb in the name of democracy and human rights by the Pentagon

·        You must on a daily basis show your love and admiration for the The Democratic Terrorist state of Israel .You must sign any demand for money and military aid (annually $3 billion+$11 non military aid) made by the Israel lobby for the Middle East Psychopath so that they can kill, maim and injure Innocent men, women and children in Palestine, and deny them self determination which they have right to under International law and the UN.

·        You will remain silent when Israel carries out acts of genocide against the population of Gaza in the name of security and defending itself against a defenceless population, with weapons you have supplied

·        During these Gaza Massacres you will send your Defence secretary to organize a ceasefire, which comes in to force after the Israeli’s have completed their massacres which you know about in advance. This Gaza routine is so familiar it should have a musical tune attached to it. Everyone knows Israel informs the US well in advance of any military interventions (Massacres of the Palestinians).

·        You must veto any resolution which is critical of Israel’s gross violation of International law and human rights abuses which Israel ignores every day, against the Palestinians. The US has vetoed some 40 resolution since 1948 relating to Israel, you will continue with this traditon,if you forget the Jewish Congress and the Powerful Jewish lobby AIPAC will remind  you of your duties

·        You will continue to deny the Palestinians right of statehood and self determination under UN resolution 242, which the US was signatory at the time. You will continue to ensure UN resolution 242 is never implemented and you will veto the resolution every time at the UN, with the votes cast US+ The Democratic Terrorist State of Israel+ a few Island nations on one side and the rest of the world on the other side


·        Your blind devotion to Israel will continue to cause problems for your Ambassadors abroad, how they will have to justify promoting democracy and human rights and nuclear free world, while at the same time you supporting a country Israel which does not, believe in democracy and human rights for the Palestinians ,or will not allow its nuclear weapons to be controlled and inspected under the international organization ,who’s task is to inspect nuclear weapons and facilities as is happening to Iran.


·        You will continue to bully and coerce small countries into signing trade agreements which are against their own interests but good for American corporate interests


·        You will continue to be one the world’s biggest CO 2 producer and try to minimize the impact this has on the world by using dodgy statistics.


·        You will continue your war on the poor in the US. By giving tax hand outs to the rich known as corporate welfare, and cut social provisions for the needy in society. In America this is known as Socialism for the Rich and Capitalism for the Poor.


·        You will continue to bail out big business and the financial community with US tax Dollars and put the debts of these businesses will be put on the US citizen (the national debt); while at the same time you will preside over people having their homes repossed because they have lost their jobs which have gone over seas.


·        You will  continue to preside over the stagnant and declining wages for the last 30 years, with the good well paying jobs for graduates disappearing, while personal and private and public debt continues to rise, lowering US living standards by the day


·        You will continue to fund the world’s largest military in the world and spend $billions which will be the same as the rest of the world put together. All in the name of defending the ‘free world ‘from threats which no longer exists

·        You will continue with a foreign policy which has made the US the world’s most hated and a pariah status which no other country comes close to matching. You will ask yourself why the US is so hated, yet never questioning that the interference in the affairs in other countries does not lead to good outcomes. This lesson never seems to be learned by any US President.(Mental health issues or learning difficulties in the state department possible reasons)


You will achieve all of the above without knowing anything. A remarkable achievement. So the US Presidency is available to any US citizens, no experience necessary or intelligence, just make sure you have corporate sponsors.






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The master Race Principle

The master Race Principle

Throughout history some groups of people somewhere in the world, past or present decide they are the ‘Master’ Race and what they say goes. This is usually done by the use of or threat of force.

                            For most of history most people have not been free, they have been part of or subject to a power system, be it slavery, Feudalism, Monarchy,

Facism, Imperialism, Colonialism, tribalism etc.

                                                Each power system imposed its own value system by a dominant elite class (The Master Race) on the population under its control. If we look at past history who were the Master Race. Let’s start with the Romans, the Greeks, The Egyptions,The Assyrians, the Muslim Empire (it must said the Muslim Empire was unique built, on Faith, Trade and ‘mild’ form of slavery).The British Empire, were all based on the Master Race Principle of coercion, domination and control  .

                                           All power systems regardless of what principle they are based on ultimately failed, because to impose the Master Race Principle you need force. Throughout history people have resisted coercion and domination, As a consequence of this all power systems based on the ‘Master Race Principle’ do not last, are either replaced by a more democratic system or another power system with a new ‘Master Race’.

                                As an example Egypt had a peoples uprising got rid of Mubarak the Dictator only to be replaced by  another Military dictator  under the Army ‘the new master race’. The new dominant power system with rigged elections. You do not hear much criticism from British Politicians and there is much Western silence on this issue. (This is something my readers need to think about)

                              If we look at recent history. France under Napoleon made a serious attempt at being the Master Race, by trying to dominate Europe and failed. The Germans under Hitler tried to impose its power system on Europe and Hitler definitely believed in the Master race principle and was defeated, at considerable human cost. Japan in East Asia tried and failed.

                         Bringing my readers up to the present most people in the world live in Democracies, so you would think there would no Master Race principle. Many readers will think of the US as the dominant economic and military power of the 20 centuary.The US is an unusual Empire, the US is not a Master Race more of a dominant culture it wants to enforce what we call ‘Americanism’. Some Americans may believe themselves to be the Master race, but that is a delusion when money and status makes people believe they are the master race because they have lost touch with reality.

                      The Master race in Europe today is the UK.This may be hard for most people living in the UK, who I am sure would be shocked to be compared with Hitler or Genghis Khan.

                        Let me make my position  clear, the Empire mindset exists in the UK,among a small Oxford/Cambridge Elite that are in positions of power and run this country, from the civil service to Politics to the Financial sector, to the BBC are dominated by the small elite ‘the master Race’.

                        Typical of this is David Cameron the Prime Minister, who goes around telling other European countries how to run their affairs. He does not realize that he is patronizing and insulting to his European Colleagues. The Language of politics he uses starkly reveals his master race mentality. The EU countries he lectures to on the UN development index are better than the UK.The UK is mostly at the bottom of this league. The reader must ask why there is a master race mindset in parts of British Society

                                             My personal view (not scientific but observational).The UK has never been defeated by invasion in the last 200 years. It may have been defeated in other parts of the world but not on its own soil. Also it had the largest Empire, being also an Island Nation and being isolated from the rest of Europe has affected the mindset of the UK elites. The UK class system has been crucial in propagating the master race principle.

                                 So being an Island nation and an Empire Nation and not being invaded and defeated like Japan or Germany, may not bring out the best out of the British Empire Elites. The Empire may have gone but the mindset has not.

                     So what should Britons do, who do not have an Imperial/Colonial mindset unlike the Master Race Elites of the UK?

                Hitler nearly solved the problem. Had he had a little more time he would have flattened Britain like the US did to Japan. Japan is now a very pacifist country with a limited military solely for self defence and does not intervene in the affairs of other countries or goes around trying to sell human rights or democracy. Our preferred solution in democratic societies is our Concept of the Good Society is as follows for the UK.

                      We must take an active role in Politics and carefully scrutinize the backgrounds of our politicians, whether they truly represent our interests, or are simply elites who a have an Empire and Island Mentality and represent the Master Race principle. So I would recommend a peoples charter of the UK Citizens.

·        We the people of the UK are not a part of the Imperial or Colonial mindset and are not Part of the Master race principle

Which our elites belong to.

·         We the citizens of the UK and citizens of the global community want a just and equitable world. Where people are free from exploitation, and where people have more than ‘market value’ than in the present capitalist system. The sentiments we outline above are ignored by our master race elites of this island nation.

·        The Master Race Elites take our votes and our tax money and ignore our wishes. They use our tax money to fund wars to bomb defenceless countries in the name of democracy and human rights. The actions of which puts in danger the lives of UK citizens.

·        We want a political system which truly represents our interests and not that of the Elite Master Race. We want an economic system that does not exploit people and a fair distribution of income and equality for all.

·        We the Citizens of the UK beg, grovel, pleed on our hands and knees to the Master Race Elites who are ignorant, self serving, and arrogant that represent the master race principle who serve out the interests of the powerful in society. We want you to be in power not serve power

·        We know this will be tough task, we will give all moral and educational support you will need. Please refer to our Good Society charter. First lesson is you have to decide who you represent the people or big Business represented by the elites of the master race. You cannot have two masters decide us or them.

·        Once you have decided to represent the people, please give us a federal system, local economics and politics and all taxes raised locally must be spent locally.

·        If you manage to achieve this then you will truly represent us, because any political and economic decisions you make, will be better decisions as you will live in the area you represent and they will affect you as well as everyone else.

·        A recent respectful Think Tank has suggested a Federal System for the UK.Contact them and they will provide you with all the necessary facts and figures to prove to you why a Federal System of local Economics and Politics is best for this country.

Kind Regards Tiger Moto




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The Ten Commandments of Moses & Israel

          The ten commandments of Moses and Israel

(1) Thou shalt continue to occupy and build Settlements on stolen Palestinian lands

(2) Thou shalt continue to kill, maim, and injure Innocent Palestinian men, women and children, under the brutal criminal regime we are.

(3) Thou shalt continue to ignore international Law and continue the Gross violation of human rights of the Palestinian people, which Israel as occupying power must protect the population.

(4) Thou shalt continue to extort $3 billion every year, from the US taxpayer and another $11 billion which we will use to build illegal settlements and support the Israeli military to carry out genocidal  policies against the Palestinians and the Arabs.

(5) Thou shalt continue to control the US Congress to ensure there are no criticism of Israel or any Policies which Israel does not like

(6) Thou shalt continue to control the US media so that our crimes against the Palestinians are not known to  US citizens

(7) Thou shalt continue to get the Europeans to pay for the occupation. If they complain we can use the Holocaust card

(8) Thou shalt ensure that our ‘Whore’ the US will continue to veto any resolution which is critical of Israeli actions in the UN

(9) Thou shalt will continue to regularly commit acts of genocide against the defenceless Population of Gaza which is the world’s largest prison which we the Israeli’s control.

(10) Thou shalt continue to work on our pariah status, a rogue state that ignores International law and human rights against the Palestinians.We are now with the US the most hated country in the world. We are very proud of this as the chosen people, we have worked very hard on our Pariah status.




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Inland Revenue New Charm Offensive-Persecuting Small Business


Inland Revenue New Charm Offensive-Persecuting Small Business




Many people will have seen the commons select committee into tax avoidance/evasion by large well known Corporations. The chairwoman did a very good job of getting CEO's to explain their tax policies. Some companies paying very little or no tax. So the UK tax for many these corporations is voluntary. In fact some wealthy individuals negotiate how much tax they pay. I think this option should be made available to all of us. Somehow I think the inland revenue will not accept you


paying tax on a voluntary basis.


Estimates vary between £5-£25 billion tax avoided by mostly large well known businesses and wealthy people. The criticism of the Inland Revenue in failure to collect this tax has spurred them into action.


Now you would think they would go after these large corporations, NO they have decided to go after the small business sector,taxi drivers,shop keepers,take-away owners etc. The reason is simple small businesses


cannot defend themselves,because they cannot hire expensive accountants and Lawyers to represent them,unlike the large corporations


The Inland Revenue will spend say £10,000 investigating and perhaps collect £2000 from a small business. A tax consultant who use to work for the inland revenue on you tube says that investigating very small businesses is a waste of time and money,of tax payers money.


This begs the question why they do it. My personal view it makes the figures look good,So many businesses investigated,we are doing our job. The Treasury Minister can stand in the house of commons rattle of a lot numbers to make him/her look good.


By persecuting small businesses the Inland Revenue will simply create problems for itself in the future. Any small business that has been persecuted,will in future will do its best to avoid this happening again.


So what we have is 'Diminishing Returns',at first the inland will collect more tax only in future to collect less tax.


What is needed is a fairer tax system where those who earn the most pay the most,unlike the system now those who should pay the least pay the most which at the moment is considered a fair tax system


I doubt very much if the inland revenue will be taking on Big Business,so the Tax Extortion authorities will continue to persecute small business,the easy soft option


I have a friend who is a District Tax Inspector,he wants to investigate big business with a team of 25 people. He is prevented from doing so by his bosses. You can work out for yourself why?.




Kind Regards- the persecuted


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The Holocaust Card


The Holocaust Card




Terms and Conditions




  • The Holocaust was a unique single terrible event in human history. The mass slaughter of people from one group and equal number of others were killed on a industrial scale.


  • The memories of these unfortunate victims must not be forgotten. We must always remind our selves and future generations that the same must not be allowed to happen again

  • To deny the Holocaust is a criminal offence and rightly so. We must always be respectful of the victims. No sane person cannot be moved after reading the diaries of Ann Frank. The holocaust is no longer a subject of discussion,it happened,it was terrible,its on record,end of the matter.

  • The Holocaust has also created a money extortion industry. Norman Finklestein in his famous book the Holocaust Industry shows how money made from the holocaust industry

    Very little has gone to the victims. This is not the purpose of the holocaust card

  • The Holocaust card should be only used in certain specific circumstances,against people (1) who deny that it happened (2) those who try to,ignore,make fun of, excuse or minimize the tragic event when six million Jews and six million non Jews were exterminated

  • The purpose of the Holocaust card is to remind one of our inhumanity towards others,and to be respectful to the victims at all times,to ensure that they are never forgotten

  • the Holocaust card has no expiration date,it must remain in the history books and be used to teach future generations.




The Holocaust card must not be used for the following purposes:-




  • The Holocaust card must not be used to defend the Genocidal policies of Israel against Palestinian men,women and children

  • The Holocaust card must not be,even though it is to shame Europeans into silence while Israel commits gross human rights abuses against Innocent Palestinian, men,women and children

  • Most people who live in Europe are Holocaust survivors,since most were born after the event. The Holocaust card must not be used to transfer guilt on future generations who were not responsible and should not be blamed

  • The Holocaust card must not be used to show how the Jews somehow have monopoly on suffering. Russians under Stalin and the Chinese under Mao have suffered pogroms and genocide,Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge ,they are all equal victims

  • Genocide is Genocide regardless of the culture,class, religion, or ethnicity of the people. The holocaust card must not be used to determine worthy or unworthy victims

  • Zionists or supporters Israel must not use the Holocaust card as justification to confiscate Palestinian land and property. Or somehow they have historical rights to other peoples land using their corrupted religious texts. The Bible is not a certified historical document or Title Deed to Palestinian lands.

  • The Holocaust card must not used in association with other events or used as justification,or combined with events not related to the holocaust. The Holocaust was one unique terrible event in human history hopefully never to be repeated.


Particular advise to Zionists and Pro-Israeli Supporters




  • I know you will not resist the temptation to use the holocaust card to further your aims of religious purity in Israel and the racist ideology of denying basic human rights to the Palestinians

  • And I know you will use the Holocaust and the Anti-Semitism card when ever Israel carries out war crimes against the Palestinians and neighbouring Arab countries

  • Be warned we live in the age of the internet,alternative news media and citizen journalism. People can find out the truth about your lies an propaganda

  • Inappropriate use or over use of the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism card will make it less effective,as is the case today. This means the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism card will become less effective when it is used for the purpose it was not designed for.




  • This means it will be an insult to the memories of the Holocaust victims,and where Anti-Semitism exists it will become more respectable to say bad things about Jews (Not as intended

  • So when Zionists accuse former US president of Anti-Semitism because he wrote a book called Palestine not apartheid,not only have you not read the book,or understood what he was saying. You devalued the Anti-Semitism cards effectiveness. You might as well accuse him of being a Holocaust denier and Anti-Semitic.

  • When one the worlds leading expert on Hitler was locked for being accused of being a Holocaust denier in Austria. The Holocaust card was used,unfortunately he won the argument because he used facts in court,but lost the trial and the sentence was a political decision.

  • This decision and the use of the Holocaust card in this trial is still being debated today.










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The Goebbles Award

The Goebbels Awards this month goes to Mark Regev propagandist   for the Democratic Terrorist State of Israel


                        Mark Regev has managed to set very low standards for his profession for his blatant propaganda for the war crimes and human rights abuses of his country against the Palestinians. When the slaughter of innocent, men, women and children were being massacred by one ton bombs, army shells, and missiles in Gaza. Mark Regev managed to blame the victims and Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. He described the democratically elected Hamas as terrorists. No doubt the Israeli’s were bombing Gaza in the name of Humanity.

                               Mark Regev the country you represent is the Middle Terrorist State.Everybody knows that an Israeli in uniform is the real terrorist. Illegally occupying Palestinian lands for over 35 years with a brutal and cruel military regime, where daily Palestinian men, women and children are humiliated, beaten, degraded and shot and injured

                         Mark the terrorists in uniforms you defend are killing two children a week, and injuring many more in the name of defending the country since 2000 your Moral army has killed 1500 children, know doubt you are proud of their achievement. Check out the YouTube video of unarmed men, women and children be shot by your proud elite cowards in uniform you defend.

                  So please accept this Goebbels Award for the most ludicrous propaganda, the only person you have convinced of your propaganda is yourself, because no one else believes it

 We the sane people of the world who believe in justice for the Palestinians hereby Award with Honours First Class to Mark Regev the Goebbels Award in recognition of his duties to the Democratic terrorist state of   Israel for the following

·       Defending the crimes of Israeli’s in uniform

·       Lying on behalf of the Democratic Terrorist State of Israel

·       Blaming the victims for the crimes of the criminals in uniform (the IDF) Israeli defence force

·       For telling blatant lies on world news channels .when everyone see’s the facts on the ground tell a different story

·        For your well rehearsed lines on TV, are so comical and predictable, it’s hard to believe any one takes you seriously you have lost the reason to distinguish between image and reality. There may be mental health issues here, you need attending to

·       For protecting Israel from the international community  of war crimes which your countries terrorists in uniform commit everyday

·       For defending ‘targeted assassinations’ also called murdering people the state of Israel does not like

·       For defending the illegal occupations and taking of Palestinian land in the name of Moses (who never existed)

·       For defending the arrest and detention of Palestinian men, women and children without reason, evidence or trial

·       For defending the collective punishment of Palestinian,men,women and children

·       For defending ‘revenge ‘killings by Israeli’s in uniforms also known as Terrorists in uniform

·       For continuing to portray your country as victim when it is the perpetrator,(with one of the most advanced military In the world)(all supported and supplied by the world’s biggest terrorist state the US)

We hope that you will cherish this once in a life time achievement award. You will able to tell your grandchildren how you justified the murder of  innocent  Palestinian ,men, women and children all in the name of Defending the Democratic terrorist state of Israel.

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The Harem Culture is Thriving in the U.K


The Harem Culture is Thriving in the U.K

Many of you reading this in the U.K will immediately think of polygamous societies or the Harem culture of Islamic Societies or perhaps Tribal Primitive societies in parts of Africa or Asia or even in the US certain small religious communities practice polygamy or have harem culture societies.

                               You may or may not be right in your thinking, as far as I am aware having more than one wife is illegal in the UK (I’m not sure about this)

                           The harem culture is thriving in the U.K due to the behaviour of some males. I know of an individual who has fathered 11 children from as many women. I know of another who has fathered 8 children from five women. I know of a woman who has five children from five different men. There is the case of a 25 year old on disability benefits who has fathered 14 children! From many different women.

                               Some of you might say, so what two consenting adults can do whatever they want within the law. The problem is the women raising these children will do so without fathers. The U.K has many single mothers who are now substantial part of the U.K population. Many will be supported by the state, there is no way that a father of 11 eleven children will able to support them on his income alone. The state has become the surrogate parent.

                      Let’s ask the question if the welfare system did not exist would these women have all these children, knowing that if the girl got herself pregnant the family would have to support her. Would they support her if they disapproved of her association with her partner? Would her behaviour be different or the same knowing there would no support from the state and she would have to rely on family and friends.

                           This question is not a new one, so in the U.K a man knows that if a girl gets pregnant or he can walk away from a relationship knowing the state will step in to support his ex-family and children. Now there is in law what are called maintenance payments, also often cash settlements made by wealthy people who divorce or split up, and pay compensation usually the mother who often ends up with the children.

                      This system is not working very well there are many fathers who manage to avoid their liabilities, and it is very difficult and costly to collect small amounts of money from lots of different people. Now there is much discussion has the welfare state contributed to the high rates of divorce, single parents, co-habiting which is very common in the UK.Are these lifestyle choices which people have made or are do they end up in these situations due to circumstances beyond their control. In the U.K the so called ‘nuclear family’ (parents and children biologically related living together) being replaced by a’ mongrel’ family where the children will be from different relationships?

                              What will be the future prospects of Society as the traditional family system disintegrates. The effects are already being reflected in schools by disruptive pupils from dysfunctional fatherless homes. Courts are increasingly have to deal with problems which are not just of a criminal nature, but are also social in nature, which they do not have the legal means to deal with.

                    It must be stated that the Harem culture among the indigenous population is only a minority, but it is growing at a healthy rate.Shoud we celebrate this as modern living or be concerned as parts of British society evolve backwards, becoming a Bono Chimp Society.(For those not familiar with Bono chimp behaviour. These chimps are the most promiscuous among our nearest and dearest ape relatives.

                                    Should we as the tax payers be funding a Bono Chimp society of bed hopping baby breeders, children as a  by- product of sex, brought in to world unloved,un- wanted and probably uncared for. Should we be aiming for an albatross society who stay together for life, because children want their mum and dad be there for them 24/7 not part time or be single parents? What are the rights of children who do not choose their parents?

                             What i have said may seem obvious, nothing new, common sense, society is as it is, and we must deal with it. But think of the long term effects on what kind of society we will end up and the social problems which we will have to deal with more tax dollars in the future.

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The Anti-Semitism Card





Terms and Conditions of use

·       Please print this card and laminate it so that it may have long use.

·       This card is for Zionists, Jews and Non Jews who are supporters of the Democratic Terrorist State of Israel

·       Its best use is for/against those people and organizations that are critical of Israel’s genocidal policies against the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

·       If  Idf ( Israel defence force) soldiers kill Palestinian children(two per day for the last 14 years) (see YouTube videos),they are defending themselves, use  the card to silence criticism

·       If someone says that  an Israeli in uniform is the real Terrorist,(armed with high velocity gun designed for killing not injuring), use the card

·       If someone is from an Islamic background, who is critical of Israeli abuses of human rights towards the Palestinians(including children) and international law. Use the card it is 100% effective

·       If someone mentions the fact that many Israeli Jews have racist views against the  Palestinians (see YouTube videos with chants like death to the Arabs) use the card and excuse the venal racist views of some Israelis as Arabs dressed up as Israelis trying to make Israel  look bad

·       If Fundamentalist extremist Israeli settlers who routinely terrorise their Palestinians neighbours including damaging their property and setting fire to a Palestinian home burning to death a toddler. Use the card and excuse the behaviour as the Palestinian have no right to land, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as Moses Law applies here.(see YouTube videos)

·       If someone mentions the routine arrest and torture of Palestinians (including children) without justification or charge (see YouTube videos), use the card. Excuse the torture and arrest by saying that all Palestinians are potential terrorists, including those not yet born (see YouTube videos)

·       Frequency of use of this card gains points.100 points per use. please find below the prizes available for points gained:-


(1)            1000 points will mean you can go to Israel (for Jews only) wear a Israeli soldiers uniform and you can arrest,torture,maim and kill Palestinians (including children) for one week only. Don’t worry about being tried for committing terrorist acts and human rights abuses as all Israeli’s in uniform have immunity, because the US will veto any resolution brought in the UN

(2)            10,000 points means we will evict and demolish  a Palestinian home so that you can build your holiday home ( Jews only)

(3)            20,000 points means we will give you full Israeli citizenship (Jews only), a subsidized new property in an illegal settlement in the occupied territory, including all amenities like water resources stolen from the Palestinians, who get half the water you will get. You will be able drive to and from work on Jewish only roads.

(4)            30,000 points means you can work for the Israeli Apartheid Racist administration participate in the daily humiliation, torture, killing, and degradation of Palestinian men, women and children in the bureaucracy of evil that Israel has created. Including checking of permits which Palestinians need to visit or move anywhere, you can watch and record Israeli soldiers stop pregnant women about to give birth, at check points and refuse them permission to go to hospital. They are forced to give birth outside hospital, some dying because they need urgent medical treatment.

                           You can watch Israeli soldiers make elderly   Palestinians wait in line for hours in the hot sun while they go and check their ‘paper work’. (Checkout YouTube).If someone complains about their treatment you can watch Israeli soldiers shoot them.

                             You can watch Israeli soldier’s fire tear gas at 6 year old Palestinian school children (checkout YouTube) and Israeli soldiers shooting at Palestinian children playing on roof tops. Make sure you take a camera with you, so you can record and show your future grandchildren. What a humane administration you use to work.

                             You can participate in the slow death and destruction of Palestinians in the Gaza strip (an open air prison) where only a limited numbers food and other items are allowed in .In effect you can participate in how Gazans are on a starvation diet, affecting the health of men, women and especially children as over 50% of the population is under 20 years old.

(5)            50,000 points will mean you can become a legislator in the Israeli parliament the Knesset (Jews only).You will have the opportunity to design policies to humiliate, degrade,torture,arrest without trial, killing of innocent Palestinian men, women and children in the name of ‘Security’ and ‘defending Israel’ against ‘terrorism’.

(6)            You can help plan the next Gaza massacre of innocent Palestnians,men,women and children, known as’ Mowing the Lawn ‘ in Israel’, all in the name of ‘defending Israel’(One of the most advanced military in the world). Remember Gaza massacres close to election time win elections. Never miss an opportunity to profit from the misfortunes of others!

(7)                   Like all the previous Gaza massacres ,Israel provokes the Palestinians by arresting and killing in the name of security, when the Palestinians  retaliate you use this as justification to launch a massacre with planes,tanks,missiles,one ton bombs in one of the most densely populated areas in the world, and the people have no way to escape. You can call it a war (which is a joke). when the other side  have nothing but homemade fireworks which are ineffectual and useless, do very little damage

(8)            You can call the next Gaza massacre with a nice sounding name like Operation Protective shield (but the world will know it as the massacre of the Palestinians-or Mini Holocaust)You can delude yourself by saying it’s a war against Terrorism, when we all know Israel is the Terrorist State.    

(9)            For 100,000 points you can be our Ambassador abroad, where you can lie for the Democratic Terrorist State of Israel. You can tell the ‘Jewish Congress’ in the US what a wonderful job they are doing by preventing any meaningful settlement of the Palestinian situation according to Resolution 242 ,which asks for Israel to withdraw from the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza strip

(10)      As Ambassador you can tell the Europeans to keep paying the money for the occupation, if they complain you can use the Holocaust Card (available to download from my website).It always works, buys silence and money.

                               Please use this card carefully, as the Jews monopoly on suffering and victim mentality expired in the International Community and the world, many years ago.      

If you want further reading or evidence for the above please see the following

·       Electronic intifada online

·       The Generals son Miko Peled YouTube

·       The fateful triangle Noam Chomsky

·       Gaza in Crises Noam Chomsky&Illan Pappe

·       Apartheid Israel Ben White (book)

·       Jews for Justice

·       Breaking the  Silence where Ex-Israeli soldiers tell the truth about the occupation(shocking)

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Netenyahu( the Nutter) gets the Flying Pigs Award


                                                      The Israeli Prime Minister has once again put his foot in his mouth. He has in a speech blames the holocaust  for a Palestinian Mufti who visited Hitler.According to him The Grand Mufti persuaded Hitler to burn the Jews.

                         Besides this being factually in correct, the Grand Mufti did visit Hitler as an individual, as  many people visited Hitler including the then Prime Minister of Britain. There is nothing sinister about this, he was leader of Germany at the time, you had no choice to deal with him whether you like him or not. If an individual does something regrettable that does not mean it is reflective of his community.Isil does not represent the Muslim world, Zionists do not represent all Jews.

           What Netanyahu does not tell you or does not know Many Zionists visited Hitler asking him to give the German Jews a hard time so that they may be persuaded to go to Israel. As the Zionists were finding it hard to persuade Jews to go to Israel. When Hitler came to power the Jews were a non issue, he was more concerned about acquiring land which he felt belonged to Germany which, as far as he was concerned was occupied by other countries, who he had disagreements with. Also he was concerned about the welfare of Germans living in other countries

                      So Netanyahu besides being a mass murderer of Palestinians is also a blatant liar. We expect politicians to lie to us, we do expect them to be convincing, not Netanyahu the Nutter,he was about to lose the last election, he deliberately provoked the Palestinians by invading Gaza killing Hamas officials and arresting a large number, in retaliation Hamas fired ‘rockets’( to you and me fireworks not real rockets).

                       Netanyahu the Nutter used this as excuse to launch a one sided massacre of women, women and children. Described as war of self defense, this is ridiculous; Hamas has not have tanks, air planes, armoured carriers, high velocity rifles. The outcome was inevitable, with the support of its allies who used the standard diplomatic double speak (to cover Israeli crimes) that Israel has the right to defend itself with proportionate force. What this means is that the Palestinians have no right to defend themselves who are under occupation, simply allow themselves to be massacred, by one of the world’s most advanced armed military forces.

                              The regular predictable massacres in Gaza, Israel refers to as mowing the lawn. The assumption is that the Palestinians and Arabs need to be reminded who is boss in the Middle East. The best way to teach them is to kill lots of them on a regular basis.

                      So Gaza massacres are a common feature of the polices of the Middle East Psychopath Israel, without warning or justification Israel will launch attacks in Gaza and neighbouring countries, Lebanon is a favourite Israeli target, all in the name of self defense,with tacit and full support of  the US (partner in crime)

                                If the Nuremberg laws were applied to day both Israel and the US would be hanged for war crimes.

                      So once again the Prime Minister of the Middle East Psychopath Netanyahu the Nutter tells the world what a lunatic place can be the Democratic terrorist state of Israel

                                ‘God may have chosen  the Jews as the chosen poeple’,The Israeli people have chosen Netanyahu the Nutter to run the Democratic Terrorist State of Israel, God must be very upset at what his chosen people are doing to the Palestinians and Arabs. No doubt when the chosen people do go to Heaven, God will be giving stern lectures to the chosen people on human rights abuses.(I have been reliably informed by Gods assistant that there will be more than one lecture with titles as follows:-

·        You do not kill innocent men,Women and children. God forbids this, this applies to his chosen people


·        Palestinians have basic human rights too, not just Israeli’s.Palestinians are also Gods children even if they are second class citizens next to the chosen people

·        God wants all his people including the chosen ones to get along with each other

·        To treat other peoples as if they are sub humans and kill them without justification or reason means you will not go to heaven and ,your status as the chosen one will be withdrawn

·        In order to get to heaven especially the chosen ones, right to heaven must be earned on earth. That means you must do at least two good deeds per day that does mean bulldozing Palestinian homes or denying permits to Palestinians to build extensions to their homes.

·        Wearing an Israeli soldier’s uniform does not give you justification to harass Palestinian families 3am in the morning and arresting the adult members in the name of security. Think of the traumatic effects on children. Remember God loves children more than the ‘chosen ones’.


          ..........more lectures to follow watch this space (Gods assistant is The Angel Gabriel is on holiday, as soon he is back I will be writing to him about more lectures for the ‘chosen people’).


                  Tiger Moto

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Tony Blair gets the Flying Pigs Award

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Tony Blair former Prime Minister has finally admitted not wholly that the Iraq war did not turn out as expected, and the intervention was responsible for the creation of Isis. Is this an admission of guilt?

                 For those not familiar with the whole story, here is brief outline. Blair had told one year before the invasion of Iraq, he had given an undertaking to go with Bush Junior (also known as Dumbo Bush). He asked for evidence from the intelligence agency for evidence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. The intelligence agency made it clear that the evidence was incomplete and unreliable to make decisions from this limited evidence.

                   Blair’s associates ‘sexed up’ the evidence, what became known as the dodgy dossier. He gave a pantomime performance of his life in the House of Commons when he claimed Saddam Hussein could launch weapons of mass destruction within the hour. He convinced the Members of the House of Commons to vote for the war.

                  His lies and deceit has cost the lives of tens of thousands of Iraqi lives, the country is deeply divided with sectarian violence engulfing the region, without much possibility of peace in the near future

                   US and its allies intervention in Iraq has possibly cost 2 million dead and injured. This is genocide in the name of human rights and democracy

                      So Blair gets my flying pig award for telling lies. I hope this award will form part of his ‘lifetime achievement award’ for humanity.

                          Kind Regards Tiger Moto

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Israeli Defence Force Manual (IDF):50 ways to kill Palestinians



·        Shoot stone throwing Palestinian youth, aim for the head this usually means instant death. Any questions asked say you aimed for the sky; the bullet bounced of the clouds and hit the youth. Check out the YouTube videos


·        Shoot Burka wearing Women..Shoot for the body, say you were frightened by the shadow of the burka, as a second excuse say under the burka she could have concealed a weapon. Checkout the YouTube video of a burka wearing 18 old Palestinian shot for no reason. The soldier who shot her should get a bravery award


·        To improve you targeting skills shoot Palestinians children studying for their exams in their own homes, aim for the head that means a painless instant death. Like the poor Palestinian girl studying for her exams, whose brain was blown out by an Israeli sniper, good work for the soldier who shot her,i hope this goes on to your record of achievement


·        Get Israeli citizens to shoot Palestinians...This is much safer as you don’t need to make excuses for killing. Check out the YouTube video where a Palestinian youth walking along a road was shot by an Israeli citizen and then a knife was planted next to the dying/dead body to make it look like he was an attacker. The person who shot him should get a  Citizen of the year award


·        Crush Palestinians with tanks or armoured carriers. A Palestinian in a wheel chair was not able to avoid  on coming tank and was crushed to death. I am sure the driver of tank will say he did not see the wheel chair.  The driver must go back and retake his army tank driver course, ensuring that next time he avoids wheel chair bound victims. No doubt the person who crushed to death this poor Palestinian will be in shock, we suggest counselling sessions for him. As for the victim’s family who cares about the Palestinians, they don’t matter.

                                            more methods to follow watch this space

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The Apartheid Racist State of Israel


Many people will have seen the terrible situation in Israel and the illegally occupied Palestinian territories, the brutal killings and stabbings. The brutal killings by Israeli soldiers and Israeli settlers killing unarmed Palestinian youths. The videos of these events have been truly shocking, as to the way the Israeli’s treat the Palestinians, truly a crime against humanity and gross violation of human rights. The pro Israeli media has managed to blame the victims for the crimes not the perpretators, a speculator success of propaganda.

                               The routine killing of Palestinians is normal in Israel, with chants like kill the Arab, the video of a thirteen year old Palestinians boy shot by Israeli soldiers gasping for breath is truly shocking, with no medical help given to the boy and passers by telling the soldiers to finish the job.

                                  The Zionists and pro-Israeli supporters are having a hard time justifying the killing of innocent Palestinians. The chosen people of the Promised Land have chosen to send the Palestinians to heaven in the Promised Land. Israel the Middle East Psychopath has shown its true colors.Israel has been killing two children per week for the last 14 years. The traumatic effect of these killings on the Palestinians is truly horrendous.

                                The British Prime Minister had a visit from the Mass murderer Benjamin Netenyahu; he should have been arrested and put on trial. But Israel will get away with it because (1)It’s Patron saint of genocide the US will support Israel regardless what it does (2) Israel is part of the Western Imperial system which means it can do whatever it likes no questions asked. Like Israel, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain can also commit gross human rights violations on its population and the West will look the other way.

                                   The US needs to dump the Democratic Terrorist State of Israel, the Middle East Psychopath it is not a strategic asset. The Israeli propaganda likes to portray its fights with the Palestinians as a war. It is not, the Palestinians have no army, no tanks, no high powered rifles, and no planes. The so called war with Hamas in Gaza was a one sided massacre of innocent men, women and children. Zionism the deliquent child of Judaism. A racist ideology of religious purity in the modern world should be outlawed. The same ideology of racial purity was responsible for the death of millions of people by one Adolf Hitler

Zionism: Equals: Racism: equals: Nazism so Zionists are the New Nazi’s of the Apartheid Racist State of Israel, the Democratic Terrorist State which the UK sends arms to. May God deliver justice for the Palestinians? 

                                                  The Israeli/Palestinian conflict as shown by the mainstream media is not a conflict, but an old styled imperial colonialism where the settler colonialists the Israeli’s do want the Palestinians whose land is illegally occupied and settled upon. Until the US changes it policy towards Israel there will be no change. The ‘Jewish Congress’ which has been bought up by the Zionist lobby will never allow any criticism of Israel. This position has made the US look in the international community as a complete idiot

                                               Israel has brought the US reputation to rock bottom. As power shifts East and the newly emerging powerful countries like China,India,Russia and Brazil, American influence in the world will further decline, and it‘s association with the genocidal policies and crimes of the Israeli’s against the Palestinians will help America decline further and faster. Israel A country of child killers, an apartheid racist state, we need to delegitimize Israel, treat it as pariah state, put sanctions on it, and ban Israeli’s from coming to our country.

                                           Israel had a choice in the 1970’s to have lasting peace with its Arab neighbours and the Palestinions.Israel decided expansion over security, this policy of expansion  has put Israel on death row and path to self destruction. At some future date history tells us, the tables will be turned and Israel will face annihilation and the world will not care and its nuclear weapons will not save it. Have you seen the latest Israeli defence force manual 50 ways to kill Palestinians; it is a best seller in the Apartheid Racist State of Israel. Order your copy now?????

 So far in blood 39 Palestinians killed : 195 litres of blood     6 Israeli's killed  : 30 litres of blood

                                                                                             Kind Regards Tiger Moto


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Pakistan,the past,the present,the future

Pakistan-Terrible past, awfull present, potentially a great future

Pakistan is a poor impoverished country mired in debt and poverty. A country that in economic and social development takes two steps forward and three steps backwards. This not need be so, let me explain.

                        South Korea in the 1950’s was like Pakistan is today. It was partitioned North and South, thousands of people killed and displaced. A feudal society poor and rural, with limited amount of exports of fish, tungsten and a few primary goods. It received USAID (food aid).A US report described it as a bottomless pit. Corruption at every level of Korean society, most people lacked basic sanitation; few had access to clean running water, gas, telephone or electricity. Poor infrastructure, most of the population illiterate, no foreign direct investment (fdi).Korea was regarded as a basket case.

                        Within 40 years it has transformed itself into a modern industrial society to rival the West and its closest competitor Japan. How have they done this let me explain the hidden history of the Korean success story?



  After partition the nationalist Generals took over the country (Democracy came much later), got rid of feudalism, substantial land reforms, a more equitable distribution of land among the population. India also got rid of the feudal landlords after independence. Land should be treated as national asset, like oil or mineral wealth. People should have right to property but not absolute property rights.


                 Korea invested in select industries which were told to become export led, so that Korea would have access to foreign exchange to buy imports of vital machinery for industrial imputs.FDI was welcome in select industrial sectors which Korea wanted to develop as a part of a broad industrial policy

                        Industrial policy must be pragmatic, a mixture of Market incentives and state direction. Samsung a huge global electronics giant in 1938 exported fruit and vegetables, in the 1970’s it moved in to sugar refining and textiles, in 1974 it bought 50% stake in Korea semi conductor industry, with government help it was persuaded to enter the communication cables market. The government provided support by selective tariff’s to keep foreign competition out, and subsidies to nurture Samsung’s productive capacities and develop new products for home markets and exports. This strategy is known as the infant industry policy. All Western governments, Japan and now China is using this policy to protect and develop its industries, only reducing restrictions when its industries can compete with foreign competition.

                   The period of support should not be indefinite.Samsung was given about 10 years to become a viable industry. The Korean government was brutal in closing down,re-organizing or selling industries that did not perform.



   Pakistan invests too little in education. The private education system is more about making money than educating people for the needs of the national economy. Unless governments are willing to put serious money into educating boys and girls, social and economic development will be severely limited. Korea invested huge amounts of money in to mass education sometimes depriving other sectors of the economy. Once a person can read and write, the mind expands and future generations will never be illiterate or ignorant



 Pakistan is a low trust society. Trust is the glue that binds society together, selfish individualistic societies do not work, Nigeria and Pakistan being two. High trust societies like Norway, Japan are far wealthier because the cost of business is far lower. In Pakistan and Nigeria you need to go to considerable lengths to ensure you get paid for goods or services provided, sometimes resorting to force as the legal system is corrupt and ineffective. Trust and prosperity go together. Trust is very hard to build in a society but not impossible.Korea   managed it, education is one key element and use of force. Korea use to have the death penalty for anyone exporting capital (money)



Corruption is an alternative form of government, when civilian government does not work as in Pakistan people have no choice but to pay bribes or resort to corruption to get things done.

                           Korea built strong public institutions and a workable legal system. Being a nationalistic military dictatorship it ensured compliance through the fear factor. The police and Judiciary in Pakistan will very corrupt and does not work, this needs a major work,i do not have a complete answer to how you can make a legal system honest, may be better pay, better training, better recruitment?

                            Building strong public institutions and civil servants who believe in the concept of public service, can be done,education,getting rid of feudalism (setting people free from debt bondage),an industrial policy linking the public and private sector towards a common purpose (bringing prosperity to all Pakistani’s not just a few).Korea managed to do all these things successfully. Once people realise that their best interests are best served by co-operating with others and public and private institutions that actually work behaviour automatically changes, it’s all a matter of incentives, aligning a person’s selfish interests with that of the community.

Rise of the middle class

            A rising expanding middle class is essential for Pakistan’s future prosperity and democracy. As Korea industrialized it created jobs needing higher education and training, investments in education by the government and training by industry public/private partnership ensured cost of training and education shared. A middle class is the future consumer class which drives the expansion of the economy

                     Many educated Pakistani’s have left because there is no substantial industry or commerce that needs their skills.Markets do not simply exist, states can create markets as well as regulate markets and private property rights.

                              This links with a industrial policy, creation of markets, strong public/private instituitions,trust,.The middle class must not be allowed to become parasitic, there must be upward mobility for people from poor background


The Role of Money

                           There is no shortage of money in Pakistan, the people who don’t need it have too much and the people who need it have too little. You cannot make the poor rich by making the rich poor. Much of the money of the rich is abroad. Civilian government officials loot the money that rightfully belongs to the people. I have a relative in high office that set up many enterprises by profiting from his position. This systematic looting of the countries resources is bleeding the country dry, what is to be done. Korea until recently had the death penalty for anyone exporting capital. Since this is not going to work because of the corrupt legal system I recommend exchange controls, to stop speculative funds going into short term investment like property and land speculation. Foreign direct investment should remain in the country for at least one year. Capital controls must exist, to ensure as much of the money circulates within the national economy.

                                            Money sent by family members working abroad helps raise living standards, but does not create income generating business. It also makes people in Pakistan welfare dependent. The money sent ads to the gdp of the country rather than being generated from productive activity within the country. It does not replace the skills lost. It also distorts  the local economy as the money goes into land and property speculation which prices the locals out unable  to afford homes or start businesses .The Philippines health service has collapsed because so many of its medical staff working abroad, also they no longer train doctors or nurses as they go abroad after training


                                  Korea and China has been able to retain its professionals by giving them incentives to stay, by working for the government or in private practice. To encourage skilled workers back there must be industry that needs their skills. China and Korea have carefully directed foreign direct investment and local investment into select industry which they want to develop through tax free export trading zones. Karachi can become an export free trading zone, attract manufacturing, low rent and no tax for industry located their, on the condition they use local labour including training. Clustering of business creates competition and drives innovation; it encourages local business to improve their standards. Nestlé provides clean bottles water and milk, people trust it to provide healthy products while local business is not trusted to adhere to high hygienic standards, if local business wants to survive it must provide high standards for its products it sells, which is happening slowly.

                             Pakistan’s stock market is too small and subject to insider dealing and corruption. The recent rise in petrol where supplies were held back, so that the price will rise even higher, means the stock market is not working efficiently.

                                 I suggest pooling of private capital should go to local enterprises to create long term sustainable businesses. Pakistan has too many crooked businessman.

                                      India and Korea by pooling capital has created national champions like Tata and Samsung. Pakistan has no such national industrial giants, because too many people are investing their money in get rich quick schemes, scam businesses to disposes people of their wealth.

                         The central bank should get rid of fractional banking and all banks can only lend money which they get from their deposits or limit fractional banking to 1:7 and fund local business



                    Labour should not be taxed. Combination of land and property taxes and a wealth tax should be introduced. Property taxes are the best tax’s as they are difficult to avoid, with a wealth tax assets such as cars houses business and bank accounts are difficult to hide.Pakistans low tax receipts shows how difficult it is to collect income tax. There can be no public provisions like schools, roads, hospitals, welfare system, unless there are taxes, and there can be no government without tax. Korea collects in excess of 35% of gdp in taxes, in Europe tax can be between 35% to 70%

                             Land value tax is complicated issue and I cannot go into details. It works in Hong Kong, Tawain, and in Australia. All land must be taken into common ownership. People will still own their properties and have right to property and land, but not absolute property rights. People’s property rights and security will be protected. Gains in property property value  other than  structural improvements will be taxed at 80%,this money will, be used to fund public provisons.This will get rid of land speculation. IF people try to undervalue their land or property to avoid the land value tax, the state can buy it of them, from a sovereign Wealth fund created for this purpose. A land registry will list all land and property and occupants. Transfer of property will only take place when tax due has been paid.un-earned income should always be taxed away.

                                 Since labour will be tax free people will be encouraged to work harder and be more productive, a real market economy can develop.


Capitalist system versus Market system

                Money should always be related to goods and services people need, money should circulate the economy like oil in a car engines it should lubricate all parts of the economy. Financial centres like wall st and London are gambling centres and used for money laundering.

                                  Hot money from these centres can destabilize small countries like Pakistan.Hot money poured into land and property speculation has left, Japan stagnant, USA, Dubai, Ireland, and Spain bankrupt.

                                    To avoid such troubles central bank must control the money supply and control foreign direct investment and foreign exchange since Pakistan gets little international investment, this should not be problem.

                                          People confuse money making from wealth creation, someone opening a shop creates wealth and some profiteering from rise in property makes money but creates no wealth, and we must encourage wealth creation and deter money making activities.


Trade and Globalization and investment

               International trade is not God given; a country must only trade if it’s in its best interest. Ignore the advice of the World Bank and IMF.Pakistan’s comparative advantage is agriculture, by investing in sustainable productive agriculture, exporting surplus, this provides foreign exchange for buying imported machinery and releases people for work in industry as people migrate to cities. Globalization is a meaningless concept and has little relevance to Pakistan's development.

                                  Most trade is done by neighbouring countries,Pakistan must seek out these markets for its produce to Iran,China,India,Oman,Saudia Arabia,Afganistan,krygystan,Qatar,UAE

China has little arable land in future it will import huge amounts of food. By investing in agriculture, producing good quality food, standardising production, Pakistan can gain advantage in these growing markets.

                         Again this links with good infrastructure, roads, internet, telecoms, utilities like electricity, water. These facilities do not to be high tech as long as they work for the benefit of the public.


Population control

               Pakistan's population is out of control about to reach 200 million soon. The best way to control population is prosperity to the people. As people become educated and richer the birth rate declines. Failing these educating women has the same effect.


Politics and economics

           Ultimate Political and economic should be local. Local politicians should reflect the concerns of local people and local business should investment in the local community. This should not be seen as a means of creating local dynasties to enrich oneself

                            Taxation should also be local and law making must be localized to reflect local peoples concerns. A federal system of this type would encourage competition between provinces, to better development. The National Government only intervenes when local politicians exceed their powers or do not serve the needs of local people

                    The role of the army in Pakistan's political and economic cannot be ignored. It is the only stable workable institution. The fauji foundation is worth billions for the benefit of the forces and own many large businesses in Pakistan

                                The UK, China, USA are all military industrial capitalist states. They put billions into research and development through private firms linked to the military, from this investment has come the internet and computer chip

                      Since the military are going to resist any attempts to reduce its budget, then public investment should bring some civilian benefits. If Pakistan can build nuclear weapons, this technology should be transferable to civiL projects

                            The army should bid for infrastructure projects, like roads, bridges. China uses its army for many civilian projects

                             A two year compulsory military service made compulsory, the wealthy can pay the military so their children from doing military service. Youth from poor background, will be taught to read and write, discipline, learn basic skills like driving a vehicle, electrical work, repair vehicles, paint, build walls .Doing military service will help the family as the they will be paid while doing military service. It will stop the poor children going to religious madras’s and being brain washed into becoming terrorists

Natural resources

                            Natural resources like coal, gas, mineral wealth, can be used within the economy or sold to get foreign exchange to pay for imports. I would recommend  using independent experts to value any natural resources, and cost of extraction, then do a deal with China or Korea where they will build schools,hospitals,roads,electricity generation facilties,sewerage facilities, houses etc for the value of the resource.

                     This has two advantages, (1) no money will exchange hands, less chance of corruption, (2) the infrastructure will be built properly, according to plans using good materials. It will enable the state to build up national assets from which it gain economic benefits for the people.




                           My aim in this article is to take all the disadvantages Pakistan has and turn them into virtues. These are very brief ideas and I have left out many ideas’ and details. Below is list of reading material if you want to explore further my ideas and where they come from. Pakistan’s economy should be balanced, between agriculture, industry, service sector and a financial center.Pakistan is going through a haphazard development, this process should be orderly and accelerated.



The role of money

The grip of death: debt and slavery: Michael rowbotham


The master returns.j.m Keynes: sk.skedelsky

Good bye America and the dollar empire: Michael rowbotham


Frozen desire the real meaning of money: James Buchan



                The silver bullet Fred Harrison

               Progress as poverty Henry George

Capitalism v market system


Economics and the public purpose jk Galbraith

The future of money Bernard laitier

When corporation rule the world David korton

Politics and economics

Agenda for a new economy David korton


Globalization, economic development and the role

Of the state ha joon chang

Economics and the public purpose jk Galbraith


Silver bullet Fred Harrison


Industrial policy

Bad Samaritans ha joon chang

Globalization, economic development and the role of the state

Ha joon chang

Nation building Francis Fukuyama

When corporations rule the world  David Korton


 Age of access Jeremy Rifkin


Trust and global prosperity Francis Fukuyama


Trust and global prosperity Francis Fukuyama

Nation building Francis Fukuyama

Rise of the middle class

  The affluent society jk Galbraith

  Culture of contentment jk Galbraith

  Culture matters edited by S.P.Huntington

   Trust and global prosperity  Francis Fukuyama

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Finance 10 Industry 1


                        I am well aware how business and finance works in the UK and the implications.

 Finance and Business Analysis

            The UK is the home to the world’s largest financial centre (or Money Laundering Centre depending how you view it).Therefore you would expect that in these austerity times there should not be a shortage of money, but there is and that is why the Bank of England has had to print so much of the stuff and give it to the banks, at the same telling the gullible public we do not have enough to pay for much needed public services. How can this be, well let’s look closer at business and finance

                          In the real world finance should serve the needs of business and people, that is for business start ups, for business expansion, to the consumer to finance the goods and services which business provides .The problem with the UK economy is that productive parts of the economy have been abandoned because of the risk element and long term commitment of finance needed as in manufacturing, UK manufacturing languishes somewhere between 8-12% of gdp

                               On the other hand most of the money is lent to buy property and land, which are non productive assets which inevitably leads to asset inflation, property speculations hence the boom and bust cycle which has been the hallmark of the UK economy for the last 50 years, as when Gordon Brown the former Labour Prime Minister declared no more boom and bust under his stewardship, only to see another housing boom. So the business cycle in the UK is really a property and consumer debt cycle which is a finance cycle which is a credit cycle which is banking cycle, as it is the banks by virtue of their power to create money as debt which expands and contracts the UK economy

                          The misallocation of finance to business can be best understood by a simple example. Imagine you are a inventor (something which I have done and failed to get my invention to market) and you invent a really very useful educational aid for children’s learning. You get your product patented(spend money),you do market research(spend money),you get a proto type built(spend money),you show it to prospective buyers, who approve of your product(spend money),you even secure some provisional orders when you can get it  manufactured(spend money).You sit down one weekend and work out the finance to get your product to market

                                         It’s going to cost you a whopping £100,000 to get you product to market, you have personal savings of £10,000,you manage to persuade your family and friends to put a further £40,000 giving you a cash total of £50,000 leaving you with £50,000 to collect. Doing the decent thing you approach your bank with whom you have banked for over 30 years, you present your business plan only to have it rejected by Head Office by a computer which allocates points to you business proposal and rejects it because (1) you have no assets against which the bank can lend  money (b) even if you have collateral your venture is seen as too risky by the banks computerised decision making system

                      You go home giving  up your dream. A week later you approach your bank with a different proposal. You tell the bank you are thinking of buying a house the purchase being £100,000 you put down a deposit of £10,000 and the bank lends you the other £90,000 to buy your house. The bank firmly believes its money is secured against you house. The house may be real but the value is not, it can fluctuate and banks have consistently lost money on land and property

                           To summarise finance in the UK instead of being a facilitator in transactions has become dominant and exploitive against business by uploading fees and charges which bear no relation to everyday banking activity or risk. To remedy this situation we need to go back to traditional forms of banking and finance, the days when your local bank manager visited businesses, scrutinized accounts, checked the financial health of the business using standard financial yardsticks of measurements.               

                               Kind regards

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Poverty & Inequality

How can understanding poor people’s experiences help support appropriate policy and action to reduce poverty?


                            I intend to answer this question Firstly, to describe the concepts developed in understanding poverty and inequality like Amartya Sen’s endowments and entitlements and the Open Universities structure and agency approach, as well other approaches. These tools for investigating poverty and inequality give us a better understanding the lived experience of poor people, enabling practitioners to devise workable solutions

                                         Most people naturally believe poverty is simply lack of money, sufficient amounts should solve the problem. This simplest view simply demonstrates people’s ignorance as to why people are poor and what can be done about it. People do not choose to be poor, often it is the circumstances they are born into, and this structural approach to poverty has to be investigated in order to gain an understanding to devise working solutions. Poverty is not condition but a social process of relations which keep people poor. There is Inequality within households and in relations to land, labour or other assets as in India is keeping people poor. Quantitative data is needed to do statistical analysis such crops and income and qualitative data is also needed as to what poor people have to say and issues surrounding their circumstances

                     Contrary to common myths poor work very hard for very little, their margin of survival puts them at great risk of adverse conditions like famine, wars, and sudden climate changes like floods. The World Bank believes that poor people need to be brought into the market system for them to better themselves, hence it advocates market based solutions to poverty alleviation. The UN on the other hand supports a more activist people centred approach, increasing people capabilities to better themselves. The UN’S position is that poverty is multi dimensional and simply relying on markets will not in itself do much to reduce poverty, unless there is targeted action to solve specific problems of poverty. That means tackling the structural roots of poverty and inequality for market based solutions to work well.

                                      Moser’s asset vulnerability framework is very useful in analysing poverty What assets people own, income  cash or kind, source of income, conditions of gaining income and assts,relationship to cash flows in and out, constraints in further income, constraints in finding new sources of income.Appplying this to Murari the Indian labourer, we find his assets is his labour. Condition = loan, labour, food, misc income.Cashflow = income..Loans, wages.Outgoings = interest, debt, misc expenses. Structural Cause of Murari’s poverty, debt bondage

                                  Mosers concept is very similar to Sen’s concept of endowments and entitlements. Applied to Murari his endowments is his labour and  exchange entitlements labour and sale of produce.Sen further applies the concept of capabilities and empowerment to understanding poverty and inequality. This is a similar idea to j.kGalbraith’s (nature of mass poverty) that human beings have natural rights to lead a dignified life, self respect, control over their life and meaning full existence. For j.k.Galbraith poverty should be seen a crime against humanity. For Sen empowerment means ability to do things(power within)helping women and power with,( micro credit) giving women personal freedom as in Bangadesh,this accords with sen’s idea of economic and social freedom

                                          Robert Chambers on the hand advocates a very local peoples centred approach understanding poverty (ethnographic research).He believes in listening to the voices of the poor (‘handing over the stick’), their concerns, issues and designing poverty alleviation polices which work at the very local level with their consent and concerns addressed i.e. village level development, with control of and access to resources.

                                          In the rich countries like the UK, much analysis has been on social exclusion, how poor people have not been able to participate in to the mainstream economy. De-industrialized cities like Glasgow have left many people with no jobs oropportunities.Women as usual have suffered the most. Many Programmes have been designed around the needs and concerns of women.

                              In all studies of poverty all over the world woman face acute problems, from few rights, unequal social relations with in the household and outside as well as these cultural differences, where preference given to boys over girls as in China and India. From this we may gain a better understanding that poor are not a homogenous mass but have considerable diversity, and variations in levels of poverty and viewpoints

                                           The types of data collected can tell us much how poor people live their lives. Data can be local, national, government, independent or academic, and international. The kind of data collected depends on the problem to be solved. Survey data is about numbers must be handled with care as it is easy to arrive at wrong conclusions.Stratfied sampling helps to eliminate some of the pitfalls of number data by breaking data into household, gender, work relations, assets versus non assets, landlord v tenant. This type of data has illuminated interesting insights into the lives of farm labourers in India, while qualitative data is about interviews and accommodating different viewpoints.

                             Robert Chambers advocates, designing poverty alleviations policies around poor people in an inclusive way rather than a top down approach. Simply asking poor what needs to done does not necessarily lead to successful outcome, because you are asking people with little knowledge, few assets and skills how their situation can be improved. Poor people making unrealistic demands when resources are in limited supply means most are going to disappointed, as in South Africa where demand for housing outstrips supply

                                              By checking the validity of data by cross references with other data (triangulation) we may arrive at the some truths about the lived experience of poor people and poverty. Again we must be careful, research data on poverty can be interpretative or descriptive. Standpoint theory suggests we have different viewpoints because our upbringing i.e. middle person may see things different from a working class persion.Pluralist suggests there is an often a male bias in data. By eliminating these natural bias in data we may arrive at some truths about the lives of poor people

                                      The UN has estimated that $15 billions of aid to Africa have produced very little in development prospects. Many development economists like William easterly of the World Bank believe aid has retarded development rather than help i.e. aid dependency. The old adage that aid from poor people in rich countries goes to rich people in poor countries. Corrupt and inefficient governments are seen one of the major problems facing development agencies. Much aid now goes straight to NGO’S thus trying to by passing government control, theory being less money will go ‘missing’. The greatest problem for policy practitioners is implementation, giving help to the poor when so many hurdles have to be overcome, from corrupt officials,mis-appropiations of funds i.e. money given to women ending up with the husband.


                               Large institutions like the World Bank, IMF and the UN tend to work with governments; this has proved to be very problematic when much development aid has been siphoned off by elites and very little gets to the poor. A change of strategy by the World Bank and IMF has been to reduce the role of the state and increasingly rely on the private sector to create the wealth necessary to alleviate poverty and inequality. So the World Bank promotes market based solutions, enabling the poor participate full into the market system. Urban poor some extent use the market system to better themselves. Rural poor how ever have found it difficult due to lack of access to markets because of their lack of capabilities and access to finance. The problem with the World Bank’s solution is that the poor are not served well by the business community and lending institutions as they are seen as bad risk.

                                                           Micro lending pioneered by professor Yunis of Bangladesh has been successful in enabling poor people to participate in the market system. Professor Yunis went into villages with his students and after studying with participation of the villagers was able to determine that capital needed of less than £30 was keeping women poor. Here we see the use of quantative and qualitative data to policy find workable solutions Criticism of micro lending it charges high interest rates. In Bangladesh it success has made the government take over the enterprise, not what was intended.

                                                                In the UK there has been a variation of the micro-lending through credit unions to women as part of the Glasgow urban regeneration scheme. The UK government realising the multi dimensions of poverty have designed many schemes like sure start and the new deal to help the disadvantaged.In Sheffield local business have provided funding to help the jobless to improve their prospects as part of a wider public/private partnership


                 There are many tools of analysis of poverty and inequality, Like Sen’s endowments and entitlements or the open universities structure and agency. By using these tools with other data  sources, we can gain an insight into how poor people live their lives.

                                         This should give practitioners better understanding how to devise appropriate policies to help the poor. It must be stated that poor people are not passive. Many have found their own solutions, some simply migrating to richer countries.  

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Spain 500 South American Indians 1

                    This source material is short book published around 1552, in Spain by Bartolome de la Casas, a priest who travelled with Columbus on one of his voyages to the Americas .It is fierce critic of Spanish colonial policy towards the indigenous population .It was written to persuade the king of Spain to end the terrible atrocities being committed in his name.Las Casas can be seen as the first of a small number people who voiced anti colonial sentiments. The work has been written to shock.


                All the areas he visited contained substantial numbers of Indians. He gives us accurate description of the land, flora and fauna and the fertility of the land and diverse variety of people.

                    He describes the locals as simple people, submissive, innocent, and non violent, obedient, they live a simple life and are physically not strong and not used to hard labor.He describes how the locals are unaware of any dangerous consequences of the Spanish among them, who they regarded as being sent by God  

                                      La casas believes the conquer of the new world has very little to do with civilizing the savages or religious converstions.La casas shows that the Spanish on landing established a pattern of terrorizing and persecuting the local population. On the island of Hispaniola he gives a figure of 3 million reduced to   a few hundreds. The islands of Cuba, Bahamas Jamaica and Puerto Rico become depopulated, despite these regions being very fertile. Many people of these islands according to la cases were expatriated to the island of Hispaniola due to losses among the local Indian population there ,this suggest large numbers were dying, we can speculate some killed,  run away or died of diseases.To replenish the labourers lost the Spanish were having to invade more land to acquire new slaves

                               La casas gives a figure of 12 million loss of life among the Indian population, although according to him it nearer 15m.Again we do not know how he has arrived at these figures. He suggests two ways in which the population has been decimated (1) by an unjust war on the population and murdering anyone who resists Spanish rule. We know this is not true, most died of new world diseases.

                                 The reason for the violence he gives is pure greed on part of the Spanish, low ranking Spanish want to acquire gold and silver through pillage and plunder, so that they can go back home and improve their status among their community.

                       Once the Spanish had settled into the community, they used local women for sex and as servants. They took food from the locals. Some started concealing food, others would run away into the forests and hide, including the local leaders. This infuriated the Spanish, who brutalized the locals so that they could find where the local leaders were hiding. This suggests that the Spanish needed local leaders in order to control the local population, or carry out duties which the Spanish wanted.

                                   Serious resistance to the Spanish began when wife of the paramount chief was raped, then the locals took to fighting the Spanish, their weapons were no match for the Spanish who killed local’s in great numbers. From this we can deduce, the paramount chief was a very important person in the local community, commanded respect from other chiefs in the region. Here we can see the outline of a vast empire within which there is social order of nobles, chiefs, peasants and warriors. Local leaders were deliberately targeted and tortured and killed by being grilled over fire.La casas personally witnessed some of these events,. The policy of killing local leaders one can assume is to terrorize the local population into submission or to destroy the physical and social structures of the empire.

                                           La Casas describes 5 kingdoms each with a leader dominated by the chief king of Ciabo plus lower nobles who swear allegiance to the chief king of the Indians, who gives regular gifts of gold to the king of Spain, as gold supply declined the king offers fertile land for cultivation as they do not know how to mine for gold, this suggest most of the gold was collected is above ground. Here we see an imperial structure of kingdoms dominated by an Emperor. La casas gets to meet the chief king (we do not know what was discussed) who has 16000 armed soldiers at his disposal which he did not use against the Spanish.Why not?         


                          When the Spanish landed they were unaware they had come upon an empire, with many kingdoms, with different cultures and religions and languages, a varied people, with trade and social and cultural links with different communities in the area

                                    The locals thought the Spanish had been sent from heaven, as predicted by their faith, as a consequence they did not resist the Spanish at the beginning. Only when the Spanish committed horrendous brutality did they begin to resist, by this time there already was considerable destruction of the people and the lands.

                            La Cases gives us very little information what the Indians thought of the whole situation, over emphasis on violence gives us limited understanding of Spanish Colonial administrative rule. Since La Cases only visited the Americas once ,we have very little evidence from other sources to verify the claims made above, as the Spanish are portrayed as brutal, we know that considerable trade existed between the Spanish and the locals, such as the regular gift of gold from the King of Ciabo to the King of Spain. This gift of gold must have been formally agreed, either written or verbal, so there must have been some mutual understanding, which is not reflected in La Cases account. Despite this we can see the destruction of an empire at the hands of the Spanish.

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Russia 1 Portugal 1

Geography and history

                 Portugal has no natural resources and is a feudal society run by a monarch. Its only asset is Lisbon harbour. Landmass is not accessible; Spain being a neighbour and direct competitor, also Britain France, Germany all within striking distance of Portugal severely limited its land expansion. Wars in the middle East, Eastern Mediterranean route  and spice routes closed to the Porteguese.Trade at this time in the East was done by Muslim and Chinese traders, who had established trade routes and  commerce across borders, in India  the moguls ruled, the Mamluk dynasties of Egypt, the Turkish sultanates. The Ming dynasty in china. As a consequence of the economic, political geography of the region, Portugal’s   options for expansion was either to find new sea routes to the East, and or displace or take over the trade and sea routes of the existing trading system of the Muslims and Chinese. It simply was not powerful military to take on the big empire builders.

                                 Russia being landlocked and vulnerable to overland invasion as it was under successive Mongol hordes who managed to carve out vast areas into what became known as the khanate states .Russia surrounded by mainly enemies and its borders determined by its neighbours, China, Ottoman Turks, Poland, and Sweden Finland.

                                With no access to a viable ports or sea routes, international trade for Russia was going to be limited, also having had lost territory to countries like Sweden and finland, Russian expansion became (1) about creating buffer land between itself and its enemies (2) to have access to sea and ports, (3) to get back land lost to neighbours (4) to incorporate the khanate kingdoms into the Russian domain. Russian geography did not lead it to create a plunder and profit empire like the Portuguese, but to create an Empire domain to protect itself from foreign invaders, although fur trade was partly responsible for expansion but not the main reason.


Trade and economics

                    Early trade expansion of the Portuguese was mainly a private affair, with investors pooling money and hiring or paying for ships to sail to the East. The role of the crown to provides protection and establish trading bases, mainly port areas as in  Goa India for pepper trading .These trading posts were often heavily fortified with  Portuguese and local soldiers recruited to protect them. The Portuguese would often negotiate favourable trading terms with local traders, very rarely force was used. Their aim was to take over existing trade of the Muslim/Arab/Chinese traders and to exact a toll on local and national and international trade within their domain. Trade was a public/private partnership with the Crown and business interests from within Portugal or investors from abroad.Vasco de Gama was given permission by Crown to act as he wished in pursuing and expanding trade in the name of the Crown, using whatever means.

                  The Russian Empire similarly gave permission to  the Strogonov’s family to expand trade in the name of the Tsar. The Tsar gave military support and built forts to protect this trade. Both Empires relied on powerful business elites to expand their Empires. In Russia the state collected 10% revenue from the fur trade administered by the Strogonov’s.With the Portuguese revenues could be anything from 10% to 70% depending on the type of trade and the honesty of the business elites

                                 The Portuguese eventually displaced the Muslim and Chinese traders and secured the shipping routes, from which any ship sailing through tits sea route would have to pay duties on goods it was carrying; also any ship which docked at any of its ports would also have to pay duties. Business syndicates would often finance cargo ships and naval ships of the Crown. Along with this the Crown authorized individuals like vasco de Gama under the protection of the Crown to use plunder and extortion for profits split with the Crown. Profit and self interest being the drive for Empire expansion not ideology. The trading posts also had substantial Portuguese settled their to secure Portuguese interests.

                              Russian expansion was less about trade, more about securing Russia’s boundaries. Access to the sea and ports did secure more free trade. The fur trade became the main commodity of the Russian Empire; this trade was not created already existed through Kiev, Novograd and Moscovy, the main trading areas under the Russian Empire. The fur and timber trade did expand under the Russian domination along the extensive river system which became like the Portuguese shipping routes for controlling trade and Commerce. Unlike the Portuguese who tried to monopolise existing trade the Russian empire often initiated trade and industry through what can only be described as a state industrial policy



                  With the Portuguese Empire expansion was the main means of acquiring assets and wealth. The drive for this was in relation to other competitor Empire builders like, France, Holland, and UK.All these countries expansion to new lands was backed financially and militarily by the respective Crown. The rational was to acquire new lands and territories before your competitor gets their and claim on behalf of the Crown

                    The political rational for Russian expansion was much more complex. Russia’s intention was to protect, cultural and political integrity of the Russian lands, to protect it what it considered to be foreign political and cultural entities like the khanate states, and Europe. Also it had many border disputes with neighbouring states like the China, by acquiring land it would create buffer lands as protection against future incursions. Much of the land it acquired was not wanted by other empire builders, because it was of little economic value being dry and arid, so the political animosity against the tsars of the day of these land grabs simply did not arise from other Empire builders, unlike the Portuguese who had to justify their actions when conflict arose with other Empire builders.



                 The Portuguese by acquiring and securing trading posts like in Goa, India had a policy of settlement, in India some 50,000 Portuguese settled, creating a lively local community, many married local women, so there became a sizable mixed population. in the area’s the Portuguese controlled there was civil society, civil institutions a legal code in action, commerce controlled and regulated through the factories, Porteguese interests to have primacy at all times, force used if necessary, these Portuguese enclaves became the cultural and economic life of the settlers, as well as military and naval bases, to remind the local who is charge.

                                The Russian’s also built fortified forts, in acquired territories, with secure supply routes to provide goods and services to these enclaves, just like the Porteguese.the only difference being the Russian enclaves did not encourage inter-marriage with the locals or try to impose their political, civil, legal code on the locals. The forts like their Portuguese counterpart became centres of cultural life of the Russians with their own civic and legal codes, very little cultural influence of the Russians extended beyond the fortified enclaves. These forts were mainly military basis in hostile territory as opposed to the Portuguese whose forts were trading posts as well as the cultural life of the Portuguese.



                  In Russian and Portuguese expansion the Church had a supportive role, but the reasons were different. The church was part crusade to Christianize the heathens and part enterprise. The Jesuits had strong links with the crown they shared profits from the empire expansion and consolidation of the Portuguese. The Jesuits also performed administrative duties on behalf of the crown especially in Japan where some learnt Japanese. So the fortunes of the Church were closely linked to the Crown in success of Empire

                           The Russian Church initially did not play much part of Empire; the areas of Russian Empire were very diverse in religion and ethnicity. It was at the behest Peter the Great who saw his country as backward compared to the Europeans that he decided to give Russia a Christian identity by adopting the Russian Orthodox Church. The tsar gave the Church a Christian mission as a bulwark against Islam. Mosques destroyed khan moguls who not convert to Christianity drowned, Churches built. It was soon learnt this policy was not working, as it was difficult to rule an Empire with a large Muslim population.Peter the Great used the Orthodox Church as means of expansion, to bring Christianity to the Empire, like the Portuguese Church, notable conversions did take place in the Permian region. The Portuguese Church also in Japan created a sizable Christian minority

                                 The tsar’s ambition was to create an absolute state unlike the Portuguese who controlled an informal Empire; the Church helped the tsar in the project of autocracy. The Church in Russia came later after imperial expansion. In the Portuguese Empire the Church was involved right at the beginning of Empire expansion with the Crown

Imperial strategy

                  The Portuguese expansion to the East was to drive out the Muslims, its enterprise was less about trade more about extortion through military means if necessary, to collect duties from seaborne trade by monopolizing favourable trade routes it controlled. To ensure this it created factories and navel military bases along its Empire. Soldiers came from lower nobility who hoped to make their fortunes from trade of the Empire. In effect the crown had a private mercenary army and navy at its disposal. The Portuguese imperial strategy was like the mafia, they hoped to profit from existing trade, rather create new trades

                                  The tsar similarly used the Cossacks as mercenary army in expansion of Empire. Their reward was land rights, grain and the Portuguese local nobles were expected to provide troops to the state. Conquered lands like the khanate states, the nobility of which was encouraged to join the Russian nobility to provide more troops for further imperial expansion

                                  The tsar also collected tribute and duty from the Empire.Conqured lands being primarily agricultural with surf labour there was not too much money to be collected. The fur trade tended to move to where there was s plentiful animal life, often along river basins.

                  Part of the imperial strategy was to expand to the black sea and the baltics, giving Russia access to the sea, as it had ambitions to become a naval power like the porteguise.the Russian expansion became the creation of a military industrial complex with client states to control the Eurasian heartland from western Christianity and the Muslims. Russian Empire was not one of trade; the Portuguese Empire right from the beginning was solely about trade and how to profit from it. The Portuguese had no territorial ambitions for the sake of acquiring land unless there was profit to be had.


Transport and communication

                   The Russians used the river system, to invade and expand the empire, also built canal systems. The river system acted like the railways of the empire, used to transport goods, people, armanents, and soldiers with inn’s and postal stations, and settlements on the periphery of Empire.

                     The Portuguese used the sea routes of the international water ways similarly to navigate the empire and have navel stations and settlements along its empire, the monopoly of the sea routes and navel port bases and fortified factories enabled the Portuguese to secure the periphery of their empire.



                         The Russian empire was a land based empire. Its expansion East and West was not primarily trade but to secure its borders and create buffer states at the periphery of empire to deter any incursions into its territories the main trade was fur which Russia used to expand along the river basins which acted similarly to the sea routes of the Portuguese

                              The Portuguese empire was one of pure profit from trade. Both Empires relied on mercenaries to expand; the Portuguese shared the profit from trade while the Russian’s gave the mercenaries like the Cossacks, grain and weapons. The Portuguese mercenaries shared in the plunder and profit of empire

                         Both empires relied on business elites to fund and finance the expansion of trade for profit. The Russians relied on stroganov business family, while the Portuguese relied relied on people like vasco de Gama to pursue trade by foul or fair means with the protection of the Crown

 The church was used as justification in expansion of Empire. With the Portuguese the church was an active player in administration of empire from which it profited. With the Russian empire the Orthodox Church was used as bulwark against European church influence and Muslim khanate states, to give the Russian Empire a Christian identity. The church unlike the Portuguese came much later once the Russian Empire had been secured

                          Both empires had settlements, the Russians forts remained isolated Russian enclaves of cultural and civic life, while the Portuguese settled in great numbers ,inter married and had sizeable mixed race population, with a more varied cultural life

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