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Wanted for Crimes against Humanity the Angel Gabriel



Wanted for Crimes against Humanity

                   Angel Gabriel

By The International Humans Rights Court


Description: Male, about 6 ft tall White, Black or Brown in skin colour, white robe has wings, multi-lingual, has superiority complex and bad attitude towards humans.

(a) If seen do not approach, very dangerous, call police

(b) Can fly through the air with the greatest of ease, do not mistake for a bird or plane

(c) Last seen over two thousand years ago speaking to Prophets

(d) Can appear and disappear anytime, anywhere, any cctv evidence would help police to locate this elusive individual


List of Charges:-


(1)Lying to Prophets

(2) For Promoting murder and genocide

(3)For causing environmental damage i.e. floods and famines

(4)For promoting infanticide

(5)For promoting violence against children

(6)For promoting violence against women

(7)For promoting genital mutilation

(8)For promoting suffering of animals and animal sacrifices

(9) For promoting hatred and racism

(10) For keeping people,ignorant,stupid and backwards

(11) For promoting slavery


Explanation of Charges:-


1)   Lying to Prophets

The Angel Gabriel is God’s communication Director, as God communicates what he wants through him, we need to be sure that he is a reliable source of information. Why God does not communicate directly with his human subjects raises serious doubts.

                       Since the devil is an Angel gone bad, how can we be sure the Angel Gabriel has not gone bad?. The Prophets sent by God were only his messengers. The Angel Gabriel delivered the messages. All the religious texts contain horrendous crimes against people. Can God really be promoting mass murder and genocide or has the Angel Gabriel gone bad or is mad.

2)   For promoting murder and Genocide

                 In all of Gods great works he does not like any other God but him being worshipped. It appears God does not like competition. We in the modern world believe competition is good for society, it drives innovation and progress.

                 God however has written if other Gods are worshiped except him then the people and places where these other Gods are must be destroyed and all the inhabitants killed.

                    Again we must not question God but the Angel Gabriel, did God really say this or has the Angel Gabriel lied to us. Can God really be promoting murder and genocide, at least the accused must be given a fare trial and their defence council explain why they worship other Gods. It would appear God behaves like a Tyrant. He has no compassion or understanding.


3) For causing environmental damage i.e. floods and famines


                In one of his famous books God sent a flood which wiped out most of humanity because he was displeased with his human subjects. The effects of this event on the earth’s bio-systems must have been devastating for humans and animals.

                   The flood destroyed everything, the earth is still recovering from this environmental disaster.

                    The Angel Gabriel could have told God of the damage being done and persuaded God to punish his human subjects in other ways, perhaps educational classes for his illiterate and ignorant subjects


4) For promoting infanticide

                   In one of Gods great works, there is a passage which says the first born male child must be killed. Can this be true, was the Angel Gabriel aware of the rights of the child under the UN human rights charter.

                     During this period people used to bury female babies in foundation holes in the ground when new homes were built, as an offering and blessing to their Gods. Why did the Angel Gabriel not tell God of this heinous practice. I am sure if God was aware he would have put a stop to this?


5) For promoting violence against children

                    In one of Gods great works it says that if children disobey their parents or are rude to them they can be taken to an open place near their home and beaten to death with stones by the local community. Can this be true, no rational God would say this, and therefore the blame must lie with the Angel Gabriel. He must have lied to people.

                        Again the Angel Gabriel must familiarize himself with the rights of the child under the human rights charter of the UN.Since all life is sacred and only God is allowed to take human life, beating children to death is counterproductive to Gods wishes


6) For promoting violence against women

             God’s great works are very unkind to women, they can be beaten, raped, stoned to death for adultery, female babies buried alive, and a woman’s testimony only worth half of a man. In all Gods works women are relegated to second rate status. Why can this be?

                  Women are Gods creation, without them we as a species would have died out. Since they are Gods creation, why have they been treated so badly in history?

                 Could it be with the first woman Eve who ate an apple from the ‘tree of knowledge’? Could it be that God was so upset because women wanted to acquire knowledge and education, Eve was banished to earth and all women for most of history have remained uneducated and have suffered socially in most societies?

               This is terrible punishment inflicted by an unmerciful God which I do not believe. The blame is firmly on the Angel Gabriel, he is a woman hater.


7) For promoting genital mutilation

                             In two of Gods great works boys have to be ‘circumcised’ as part of their religious custom. This cruel and barbaric custom of genital mutilation pre-dates Islam and Judaism. These ancient barbaric practices have found their way into two of Gods works.

                             Ancient civilizations like the Egyptian Pharaohs had slaves circumcised so that they could tell them apart from non slaves. The Jews adopted this practice and it got passed on to other religions.

                There is also the practice of female genital mutilation practiced in some parts of the world, which has nothing to do with religion but has become a social norm.

                 God I am sure would not give us body parts which in later life would need to be surgically removed. This cannot be Gods works but must come from the devious, malicious, psychopathic mind of the Angel Gabriel


8) For promoting animal suffering and animal sacrifices

                     All of Gods great works contain many references to animal sacrifices and some human ones. It would appear God under certain circumstances can only be pleased by animal and some time human sacrfices.God has a blood lust, can this be true, cannot God not be satisfied with tea and sympathy or some other equally benign offering, such as a Burger king meal or a Kentucky Fried Chicken or a Kebab meal.

                     Millions of animals are ritually sacrificed in Gods name. Can this be true, why so much blood, according to God life is sacred, animals and humans are Gods creation, why have so many sacrificed in his name.

                                In one of Gods great religions it gives strict rules how an animal can be killed by having its throat cut, this is meant to limit the amount of suffering to the animal. Question is an animal will know if its throat is being cut, would it not be better to make sure the animal is unconscious before its throat is cut. This would be a more humane way of killing, as practiced in most Western countries now.

                           I am sure God does not want animals to suffer for our consumption. Again I do not believe God would want animals or humans to be sacrificed or suffer in his name, as all life is sacred to God. The blame lies with the Angel Gabriel lying to Prophets of Gods true intent. The Angel Gabriel must be made aware of animal husbandry, which are intended to minimize the suffering of animals.


9) For promoting Racism and Hatred

                   According to one of Gods great works, he told them they are the chosen people above all others. Can this be true, if so then this makes God a racist, therefore he is not an equal opportunity God and can be dismissed by those who are not the chosen people.

                      I do not believe God has a special preference for certain groups of people over others including giving them land which does not belong to them, when other people have been living there for over two thousand years.

                         As I do not believe God is a racist, the blame lies with the Angel Gabriel for selling false information.Perhaps the Angel Gabriel wants to make God look bad, maybe he wants his job.


10) For keeping people, stupid, ignorant and backwards

              Dear God when your great works have been applied 100% on societies throughout history they have had terrible results. The issue is have your great works been applied as the originator intended, or are the policies at fault i.e.impractible to enforce, or human failings ensure that they cannot work, or a combination of all three.

                   In the past when the clergy ruled in Europe, Gods disciples were in charge we had the dark ages when for 300 years no progress in society was made. Over one billion people have died because of religion, or in the name religion or religion was in the background. I am sure God you cannot be happy with so many people killed in your name. Today we have three examples of countries run on strictly godly principles, Iran by the (Mad) Mullah’s Afghanistan by the (Insane) Taliban and Saudi Arabia (by the Wahabi religious extremists)), beheadings of men and stoning of women are the norm. These barbaric practices have no place in the modern world we live.

                         Since you want peace and happiness with all your human subjects, the fault must lie with the Angel Gabriel, he has not fulfilled his job description. We urge you God to terminate his employment contract, send him to earth so that we may try him for crimes against humanity.

                  I would further urge you to send a new Angel to earth to proselytise your peaceful mission. If you cannot I will be happy to act as your representative on earth. I am happy to work on a zero hour contract of £200+vat per hour. Any payment will need to be paid in to my off shore account in the Cayman Islands.

(11)For promoting slavery

               In all your great works slavery is promoted, accepted, normalized, strict rules for slavery are written in your great works. We in the modern world believe owning another human being is morally and ethically wrong. We have international laws banning this practice included in the human rights charter.

                              God I am sure you do want slavery practiced, we have come to the conclusion the Angel Gabriel has been dishonest in this matter. We urge you to have a long, detailed conversation about this matter with him. If you cannot, please send the Angel Gabriel to earth so that we may put him on trial for Crimes against Humanity.


                      Kind Regards

                     Tiger Moto

           (Insignificant puny earthling)

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