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The Pig, God and Religion


                                               The Pig, God and Religion

                          Two of the world’s great religions have decided the pig is enemy Number One. To eat, touch, smell or even look at the pig is considered the most heinous of crimes according to their religion. So if you are seen to be fraternizing with a pig or worst consuming the pig in any form, in public or private, puts you in the same league as Killers, Rapists and Child Molesters.

                            The question asked is what has the pig done in the eyes of God to deserve this terrible reputation, since the Pig is one of God’s creations, and to my knowledge Mr&Mrs pig made it on to Noah’s ark. To investigate this deep mystery I have enlisted the help of the great and good from society to bring clarity to this matter.

                          We are organizing a seminar titled the Pig and God. It will be hosted by Miss Piggy (a former star of the very popular... the Muppet show).It will be sponsored by the National pig farmers association. The topics to be discussed will be as follows:-

1) The pig and Western civilization..How the pig has fed Europeans throughout history. The pig being cheap to keep, eats anything, produces lots of little pigs, and grows  very quickly into a large size, able to feed large families at low cost,second only to the chicken...(the most widely eaten meat product in the world).

2) Free tickets on offer to Walt Disney’s new movie...The Pig Must Die...starring Porky Pig. Michael Eisner...the Boss of Walt Disney will be presenting a special Oscar to Porky Pig for best actor award.Mr Eisner being Jewish will be wearing, body armour, white suit covering the whole body(including the head),also gloves and a gas mask. He will not be shaking hands with Porky Pig, but will present the Oscar on the end of a long 10 metre pole.

3) Free tickets on offer to the play Pygmalion opening in London theatres soon, for 6 weeks only.Get to see your favourite actors behave like pigs.

4) Your local bank will be giving talk on how to save money for young children. He will be giving out free piggy banks for the children, don’t miss out on this free offer.


5) For children’s entertainment, all the episodes of Peppe Pig and Walt Disney’s three little Pigs to be shown continuously

6) The Pig as Cultural Icon, the Chinese celebrate the pig in elaborate ceremonies every year. The pig is crucial to the Chinese cuisine and cultural life.You can participate in this annual event where you will be able to dress up as a pig in the parade. Best pig costume will win a free trip to the local pig Abbatour

7) We will be holding a talent contest, for the best pig impersonations and pig jokes. The winner gets to sponsor a pig for life.



Now for some serious stuff

                  Many people in the world do not eat the pig for religious reasons, others for cultural or personal reasons, if you are brought up in household where you do not eat pork, and then there is good chance you will grow up not eating pork.

                    The religious reasons for not eating pork seem to fit in a number of categories:-

1) Muslims do not eat Pork because it is written in God’s work and considered an unclean animal


2) Jews do not eat pork because, perhaps for the same reason as Muslims + you cannot eat any animal with split hooves. So in Israel an enterprising Jew genetically modified the pig and fused the hooves. His target market was the more Liberal secular, less religious Jews for whom the pig is not so bad or evil, and tastes quite good.

                         The devout religious Jews were not having any of it. They decreed if it looks like a pig, whether fused hooves or not then it is a pig, and therefore not kosher, and it has been banned to my knowledge, unless there is an underground thriving pig market in Israel.

                       Whenever there is prohibition on something it usually creates an illegal market for the product.I have no doubt some enterprising Israeli’s are delivering Kosher Pork Bagels in the middle of the night to the Porky loving members of their community.


3) In the Christian Bible it also says do not eat the pig, and shell fish. Most Christians have long ignored these Biblical rulings and for good reason, they are silly.

Excluding religious reasons for banning the pig from the dinner table, can we come up with a more rational explanation lets try:-

1)    Our three great religions came out of the Desert or as I call them Dessert Religions, because they have been dished out to the most illiterate, ignorant and backward people God could find

     2) In those times people would bury the dead in shallow graves. At night time wild feral pigs would dig up the graves and eat the bodies

3) It was then decided by the good and the great at that time not to eat the pig, because the pig may have eaten one of your dead relatives. God agreed that it was good idea hence it became the word of God for Jews, Muslims and those pig loving Christians.

Does this make sense, sounds rational, may even be true?.Please be aware i am not advocating eating,or not eating the Pig, that is a decision for you to make,i make no moral or ethical judgements on this matter. I am simply stating an alternative viewpoint not necessarily mine. I make no criticism of someone’s religion or faith.

                 The viewpoint i am expressing is from readings of scholars of ancient history, who say that the Biblical accounts are not supported by evidence or there is no evidence as yet to confirm all the sayings and teachings of religion. That many of our religious customs&practices are based on the superstitions and traditions of ancient illiterate, backward, uneducated people, whose limited knowledge has been passed onto us in the form of religious rights. Therefore is it right to carry on these practices when they serve no real meaning and purpose, other than as rituals.

                To bring clarity to this matter. In some perhaps all religions the status of women is not held very highly. Domestic violence is ordained by the Almighty, yet someone who eats pork is regarded as the greater evil. This seems a moral dilemma the almighty needs to resolve. Eating pork may or may not make you into bad person, but beating up your wife does make you into a bad person. We need to condemn wife beaters more than pork lovers.

                      People who do not want to follow all their religious customs should be free to do so. We must not pass judgement on them. It is to God they will be answerable. So we need to be more tolerant and not to take it into our hands to dispense God’s judgement upon them on earth.

                       So let us tackle the real evils in this world, of domestic violence, of child abuse, poverty, greed and shelfishness.Of our political economic system which is driving people into poverty and despair, a system that creates more losers than winners, of rogue states Like Israel which ignore International law and oppress and deny the Palestinians their basic human rights, supported by the world’s leading Terrorist State the United States of America.            

                                           Kind Regards

                                            Tiger Moto


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