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The EU Referendum Con (UK)



The UK, EU Referendum Con

The Prime Minister of The UK (the snake oil salesman) David Cameron has decided to give the British people an in/out referendum from the EU.This is very kind of him to honour a pre-election pledge, which he never intended to carry through. Let me explain in the last election all the polls suggested the Conservatives were going to lose or at least not have a workable majority.

                                     So Cameron (the snake oil salesman) had never intended for the EU referendum to go forward, unfortunately for the country and its citizens the Conservatives won. So he now has problem how to offer a referendum which he never intended, to stay in the EU which he supports, this is the basis for the EU referendum Con.

                                                  In order to win this referendum, you the people of the UK are going to be subject to lies and propaganda, my intention is to show how you will be manipulated, lied to, conned and cheated into voting to stay in the EU.

(1)  The government has used your tax payer’s money to produce a pro EU report warning of the dire consequences of leaving the EU.The report uses the worst case scenario to suggest that leaving the EU will mean that the UK economy will sink. This is complete pack of lies, leaving the EU will bring many positive benefits and some negative effects.

(2) By leaving the EU we will be able to control our own borders, decide you can come to this country, the quantity and quality of people. We will be able to stop the U.K from becoming a minimum wage economy. Unlike the present situation where anyone good or bad can come to this country.

(3) We will be able to make our own laws, at the moment many of our laws are made in the EU whether they are in our interest or not, we have little say in the matter. The slogan of some pro-Europeans politicians of being in Europe but not run by it, is an oxymoron. We are in the EU and run by the EU, our politicians have little influence and less each year.

(4) By leaving we will be able to negotiate trade treaties with any country and only if it is in our interest. China is able to have trade treaties with many countries all based on mutual self interest , we as part of the EU cannot negotiate bi-lateral trade treaties with other countries

(5) By leaving we will not lose jobs as the EU relies more on jobs from us than we do from them. Those who say the day we leave there will be a line at the dole office is a blatant lie. Scare tactics are being used to get you to stay in

(6) By leaving all the British people living in EU will be turfed out. This is a scare tactic. Most British people living in the EU bring net benefits to the countries they live in. By deporting these people the EU will be worse of economically

(7) The British people living in the EU will have two choices (1) take up citizenship of the country you live in  or come back to the UK.The choice is yours, the same applies to EU citizens living here, you cannot have dual nationality


(8) By leaving the EU we will be able to have own economic policies unlike the present situation where the EU decides what percentage deficit we can have, it is also determining taxation rates we can set. Freeing ourselves from the EU financial jacket we can design and implement policies which are a net benefit to the citizens of the U.K.As for trade, companies like VW will continue to sell us cars unless they decide they don’t want access to the U.K market. This would a foolish thing as it would mean job losses, profit and market share forgone for Germans, which no company wants.


(9) The BBC ( also known as the British Brainwashing Corporation)) has been giving a very negative view of leaving the EU,somehow this country which has done well in the past as an independent country, cannot or is unable to govern itself as a independent nation again.


(10)                So you the public also known as tax mugs and EU tax mugs, will be frightened,confused,manipulated and conned in to maintaining the status quo.You will vote to stay in even though it will be not be in your long term interests


(11)                To fully appreciate what I am saying, look at what the EU has done to Greece which is being run by the EU like a colonial outpost and look at the refugee crises, the EU’s response has been a shambles. Each country blaming the other for the problem


(12)                Many people are under the assumption by leaving the EU you will not be able to travel. This is nonsense, you will be still be able travel, you simply need a visa i.e. purpose for visit as you would if you were going the US.As long as you meet the criteria there is no reason to stop you going to another country.


(13)                The government has just spent £9 million pounds of our tax money to produce a leaflet about the EU referendum which is pro-Eustis is a complete waste of tax payers money. Equal amount of money should be given to the Out referendum campaign.


(14)                By voting to stay in you will continue to be part of the EU empire, you will become a wage slave to big business and a debt slave to the banking sector. You will also participate in the decline of the U.K as an independent nation, a decline in democracy and sovereignty of the nation; you will ensure that the future of you children will be less secure , you will participate in the decline of the welfare state as there is no a link between taxes paid and benefits received in the U.K.


(15)                So if you want all the above please vote yes, and assign yourself the title of  EU tax mug, wage slave and debt slave


(16)                Mr Cameron (the snake oil salesman) has already used £9 million of taxpayers’ money to send a Pro-EU propaganda leaflet to every household.

                            Kind Regards

                            Tiger Moto


The EU Referendum Con
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