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Holiday to Israel

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Holiday to Israel

Welcome to Israel, the Land of Mose’s, milk and honey. We hope you will have a pleasant two weeks .We have organized special tours, places to visit, people to meet and activities to take part in. So please be prepared for a hectic two weeks

Day 1) Relax in your five star hotel to get rid of the jet lag. Enjoy cocktails in the swimming pool from water which has been stolen from the Palestinians. Remember we the Israeli’s are God’s chosen people and we can do what we like, with God’s blessing and Military and Diplomatic support from the US (the world’s leading terrorist state)


Day 2) Visit the old city of Jerusalem while it exists and meet its original owners the Palestinians before we evict them and give their homes, land and building to the Jewish diaspora.All illegal under international law, but why should we care because we are God’s chosen people and the US (our $5 dollar whore) will support anything we do because we own the Congress (also known as the Jewish congress).

                    President Obama (the shoe shine boy for Wall St) has just signed the biggest arms deal to Israel by any President).Obama knows not to mess with God’s chosen people.

Day 3) Spend all day at the beach, enjoy cocktail drinks and the finest food and watch Local’s having fun at the beach. Watch Israeli gun boats shoot at Palestinian fishing boats, as these poor soul’s try to make a living to feed their families. Don’t be upset at this, this kind of behaviour is sport for our military to humiliate, insult and degrade a defenceless population. All ways remember we are God’s chosen people, unlike you a gentile (which means you are God’s second class citizen)


Day 4)Enjoy the nightlife of bars and clubs, join Karaoke sessions with local Israeli’s singing favourite songs like Death to the Arabs, watch them cheer and celebrate as their army mercilessly kills unarmed defenceless Palestinians, especially children(an Israeli Defence Force Speciality)


Day 5) Go site seeing of the old Ruins of Jerusalem, especially Palestinian houses we have bulldozed, as collective punishment. All illegal under international law, but who cares remember we are God’s chosen people, and we can do what we like with Legal, Military, Diplomatic and monetary support from the USA (our $5 dollar whore), we get $4+ billion dollars of aid from the US every year(pity the US taxpayer is not made aware of this).


Day 6) we have organized special helicopter flight for you. You can see the beautiful city of Tel Aviv built with money from the Jewish Diaspora, many of them do not even live in Israel. You will also have a beautiful aerial view of the ruins of Gaza, our outdoor prison for the Palestinians, which we destroyed in the last Gaza massacre. Whenever we bomb the Gaza strip as collective punishment, we give these massacres defensive sounding names like protective edge and describe it as a war.

                 When in reality war is against competing military forces. The Palestinians have no f-16 war jets or tanks or high-tech weapons of any kind, it is not a war but a massacre of a defenceless population who have nowhere to hide.


Day7) Relax it is the end of the week, and were sure you will want to tell family and friends what a wonderful time you’re having and how warm, kind and generous the Israeli’s are to you, as long as you’re not a Palestinian.

Day8) If you decide to go out at night on your own, we seriously suggest do not dress or look like an Arab or stand near one, you could end up being shot by our Police or soldiers, remember the Israeli army motto is a dead Palestinian is a good Palestinian, (and we don’t want you to be a good Palestinian)

                           Here Jews who look like Palestinians wear T-Shirts to say they are Jewish. If you are going out ask one of our hotel staff for a T-Shirt. (Remember we want you to go home on a plane alive and not in a coffin)


Day 9) we have organized a special event where you can follow our soldiers harassing and humiliating Palestinians 3am in the morning. Be prepared to take video’s and pictures of traumatized children as young as two treated like sub-humans all in the name of ‘security’ and ‘defending Israel’.

                    We use the excuse of security as justification, when the real purpose is to make life unbearable for the Palestinians. We are proud of this bureaucracy of evil we have created. Make sure you take pictures of our soldiers pointing high velocity rifles at two year old Palestinian children. We call this defending the state of Israel.

Day 10) Take a tour on our Jewish only highways, this is the easiest way to get around greater Israel which now incorporates the illegally occupied West bank. Notice the road blocks placed strategically to make normal life impossible for the Palestinians.

Day 11) we have organized a special shooting event for you, where you can watch our soldiers shoot at stone throwing Palestinian youth. Our soldiers use Palestinian children as target practice.

                 Live targets are always the best, Palestinian children make great targets. Make sure you take pictures and videos of our brave soldiers tear gassing six year old school children. Watch our finest bravest soldier’s insult, degrade and humiliate elderly Palestinians as they are forced to wait at checkpoints in the heat of the day for hours, all in the name of security.


Day 12) Watch our proud Israeli citizens shoot innocent Palestinian youth then place a knife next to the body to make it look like the victim attacked first. In the UK we call this murder, in Israel we call this defending the state of Israel.

                             Take a special tour of illegal settlements of mostly Fundamentalist Jewish religious extremists harassing their Palestinian residents. Watch these religious fruit cakes damage Palestinian olive groves, some 1000 years old.

Day 13) we are taking bookings for the next Gaza massacre, you will be able to see from Israeli hilltops our US supplied F-16 and Tanks fire into one of the most densely populated area in the world. A population which cannot escape, as a pre-view watch Russia Today who show the grizzly death toll of children in the local morgue of the last Gaza massacre. Remember a good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian.


Day 14) we have organized a visit to a local Israeli school to show you how we educate the next generation of Israeli’s. Read our text book how we tell our children Arabs are bad, how our history books distort and fabricate the real history of Israel. The anti-Arab racism taught in our schools, will help future generations to live in peace, happiness and harmony with their Arab neighbours.


                  It is the end of your holiday to Israel, hopefully you will have fond memmories.You will tell your family and friends  all about the Apartheid Racist State of Israel, the Middle East Psychopath, and the lovely beeches and hotels.

                       Please book early for your next holiday you may even participate in another Middle East war (massacre).

                              Kind Regards from the

                  Democratic Terrorist State of Israel                                      

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Holiday to Israel

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