Western Democracy is a fraud and a sham and the West's exporting of this unworkable system to other countries is leading to problems.
In a real Democracy people have a meaningful say how they want to be governed.Democracy in the West is reduced to voting,which has no meaning and makes no difference to how people are governed.
In the UK at Election time parties hide behind meaningless slogans like 'it's time for change'.People are bombarded with statements,slogans,promises,policies,which people find hard to decide what is the truth.The whole idea is to confuse the public,so that they are guided more by emotion than rational.
If log onto Youtube there is an excellent documentary called 'Investment theory of Politics'.The best part of the documentary where random people are asked on a beech, about the fourthcoming election who they will vote for and why.Non of the respondents could name or explain any of the policies of the respective parties.
They were looking at the personal characteristics
of the canditates to decide who to vote,in other words emotion rather than rational judgement in their selection process.
In the Good Society Democracy should be fully participatory and your vote should have a action plan attached to it,not a meaningless slogan
Politics,Economics and Democracy must be linked and work together at the local level.There must be direct link between voting,taxes paid,welfare,economics and politics,basically you should get what you pay for.
In UK we have not had a majority government since the 1950's when a party had over 50% of ther vote .The present government was elected by 25%,it is totally undemocratic.
We aim to show how we can connect the public with democracy,in the Good Society we aim to link democracy and the people
Kind Regards
Tiger Moto

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