The farce that was the French election has ended with  a Mr Nobody being did this happen and why..the mistery revealed:-




1) Miss Le Pen the managed migration and lets leave the EU party was making gains and winning arguments and voters

2)The two main  parties which have ruled France for over 70 years were losing credibility with the voters.Since the two main establishment parties had nothing more to offer than maintaining the status Quo...they were rapidly losing votes,voters and sympathy

3)The establishment parties could not let Miss Le Pen  win and destroy the European Union.With the U.K voting to leave another EU member leaving would mean the end of the EU dream...a strategy had to be designed to nullify the  threat

4)Since the two main parties were was decided that a new person in the name of Mr Macron..or Mr Nobody was proposed as a Presidential candidate.Since Mr Nobody (Macron) has no political record of any worth..he was sold as a candidate who told anybody and everybody what they wanted to hear.He promised everything to everybody..and got peoples votes.No one questioned why anybody should vote for this Mr Nobody

5)The French mainstream media and the establishment worked together to discredit Miss Le Penn..including the EU trying to prosecute and debar her from office which failed.

6)With such an assault on her party and personal attacks,millions of Euro's being spent..Miss Pen simply did not have the means or resouces to take on the French establishment,the EU,the French Media and the main parties..she duly lost the election and a Mr Nobody became President

7)Mr Nobody has won.Nobody seems to know what me Mr Nobody's policies are,so somebody has to ask Mr Nobody,or ask anybody exactly what he proposes for Frances dire economic problems

8)The next 4-5 years the French are going to realize that they have elected a no nothing,do nothing he is a Nobody..the French have been truely conned into voting against their own self interest and to keep the EU dream alive

9)The next few years the French will not see any appreciable gains in their economic circumstances.Miss Pen and her party will use every economic and political failure to nail Mr Nobody and his lies which got him elected

10)So Miss Penn is the real winner,has more votes than before,she will persecute Mr Nobody's failures on mainstream media,the establishment and the main parties will have to defend his failures,which will enable Miss Penn to increase her credibility and build a bigger share of the votes

                       So the real winners of the French elections are the Euopean Union and Miss Penn...the losers are and will be the  French public who voted for a Mr Nobody

                                                                                              Kind Regards

                                                                                              Tiger Moto

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