The Harem Culture is Thriving in the U.K
Many of you reading this in the U.K will immediately think of polygamous societies or the Harem culture of Islamic Societies or perhaps Tribal Primitive societies in parts of Africa or Asia or even in the US certain small religious communities practice polygamy or have harem culture societies.
You may or may not be right in your thinking, as far as I am aware having more than one wife is illegal in the UK (I’m not sure about this)
The harem culture is thriving in the U.K due to the behaviour of some males. I know of an individual who has fathered 11 children from as many women. I know of another who has fathered 8 children from five women. I know of a woman who has five children from five different men. There is the case of a 25 year old on disability benefits who has fathered 14 children! From many different women.
Some of you might say, so what two consenting adults can do whatever they want within the law. The problem is the women raising these children will do so without fathers. The U.K has many single mothers who are now substantial part of the U.K population. Many will be supported by the state, there is no way that a father of 11 eleven children will able to support them on his income alone. The state has become the surrogate parent.
Let’s ask the question if the welfare system did not exist would these women have all these children, knowing that if the girl got herself pregnant the family would have to support her. Would they support her if they disapproved of her association with her partner? Would her behaviour be different or the same knowing there would no support from the state and she would have to rely on family and friends.
This question is not a new one, so in the U.K a man knows that if a girl gets pregnant or he can walk away from a relationship knowing the state will step in to support his ex-family and children. Now there is in law what are called maintenance payments, also often cash settlements made by wealthy people who divorce or split up, and pay compensation usually the mother who often ends up with the children.
This system is not working very well there are many fathers who manage to avoid their liabilities, and it is very difficult and costly to collect small amounts of money from lots of different people. Now there is much discussion has the welfare state contributed to the high rates of divorce, single parents, co-habiting which is very common in the UK.Are these lifestyle choices which people have made or are do they end up in these situations due to circumstances beyond their control. In the U.K the so called ‘nuclear family’ (parents and children biologically related living together) being replaced by a’ mongrel’ family where the children will be from different relationships?
What will be the future prospects of Society as the traditional family system disintegrates. The effects are already being reflected in schools by disruptive pupils from dysfunctional fatherless homes. Courts are increasingly have to deal with problems which are not just of a criminal nature, but are also social in nature, which they do not have the legal means to deal with.
It must be stated that the Harem culture among the indigenous population is only a minority, but it is growing at a healthy rate.Shoud we celebrate this as modern living or be concerned as parts of British society evolving backwards, becoming a Bono Chimp Society.(For those not familiar with Bono chimp behaviour. These chimps are the most promiscuous among our nearest and dearest ape relatives.
Should we as the tax payers be funding a Bono Chimp society of bed hopping baby breeders, children as a by- product of sex, brought in to world unloved,un- wanted and probably uncared for. Should we be aiming for an albatross society who stay together for life, because children want their mum and dad be there for them 24/7 not part time or be single parents? What are the rights of children who do not choose their parents?
What i have said may seem obvious, nothing new, common sense, society is as it is, and we must deal with. But think of the long effects on what kind of society we will end up and the social problems which we will have to deal with more tax dollars in the future.

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