It is often said America does not have culture being such a young country,that is unfair America does have culture it has given us Mickey Mouse,Daffy Duck and McDonalds.We believe culture matters in our concept of the Good Society.The economics profession have dismissed culture as having any meaningful influence in their abstract economic models of the economy.
We believe culture plays a crucial in the economic and social development of a country.To illustrate our point we will show by example two countries who's social and economic outcomes have been very different.
South Korea and Ghana both became independent in the early 1950's,both were then regarded as very poor countries.With South Korea it was relient on US food aid to stop people from starving.Reports of South Korea at time paint a dismal picture,of the country with no future or hope,regarded as a basket case.
SouthKorea is now one the richest and most advanced coutries in the world,question is how have they achieved this.South Korea has Confusion culture,of thrift,hard work,obedience,a orderly and harmonious society,of trust and working togther towards a common purpose.
Now if we look at Ghana it has remained poor,despite being resource rich.Perhaps Ghana suffers from what is known as the resource curse.Is it because they are less intelligent,i am sure there are many highly intelligent articulate Ghanians,is it because they are tribal,is it because they have bad government,is it because they are less hardworking,may be not ,i'm sure many work very hard.
Excluding all the above factors we must conclude that culture must play a role in their very different economic and social outcomes.
In our concept of the Good Society we want to put culture in centre place,in essence Culture Matters.
We will show in future articles how culture plays an important role in the economic and social development of society.
Kind Regards
Tiger Moto

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