Capitalism is a subject which  has moved beyond reasonable discussion in the West.We aim to show how blind faith in markets has led to terrible consequences for people.

    Under the modern unregulated capitalist system there has been massive fraud and embezzelement.The victims being ordinary people all over the world.We are not anti capitalist or pro-capitalist,our viewis that there there is a system in place which delivers masses of goods and services and prosperity to millions everyday all over the world.

  Our aim is to make the existing work for the benefit of everybody not just a minority which is the case at the moment.We want to make major changes to the existing capitalist system to ensure that everybody benefits.

Changes to any existing system are always resisted by those who benefit from the existing system,so we expect lots of rebuttals to our suggestions which we are ready for.So please be patient with us as we slowly build an alternative better social.political and economic model fit fot the 21st Century

    Kind Regards

Tiger Moto

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