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A Brief History of Zyklon B

                                                               Many people are aware of Zyklon B ,a insecticide used to 'gas',murder and 'burn'... 'six million Jews' by the Nazi regime,although the evidence for this heinous crime has yet to be found.Sherlock Holmes the great fictional Victorian Detective has been employed to find the evidence.As yet we are still waiting for his report about the 'six million' bright pink bodies..which are the result of hydrogen Cyanide poisoning.

                                                                   The history of Zyklon B is very interesting  one,here are list of very little known facts about Zyklon B:-


1)Zykon B was invented by a German Jew (yes its true).Before DDT it was widely used all over the world


2)It was used in delousing facilities in America and Europe to kill,  Typhus carrying lice..a disease which killed millions during this time period


3) As an insecticide  it contained hydrogen Cyanide..a deadly poison..strict procedures in equipment use,clothing and application...The Germans used purpose built Delousing well as mobile ones used to delouse clothing to rid of this deadly disease carrying lice.The disease was rampant in the labour and concentration camps such as Aucshwitz where there was a constant movement of people in and out of the camp.


4)In order to contain the disease which was killing hundreds of people per day/week/month.The Germans had  procedures in  place to contain the disease.All inmates to the camps had their clothes taken of them to be deloused,they had their head shaven to get rid of possible lice infection and given a shower and a new uniform.The Germans invented Microwave technology which replaced Zyklon B..infact very little Zyklon B was used when the  mass murder of jews was taking place in Auschwitz ?.We can assume from this more people were Micro-Waved to death than died of Zyklon B poisoning.This fact is little reported.


5)According to Holocaust Historians the delousing chambers known as  'Gas Chambers' by the Germans were of dual use.The Germans used the same facilities to kill millions of Jews and Zyklon B as the agent of death  as well as Zyklon B is  a unique multi-purpose product....if you look closely on the Zyklon B cannister it is clearly written in very small print...Kill's bugs and Jews

                                                            The medical evidence for Zyklon  B use on humans  has yet to be found (no pink bodies) .As stated before hydrogen Cyanide poisoning turns the body bright pinks.there is no evidence of bright pink bodies or one produced to this day.Those evil Nazi Germans have pulled off the biggest mass murders in history and left no evidence..unlike the Russian Bolshivek Jew Yagoda who is responsible for the death of upwards of 17 million Russians, and his handy work is visisble to see,with documentary evidence to prove it.He puts Hitler to shame !!.


6)Many people are unaware that there were many variations of Zyklon B produced for different uses.


7)Zyklon A..This is used to kill Politicians and Journalists who lie...which is about 80%  according to my calculations


8)Zyklon B..Used to kill disease carrying lice..(Typhus..which killed millions)Also very toxic to Jews...infact according to 'Holocaust Folklore' six million succumbed to it.Zyklon B however  was not toxic to Germans,Czecks,Russians,and others who were 60% of the Auschwitz population at the time..most of them survived.Zyklon must be the first genetically modified posion which only targets people of the Jewish faith.


9)Zyklon C..This is used to kill  Pro Zionist and Israeli prevalent in the Western Media often owned or influenced by the powerfull Jewish lobbies and interests...including Jewish owned Hollywood.Zyklon C as yet has not been proved to be very successfull.but the internet and alternative media may change that over time.


10)Zyklon D..Used to kill Gays,Lesbians,Cross dressers,trans-vestities..Its use has been banned in most countries, since laws now ban persecution of people for their gender or sexual orientation..which is a good thing..Zyklon D is no longer in production..although it is still in use in some countries where it is a criminal offence to be Gay or Lesbian.


 11)Zyklon E..This is used to kill Democracy.Very effective in the Western world (the main promoters of this system).People in the Western World are finding out their votes makes no diffirence to political outcomes.Regardless who they vote for policies do not change.the EU being a classical example.Zyklon E is widely used in the US by Corporations who have bought up  and killed the political process and killed democracy making sure it does not work... 100% effective in the US and EU.


12) Zyklon F...Used to  tax people to death and reduce their entitlement to benefits under the new Neo-Liberal Fascist agenda.It  has been to be very the state now through its ' legitimate' means of force has become a tax extortion Mafia...and people are unable to fight back.There is hope as some Americans are leaving their country of origin and disposing of their American Citizeship.


13) Zyklon G..Used against the banking industry and central banking who through debt and interest have enslaved creating money from thin air as numbers on a computer screen.We must eradicate this interest bearing debt enslavement disease.As yet Zyklon G is not very effective as governments are protecting the banking industry against the wishes and interests of the people


                                                       We must produce more Zyklon A and C


 please login to this documentary on JewIsh Terrrorism and mass murder something you are not told in the Jewish owned/influenced WESTERN MEDIA




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Zionist Massacres

Notorious massacres of Palestinians between 1937 & 1948
According to hundreds of Palestinian, Arab, Israeli, and Western sources, both written and oral, Zionist forces committed dozens of massacres against Palestinians during what was called the 1948 “war”. Some of these are well-known and have been published while others are not. Below are some of the details of the most notorious massacres committed at the hands of Haganah and its armed wing, the Palmach, as well as the Stern Gang, the Irgun and other Zionist mobs:
• The Jerusalem Massacre - 1/10/1937
A member of the Irgun Zionist organisation detonated a bomb in the vegetable market near the Damascus (Nablus) Gate in Jerusalem killing dozens of Arab civilians and wounding many others.
• The Haifa Massacre - 6/3/1937
Terrorists from the Irgun and Lehi Zionist gangs bombed a market in Haifa killing 18 Arab civilians and wounding 38.
• The Haifa Massacre - 6/7/1938
Terrorists from the Irgun Zionist gang placed two car bombs in a Haifa market killing 21 Arab civilians and wounding 52.
• The Jerusalem Massacre - 13/7/1938
10 Arabs killed and 31 wounded in a massive explosion in the Arab vegetable market in the Old City.
• The Jerusalem Massacre - 15/7/1938
A member of the Irgun Zionist gang threw a hand grenade in front of a mosque in Jerusalem as worshippers were walking out. 10 were killed and 30 were wounded.
• The Haifa Massacre - 25/7/1938
A car bomb was planted by the Irgun Zionist gang in an Arab market in Haifa which killed 35 Arab civilians and wounded 70.
• The Haifa Massacre - 26/7/1938
A member of Irgun threw a hand grenade in a Haifa market killing 47 Arabs.
• The Jerusalem Massacre - 26/8/1938
A car bomb placed by the Irgun gang exploded in a Jerusalem Arab market killing 34 Arabs and wounding 35.
• The Haifa Massacre - 27/3/1939
The Irgun Zionist gang detonated two bombs in Haifa killing 27 Arabs and wounding 39.
• The Balad Al-Shaykh Massacre - 12/6/1939
The Haganah Zionist gang raided the city of Balad Al-Shaykh capturing 5 resi3
dents who they then killed. The city of Balad Al-Shaykh is a Palestinian Arab city located east of Haifa.
• The Haifa Massacre - 19/6/1939
Zionist raiders threw a hand grenade in a Haifa market killing 9 Arabs and wounding 4.
• The Haifa Massacre - 20/6/1948
78 Arabs were killed and 24 wounded by a bomb placed inside a vegetable box in a Haifa vegetable market. The Irgun and Lehi gangs were responsible for this.
• The Al Abbasiyah Massacre - 13/12/1947
A group of Irgun members disguised as British soldiers attacked the village of Al Abbasiyah and opened fire on its residents sitting outside a village café. They also bombed a number of their homes and planted several time bombs. Moreover, British soldiers surrounded the village and allowed the killers to escape from the northern side of the village. They killed 7 and severely wounded 7 others 2 of whom died later including a 5 year old child.
• The Al-Khasas Massacre - 18/12/1947
3 Zionists from the “Maayan Baruch” kibbutz attacked and shot 5 Arab workers on their way to work. During the attack, one of the Zionists was stabbed and killed prompting the commander of the Palmach third battalion, Moshe Kelman, to ordere a retaliatory operation to burn the homes and kill the men in Al-Khasas. The commander’s report notes that 12 were killed, all of whom were women and children.
• The Jerusalem Massacre - 29/12/1947
Irgun members threw a barrel full of explosives near Bab al-Amud in Jerusalem which resulted in the death of 14 Arabs and the wounding 27 others.
• The Jerusalem Massacre - 30/12/1947
The Irgun gang threw a bomb from a speeding car killing 11 Arabs.
• The Balad Al-Shaykh Massacre - 31/12/1947
A joint force of the first Palmach battalion and a brigade led by Haim Avinoam attacked the Balad Al-Shaykh village killing 60 civilians, according to Zionist sources. Those killed included children, women and the elderly, and dozens of homes were destroyed.
• Al-Sheikh Break Massacre - 31/12/1947
Zionist terrorist groups raided the village of Al-Sheikh Break, killing 40.
• The Jaffa Massacre - 4/1/1948
The Zionist Stern Gang threw a bomb in a crowded plaza in Jaffa, killing 15 people and wounding 98.
• The Al-Saraya Massacre - 4/1/1948
On January 4, 1948 the Irgun Zionist terrorist gang placed a car full of explosives near Al-Saraya in Jaffa which destroyed all that surrounded it, killed
30 Arabs and wounded several others. A fairly large number of the victims were Jaffa’s intellectual youth.
• The Semiramis Massacre - 5/1/1948
The Haganah bombed the Semiramis Hotel located in the Katamon neighbourhood in Jerusalem. The hotel collapsed on its guests, all of whom were Arab, killing 19 and wounding over 20.
• The Jerusalem Massacre - 7/1/1948
The Irgun gang threw a bomb at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, killing 18 Arab civilians and wounding 40 others.
• The Al-Saraya Al-Arabeya Massacre - 8/1/1948
Zionist terrorist gangs used a car bomb to kill 70 Arab civilians and wound dozens.
• The Ramla Massacre - 15/1/1948
Palmach soldiers and the Haganah bombed one of the Arab neighbourhoods in Ramla.
• The Yazur Massacre - 22/1/1948
Yigael Yadin, a Haganah commander, ordered the Palmach commander, Yigal Allon, to carry out an operation against the village of Yazur. A group from the Palmach attacked a bus near Yazur, wounding the bus driver a several Arab passengers. On the same day, another group attacked another bus killing and wounding several people. These attacks by the Palmach and Givati Brigades on Arab villages and cars continued for 20 consecutive days while other units detonated bombs near village homes.
Then the Haganah authorities decided to attack the village and bomb the ice factory along with two buildings around it. A Haganah group opened fire on the ice factory in the village, while other groups opened fire and used hand grenades on the homes in the village. Moreover, an engineering group bombed the Askandroni building, the ice factory, and killed 15 people.
• The Haifa Massacre - 28/12/1948
Zionist terrorists from the Al-Hadar neighbourhood, located at the top of Al-Abbas Street in Haifa, rolled down a barrel filled with explosives destroying homes and killing 20 Arab citizens, as well as wounding 50 others.
• The Tabra Tulkarem Massacre - 10/2/1948
A group of Zionist terrorists stopped Arab citizens going back to the village of Tabra Tulkarem and opened fire on them, killing 7 and wounding 5 others.
• The Sa’sa’ Massacre - 14/2/1948
A Palmach force raided the village of Sa’sa’ and destroyed 20 inhabited homes, killing 60 villagers, most of whom were women and children.
• The Jerusalem Massacre - 20/2/1948
The Stern Gang stole a British army vehicle, filled it with explosives, and placed it in front of the Al Salam building in Jerusalem. The explosion killed 14 Arabs and
wounded 26.
• The Haifa Masacre - 20/2/1948
Zionist raiders attacked the Arab neighbourhoods in Haifa with mortar fire killing 6 Arabs and wounding 36 others.
• The Al-Husayniyya Massacre - 13/3/1948
The Haganah raided the village of Al-Husayniyya, destroying homes with explosives and killing over 30 families.
• The Abu Kabir Massacre - 31/3/1948
Groups from Haganah carried out an armed attack on the Abu Kabir neighbourhood in Jaffa. They destroyed homes and killed residents fleeing their homes to seek help.
• The Cairo Train Massacre, Haifa - 31/3/1948
The Stern Gang planted bombs on a Cairo-Haifa train which killed 40 people and wound 60 others on explosion.
• Ramla Massacre - 1/3/1948
Zionist terrorists planned and carried out this massacre in March 1948 in a market in the city of Ramla, killing 25 Arab civilians.
• The Deir Yassin Massacre - 9/4/1948
A group of 300 Zionist terrorists attacked the village of Deir Yassin, accompanied by tanks. The men were lined up and shot; 254 men, women and children were killed.
• The Qalunya Massacre - 14/4/1948
A force from the Palmach Zionist terrorist group raided Qalunya, bombed several homes and killed 14 of its residents.
• The Nasir al-Din Massacre - 13/4/1948
A group consisting of forces from the Irgun and Stern Gang in disguise raided the village of Nasir al-Din opening fired on its inhabitants and killing 50 people. On the previous day, both Nasir al-Din and Al-Shaykh Qadumi were attacked and 12 were killed.
• The Tiberias Massacre - 19/4/1948
Zionist terrorist gangs bombed a home in Tiberias, killing 14 of its residents.
• The Haifa Massacre - 22/4/1948
Zionist night raiders attacked Haifa from Hadar Alkarmel and occupied homes, streets and public buildings killing 50 Arabs and wounding 200 others. The Arabs were surprised by the attack, so they took their women and children to the marina to move them to the city of Akka during which they were attacked by Zionists who killing 100 civilians and wounded 200 others.
• The Ayn al-Zaytoun Massacre - 4/5/1948
Ayn al-Zaytoun is a Palestinian village on the outskirts of Safed, the population of which was 820. The Jewish writer, Netiva Ben-Yehuda writes in her book
FACT SHEET | May 2013 Notorious massacres of Palestinians between 1937 & 1948
“Through the Binding Ropes” about the Ayn al-Zaytoun Massacre saying: “on May 3rd or 4th, 1948, nearly 39 bound prisoners were shot.”
• The Safed Massacre - 13/5/1948
The Haganah slaughtered about 70 young men from Safed, but there are no details about this massacre.
• The Abu Shusha Massacre - 14/5/1948
Zionist raisers committed an ugly massacre in the village of Abu Shusha, killing about 60 of its residents, including men, women, children and the elderly. The massacre ended with the expulsion of all the residents of the village from their homes, which were then gradually demolished.
• The Beit Daras Massacre - 21/5/1948
A Zionist force supported by tanks surrounded the village of Beit Daras and opened fire on it. The people of the village realised the critical situation and decided to endure the fire and defend their homes at any cost, so they urged the women, children and the elderly to leave the village to lessen their losses. The women, children and the elderly headed towards the southern area of the village, and once they reached the outskirts, were met with Zionist gunfire, despite the fact that they were defenceless. A large number of them were killed, and the forces burned down several homes and bombed others.
• The Al-Tantura Massacre - 22/5/1948
This massacre was carried out by the third battalion of the Alexandroni Brigade and the Zionist plan was to attack the village from two sides; the north and south. One brigade was to block the road, while a naval boat blocked the withdraw route by sea. Every attacking unit was provided with a guide from the neighbouring Zikhron Ya'akov settlement, whose residents knew their way around the village, and the brigade leadership kept a reserve unit for emergencies. Al-Tantura did not initiate a battle with the Haganah, but refused their terms, so the attackers took the men to the village graveyard, lined them up, and killed 200-250

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Israel versus the Palestinians...fight....lose.....die

Israeli Arms

• Tanks
o Isherman tank
o Sho't tank
o Magach tank
o Sabra tank
o Merkava tank
• Fighting vehicles
o M113 variants
o Nimda Shoet APC
o Trail Blazer ARV
o IDF Nagmachon APC
o IDF Nakpadon CEV
o IDF Puma CEV
o IDF Achzarit APC
o IDF Namer IFV
o Nemmera ARV
o AIL Abir
o AIL Storm
o Plasan Sand Cat
o Wolf Armoured Vehicle
o Golan Armored Vehicle
o AIL M325 Command Car
• Artillery
o Davidka mortar
o Soltam M-66 mortar
o Soltam M-68 howitzer
o Soltam M-71 howitzer
o Soltam M-120 mortar
o L-33/39 Ro'em self-propelled howitzer
o Makmat self-propelled mortar
o MAR-240/290 rocket artillery launcher
o LAR-160 rocket artillery launcher
o LAROM rocket artillery launcher
o Cardom mortar
o Rascal self-propelled howitzer
o ATMOS 2000 self-propelled howitzer
o Sholef self-propelled howitzer
o Pereh missile carrier[3]
• Unmanned aerial vehicles
o Tadiran Mastiff UAV
o Casper 250 UAV
o Silver Arrow Micro-V UAV
o Silver Arrow Sniper UAV
o IAI Scout UAV
o IAI Searcher UAV
o IAI Harpy UAV
o IAI Harop UAV
o IAI Bird-Eye UAV
o IAI I-View UAV
o IAI Ranger UAV
o IAI Heron UAV
o IAI Eitan UAV
o IAI Panther UAV
o IAI Ghost UAV
o IAI RQ-2 Pioneer UAV
o IAI RQ-5 Hunter UAV
o Elbit Skylark UAV
o Elbit Hermes 90 UAV
o Elbit Hermes 450 UAV
o Elbit Hermes 900 UAV
o Aeronautics Dominator UAV
o Aeronautics Orbiter UAV
o Urban Aeronautics X-Hawk UAV
o MicroFalcon UAV
• Unmanned surface vehicles
o Protector USV
o Guardium UGV
o Raam HaShachar unmanned Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer
o Silver Marlin USV
• Air-defense systems
o Machbet self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon
o Barak 1 naval surface-to-air missile
o Barak 8 naval surface-to-air missile
o SPYDER air-defense system
o Arrow anti-ballistic missile
o Tactical High Energy Laser
o Iron Dome short-range rocket defense system
o David's Sling medium-range rocket defense system
• Miscellaneous
o Mitznefet helmet camouflage
o Tomcar all-terrain vehicle
o MG251/253 smoothbore tank gun
o Kilshon anti-radiation missile launcher
o IDF Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer
o Skunk riot control agent
o Scream riot control agent
o SIMON breach grenade
o Enhanced Tactical Computer
o OR-201 Combat Helmet
o Largest number of f16 fighter aircrafts outside of the US

Palestinian Arms
Home made fire rockets,guns,knives,themselves,stones
Israeli Military Personnel....Most of the adult population of Israel
Palestinian military Personnel.... a few hundred fighters

Small arms
Name Image Type Caliber Origin Notes

Jericho 941[4]
Semi-Automatic Pistol 9×19mm
Used by IDF and IDF Special Forces
Glock 17[5]
Semi-Automatic Pistol 9×19mm Austria
Used by IDF Special Forces
Glock 19[6]
Semi-Automatic Pistol 9×19mm Austria
Used by IDF Special Forces
Browning Hi-Power[6]
Semi-Automatic Pistol 9×19mm Belgium

Beretta M1951[4]
Semi-Automatic Pistol 9×19mm Italy

Heckler & Koch P11[4]
Underwater pistol
7.62×36mm Germany

Submachine guns

IMI Uzi[7]
Submachine Gun 9×19mm Israel
Uzi, Mini-Uzi, Micro-Uzi, and Uzi-Pro used.
Ingram MAC-10[4]
Submachine Gun 9×19mm United States

IWI X95[4]
Submachine Gun and Bullpup Assault Rifle
9×19mm variant Israel
9x19mm suppressed variant used by IDF Special Forces
Semi-automatic rifle

Suppressed Ruger 10/22[6][8]

Semi-automatic rifle
.22 LR
United States
Adopted for non-lethal crowd control.
Assault rifles

IWI X95 (Micro-Tavor)[4]
Bullpup Assault Rifle / Carbine
5.56x45mm Israel
Compact version of the TAR-21. Standard Issue rifle since 2009 replacing the TAR-21.
IWI Tavor TAR-21 [4]
Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm Israel
Cut from service as of 2009 and replaced by the X95.
M4 Carbine[4]
Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm United States
Standard Issue Assault Rifle along with M16, CAR-15, and X95
Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm United States
Standard Issue Assault Rifle along with the M4, CAR-15, and X95
Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm United States
Standard Issue Assault Rifle along with M4, M16A1, and X95
IMI Galil[4][7]
Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm Israel
Used in limited numbers. Variants used are Galil AR and Galil SAR. Most Galil's have been replaced by the Galil ACE.
IMI Micro Galil
Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm Israel
Used in limited numbers. Highly compact version of the Galil. Most Galil's have been replaced by the Galil ACE.
Assault Rifle 7.62×39mm
Soviet Union
Captured from Arab armies over the course of the Arab-Israeli Conflict and used by Special Forces.
Assault Rifle 7.62×39mm
Soviet Union
Captured from Arab armies over the course of the Arab-Israeli Conflict and used by Special Forces.
Battle rifles

Battle Rifle
7.62×51mm United States
Used in limited numbers by the IDF.
Light machine gun

IMI Negev[4]
Light Machine Gun
5.56×45mm Israel
Capable of firing semi-automatic or full-auto. the 5.56 variant features a unique dual feed system, it can accept 30 round STANAG magazines and an assault-box belt.
Medium machine gun

M1919 Browning
Medium Machine Gun
.30-06 Springfield United States

General purpose machine guns

FN MAG[12]
General Purpose Machine Gun 7.62×51mm

Negev NG7
General Purpose Machine Gun 7.62×51mm Israel
Capable of semi-automatic or full-automatic fire.
General Purpose Machine Gun
Soviet Union
Captured from Arab armies over the course of the Arab-Israeli Conflict and used by Special Forces.
Heavy machine guns

Browning M2 (Makach 0.5)[4]
Heavy Machine Gun
United States
Upgraded to M2HB-QCB

Remington 870[6]
12 Gauge
United States

Mossberg 500
Shotgun 12 Gauge United States

Armsel Striker
Revolving Shotgun 12 Gauge South Africa
Used for riot control
Designated marksman rifles

Designated marksman rifle
7.62×51mm United States

IMI Galatz
Designated marksman rifle 7.62×51mm Israel
Sniper variant of the Galil
Designated marksman rifle 7.62×51mm Israel

Sniper rifles

M24 SWS[6]
Sniper Rifle 7.62×51mm
United States
Standard-issued sniper rifle, achieves accuracy of 0.5 MOA with IMI ammo.
Barak (HTR 2000)
Long range Sniper Rifle .338 Lapua
United States
An IDF modified H-S Precision Pro Series 2000 HTR rifle

Barrett M82A1
Anti-materiel rifle
United States
Used mainly by the Combat Engineering Corps and IDF Special Forces
McMillan TAC-50
Long range Sniper Rifle / Anti-materiel rifle 12.7×99mm
United States
Used by IDF Special Forces.
Hand grenades

Fragmentation Grenade n/a Israel
Based on the American M26 grenade

Stun grenade
n/a Israel
Based on the American M84 stun grenade

Rocket and grenade launchers
Name Image Type Caliber Origin Notes
Shoulder-launched Rocket 82mm Israel

Shoulder-launched Rocket 85mm Soviet Union

Shoulder-launched Rocket 83mm Israel

Shoulder-launched Rocket 66mm United States

Shoulder-launched Rocket 90mm Israel

Stand-alone Grenade Launcher 40mm United States

Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher 40mm United States
Usually mounted under an M16, M4, CAR-15, or X95. Mounted on X95's with longer barrels and large trigger guard instead of the standard pistol grip guard.
Mk 19[4]
Automatic Grenade Launcher 40mm United States

Mk 47 Striker
Automatic Grenade Launcher 40mm United States

Name Image Type Origin Notes
Anti-Tank Missile Israel

Anti-Tank Missile United States

Anti-Tank Missile Israel

Anti-Tank Missile Israel

Long-range anti-tank missile Israel

M47 Dragon
Anti-Tank Missile United States

Name Image Type Number in Service[13][14]
Origin Notes
Main battle tanks

Merkava Mark IV
Main Battle Tank 460 Israel
160 in storage[13]

Merkava Mark III
Main Battle Tank 730 Israel
570 in storage[13]

Merkava Mark II
Main Battle Tank 370 Israel
330 in storage[13]

Armoured personnel carriers

Armored Personnel Carrier 6131 United States

IDF Achzarit
Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier 215 Israel
Based on the T-54 Tank
Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier N/A United Kingdom
Based on the Centurion Tank
Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier N/A United Kingdom
Based on the Centurion Tank
Heavy Combat Engineering/Armored Personnel Carrier N/A United Kingdom
Based on the Centurion Tank
Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier 120 Israel
531 planned to be in service by 2027. Based on the Merkava chassis.
Utility vehicles

Armored Vehicle 300 Israel

AIL Storm
Utility vehicle 700 Israel

Utility vehicle 2,000+ United States

MDT David
Utility vehicle 400 United Kingdom
Based on the Land Rover Defender

Plasan Sand Cat
Utility Vehicle 79 Israel

Otokar Akrep
Armored Vehicle 30 Turkey


AIL Abir
4×4 Truck N/A Israel

8×12 Truck N/A United States

Unimog 437
Heavy Truck N/A Germany

8×8 Heavy Truck N/A United States

Engineering vehicles
Heavy Combat Engineering Vehicle
N/A United Kingdom
Based on the Centurion Tank
Namer CEV
Heavy Combat Engineering Vehicle
N/A Israel
Based on the Merkava Tank
IDF Caterpillar D9
Combat Armored Bulldozer
175+ United States
Bulldozer manufactured by Caterpillar Inc., military conversion and armor by Israel.

IDF Caterpillar Excavators Armored tracked excavator
N/A United States
Excavators manufactured by Caterpillar Inc., military conversion and armor by Israel.

IDF Caterpillar 966 Wheeled Loader Armored wheeled loader
N/A United States
Loaders manufactured by Caterpillar Inc., military conversion and armor by Israel.

M548 Alfa
Cargo & Ammunition Carrier N/A United States
Based on the M113
Armored Bridge Layer 10 United States

Armored Recovery Vehicle N/A Israel
Based on the Merkava
Armored Recovery Vehicle 25 United States

Command & Surveillance vehicle N/A United Kingdom
Based on the Centurion Tank
AIL Desert Raider
Dune Buggy N/A Israel

Unmanned Ground Vehicle N/A Israel

Unmanned Ground Vehicle N/A Israel

Dawn Thunder / Black Thunder
Unmanned Armored Bulldozer
N/A United States
Based on the IDF Caterpillar D9N[16]

Name Image Type Number in Service[14]
Origin Notes
M109 Doher 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer 600 United States
Upgraded as the M109 Doher. Based on the M109A5. Replacement program initiated,[17] candidates include ATMOS 2000 and the Artillery Gun Module.[18]

Soltam M-71
155mm Towed Howitzer 300 Israel

Soltam M-68
155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer 50 Israel
In reserve
Guided Missile Carrier / Tank Destroyer
N/A Israel
Declassified June 2015
M270 "Menatetz" Multiple Rocket Launcher 48 United States
Armed with several types of Israeli rockets: RAMAM, Ra'am Eithan (Strong Thunder) and Romah ("Lance", a guided rocket).
Cardom SP
120mm Self-Propelled Mortar 64 Israel

Soltam M-65
120mm Mortar 250 Israel

M113 Tamuz
Missile Launching Vehicle N/A Israel
Spike Missiles launched from an M113 chassis[19]

160mm Artillery Rocket Israel

Extended Range Artillery Rocket (EXTRA) Long-Range Artillery Rocket Israel
150 km range[20]

Ballistic Missile Israel

Air defense
Name Image Type Number in Service[14]
Origin Notes
FIM-92 Stinger
Shoulder-launched Surface-to-air missile 500 United States

FIM-43 Redeye
Shoulder-launched Surface-to-air missile N/A United States

Air Defense Vehicle 60[21]
Soviet Union

Bofors L/70
40mm Anti-Aircraft Gun N/A Sweden

23mm Anti-Aircraft Gun N/A Soviet Union

20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun N/A France

Air forces equipment
Note there are multiple sources and these provide different figures:
Aircraft Origin Type Versions In Service
By FlightGlobal

Fighter aircraft

Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
United States
stealth multirole fighter F-35I "Adir" 5 5 5[22]

Boeing F-15 Eagle
United States
air superiority fighter F-15A "Baz" 52[23]

F-15C "Baz" 17[25]

F-15B "Baz" 16[24]

F-15D "Baz" 11[25]

Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle
United States
strike fighter F-15I "Ra'am" 25[23]

General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon
United States
multirole fighter F-16A "Netz" 107[23]

F-16B "Netz" 16[25]

F-16C "Barak" 136[23]

F-16D "Barak" 49[24][26]

F-16I "Sufa" 100[23]

Trainer aircraft

Grob G-120
trainer aircraft G-120AI "Snunit" 27[23]

Beechcraft T-6 Texan II
United States
trainer aircraft T-6A "Efroni" 19[23]

McDonnell Douglas A-4 Skyhawk
United States
ground attack / trainer A-4N, TA-4H/J "Ayit" 20[23]

Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master
transonic jet trainer M-346 "Lavi" 2 (30)[28]

Transport / Aerial refueling / Aerial firefighting / Utility / Signals intelligence / Maritime patrol / AEW

Air Tractor AT-802
United States
aerial firefighting AT-802F 8[23]

Beechcraft Bonanza
United States
utility A-36 "Khofit" 22[23]
– 22[25]

Beechcraft Super King Air (C-12 Huron)
United States
utility / transport / trainer B-200/T/CT "Tzofit" 29[23]

EW / ELINT / SIGINT RC-12D/K "Kookiya" 6[25]

IAI SeaScan
maritime patrol 1124N "Shahaf" 3[23]

Gulfstream G550
United States
SEMA G500 "Nahshon-Shavit" 3[23]

CAEW G550 "Nahshon-Eitam" 2[23]

Lockheed C-130 Hercules
United States
tactical transport C-130E "Qarnaf" 12[23]

C-130H "Qarnaf" 6[25]

aerial refueling KC-130H "Qarnaf" 3[23]

Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules
United States
tactical transport C-130J "Shimshon" - 1 (4)[29]
Boeing 707
United States
heavy transport / EW 707 "Re'em" 8[23]

aerial refueling KC-707 "Saknai" 5[23]


Bell AH-1 Cobra
United States
attack helicopter AH-1"Tzefa" 33[23]

Eurocopter Panther
maritime patrol AS-565SA "Atalef" 5[23]

Boeing AH-64 Apache
United States
attack helicopter AH-64A "Peten" 30[23]

AH-64D "Saraph" 17[23]

Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion
United States
heavy transport CH-53 "Yas'ur 2000" 37[23]

CH-53 "Yas'ur 2025" 5[31]

Sikorsky S-70 (UH-60 Black Hawk)
United States
tactical transport S-70A / UH-60A/L "Yanshuf" 49[23]

Bell 206 (OH-58 Kiowa)
United States
light transport / trainer 206B "Saifan" – 18[24]

Unmanned aerial vehicles
• IAI Heron
• IAI Eitan
• IAI Harpy
• IAI Harop
• Elbit Hermes 450
• Elbit Skylark
• MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile
• MIM-23 Hawk surface-to-air missile
• / Arrow anti-ballistic missile
• PB500A1 laser-guided hard-target penetration bomb
• M-85 cluster bomb
• CBU-58 cluster bomb
• Mk-20 Rockeye cluster bomb
• Mark 84 bomb
• MPR-500 penetration bomb
• Spice glide bomb
• GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb
• Shafrir missile
• Python air-to-air missile
• Popeye air-to-surface missile AKA AGM-142 Have Nap in US use
• Popeye Turbo SLCM suspected long range submarine-launched cruise missile, suspected nuclear weapon carrier
• Joint Direct Attack Munition guided bomb
• AGM-65 Maverick air-to-surface missile
• AGM-45 Shrike air-to-surface anti-radiation missile
• AGM-78 Standard ARM air-to-surface anti-radiation missile
• AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface anti-tank missile
• AGM-62 Walleye glide bomb
• AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missile
• AGM-65 Maverick air-to-ground missile
• AIM-9 Sidewinder heat seeking air-to-air missile
• MIM-72 Chaparral surface-to-air missile
• Delilah cruise missile
• Iron Dome anti-rocket and mortar defense missile
• David's Sling surface-to-air missile
• Jericho II intermediate range ballistic missile, suspected nuclear
• Jericho III intercontinental ballistic missile, suspected nuclear
Air defense
Name Image Type Number in Service[14]
Origin Notes
Arrow 3
Exoatmospheric Anti-Ballistic Missile
1 Israel
United States
Entered service in 2017.
Arrow 2
Anti-Ballistic Missile
N/A Israel
United States

David's Sling
Air Defense Missile 1 United States
Entered service in 2016
Iron Dome
Air Defense Missile Battery / Anti-Rockets Missile 9+ Israel
Intercepted hundreds of artillery records since declared operational in 2011.
MIM-104 Patriot
Air Defense Missile Battery N/A United States
MIM-104D PAC-2, IAF scored the first world shot down of an enemy aircraft with the Patriot
MIM-23 Hawk
Anti-aircraft Missile N/A United States

Naval forces equipment
Below are the IDF's active service watercraft. The year of service, speed, full load displacement, and crew members, are in parentheses.
Missile boats
• Sa'ar 4 class missile boat (1970s; 32 kt; 450 tons; 45 crew members)
• Sa'ar 4.5 class missile boat (1980s; 31 kt; 488 tons; 53 crew members)
• / Sa'ar 5-class corvette (1990s; 33 kt; 1,227 tons; 64 crew members)
Patrol boats
• Dabur (1970s; 19 kt; 39 tons; 9 crew members)
• Shaldag (1989; ?; 50 kt; 15 crew members)
• Super Dvora Mk II (1996; 46 kt; 54 tons; 10 crew members)
• Nachshol (1997; 40 kt; 12 tons; 5 crew members)
• Super Dvora Mk III (2004; 47 kt; 54 tons; 10 crew members)
Support ships
• INS Bat Yam
• INS Bat Galim
Unmanned naval vehicles
• Protector USV
• Dolphin (1992; 11 kt, 20 kt underwater; 1,640 tons, 1,900 tons underwater; 30 crew members)
Commando boats
• Dolphin type underwater craft
• Maiale type underwater craft
• Snunit boat
• Zaharon boat
• Moulit boat
• Morena rigid-hull inflatable boat
Remote weapon systems
• Typhoon Weapon System
• Rafael Overhead Weapon Station
• Samson Remote Controlled Weapon Station
Space systems
• AMOS communications satellite
• EROS earth observation satellite
• Ofeq reconnaissance satellite
• TecSAR reconnaissance satellite
• Shavit space launch vehicle

Merkava Mark 4 tank

F-35I Adir stealth multirole jet fighter

INS Dolphin-class submarine

MLRS M-270 "Menatetz"

IDF Caterpillar D9 Armored bulldozer

Iron Dome anti-rocket system launcher

M24 Sniper Weapon System

Micro-Tavor / IWI X95

F-16I Sufa multirole jet fighter

Sa'ar 5-class corvette

Merkava Mark 4M with Trophy APS

F-15I Ra'am

Saraph helicopter

IMI Negev light machine gun

Merkava Mk 3D Baz

Sa'ar 4.5-class missile boat

M2 Browning 0.5 heavy machine gun

M270 MLRS with Romah and RAMAM rockets

Namer heavy armored personnel carrier

Hermes 900 UAV

Tavor assault rifle

Spike ATGM

Arrow anti-ballistic missile

Wolf Armoured Vehicle

Guardium UGV

M109 self-propelled howitzer

Typhoon Weapon Station armed with 25 mm gun

IDF Puma combat engineering vehicle

IDF Achzarit armored personnel carrier

Merkava Mk II with mine rolers

IDF/AF UAV drones

IMI 120 mm tank shells

M2 Browning on Catlanit RCWS

M2 Browning, Mk 19 Grenade Launcher and FN MAG

IAF F-16I "Sufa" multirole jet warplane

IDF Caterpillar D9 Armored bulldozer
See also
...• Defense industry of Israel
• Nuclear weapons and Israel......over 200 nuclear warheads..illegal under Iternational Law

Palestinian Arms...Homemade fire rockets,guns,knives,stones,themselves

Military Personnel Israel....most of the adult population as military service for citizens over 18 yrs compulsory..with exception for the devout religious Jews..who issue sermons which sanctify actions of idf soldiers as they carry out massacres in the occupied territories in the Name of Moses & co

Military personnel Palestinians...A few hundred fighters

Israel has outside of the US the largest number of f-16 fighter aircraft..the most advanced in the world
Israel has some 200 nuclear war heads...Which have never been inspected..and illegal under International Law
Israel receives in excess of $3 billion in direct military every year and $10 billion in indirect aid+ it gets interest free loans which never need to be paid back...and $billions sent by Diaspora Jews (legal and illegal),most of this money funds illegal settlements in the occupied territories
Israel steals American Military and other advanced technology and very few people prosecuted when caught
When Israel attacked the US military ship the SS Liberty, survivors were told to keep silent or risk prosecution and or jail sentences. There was a media blackout on what happened...due to Zionist/Jewish/Israeli pressure. Despite this many survivors are now talking about the incident on the alternative media
There are on YouTube (also known in less polite circles as jewtube) propaganda videos showing Israeli personnel as humane individuals defending their stolen country,and with the best of intentions for the Palestinians whose land they have stolen...including showing Israeli- Palestinians in uniform performing heroic duties...(this propaganda convinces no one)Israeli-Palestinians in uniform are collaborators suppressing the rights of Palestinians in the occupied territories.(What they fail to mention if Israeli-Palestinians do not serve in the army they are denied benefits including pension rights).

Israel versus the Palestinians
Whenever you see reports of Israel and the Palestinians, the Israeli’s in the Western Media are portrayed as victims of Palestinian Terrorism..They are defending themselves..(from home made in-effectual rockets which do very little or no damage).
They fail to mention that the Israeli army routinely will go into the occupied territories under the pretence of security, murder and arrest Palestinians for little or no response to this provocation the Palestinians will fire homemade rockets..these actions are used as justification by the Israeli army to commit wholesale massacres. This strategy has been used many times and will be used in the future to prevent Palestinians from having a peaceful existence, or a normal life.
It is seen as a battle of equals. The Israeli propaganda machine wants you to believe they are at war with the if it is battle between equals. The reality is Israel is the occupier of Palestinian peoples..and the Palestinians are trying to get their stolen lands back.
The reality is Israel is one of the top five military powers of the world, supplied and supported by the latest weapons from the world’s biggest Terrorist State the USA.So you must ask yourself how does it manage to portray itself as the victim. The reason is simple Zionists/Jews control much of Western media..especially in the USA(including Hollywood), the Media that is not controlled by the Zionist/Jews comes under intense pressure to comply or remain silent while the Israeli army carries out routine Massacres of innocent Palestinian men, women and children with nice sounding names like Operation Pillar of Defence or Operation Rainbow. Gaza which is an open air Prison is often the prime target of Israeli vengeance. Very little of the actual events..i.e. the atrocities by the idf get reported in the Western Media.
This conspiracy of silence and collusion by Western Media with the Israeli's is now broken due to the internet. There are now pressures from the Israeli’s and the formidable Zionist/Jewish lobbies to suppress much of reporting of the actual facts of the genocidal policies of the Israeli’s against the Palestinians as Anti-Semitic.So Amazon has banned books which question the Holocaust, Social Media sites now delete any references to Israel or Jews which are critical, YouTube routinely will take down material critical of Israel or Jewish/Zionist behaviour.
My comments on YouTube concerning Israel disappear...despite the fact i am a graduate of International Studies and use facts in my comments which are sourced and referenced. Wikipedia also now deletes critical comments on the Holocaust...many justified factual comments have been taken down.In Germany to question any aspect of the Holocaust can land you in a thought crime exists in Germany. German Lawyer Miss Sylvia Stoltz is in prison for defending revisionist Historians and questioning the Holocaust. Truth is no defence in a German Court. Some sixteen European countries have Holocaust denial laws..Why?...the truth does not need laws to defend it!.
So we have in the Western Media the worst sort of censorship which would put the former Communist Regimes to shame. So now we have the truth revealed, the West is not Democratic, practices censorship, protects Israel, Jews and Zionists..Locks up and persecutes its own citizens for questioning the Holocaust, for criticizing Israel or Jews/Zionists for their immoral, illegal or un-ethical behaviour. You can say what you like about Muslims not the Jews...somehow they have special status.
Above this article are the actual facts of the unequal access to weapons that Israel and the Palestinians have..After reading the items above to say that Israel is at war with Palestinians is a joke that borders on the absurd and the ridiculous.
Israel is a Settler Colonial State built on Stolen Land and the bathed in the Blood of the Palestinians and the Arabs..A Democratic Terrorist State, an Apartheid Racist State,violater of International Laws, responsible for over 70yrs the brutal subjugation of the rights of the Palestinians, supported by the US with the silence and complicity of the West. It is the last Settler Colonial outpost of the declining Western Empire.
As a US military base in the Middle East..Israel is the regional military superpower determined to impose its will on its neighbours. All its weapons are routinely tested on the Palestinians...simply look at the scenes from the last Gaza Massacres the hideous atrocities committed by the world’s most moral army..the death of so many women, men and over 500 children. yet the Western governments remained silent including the Shoe shine boy for Wall Street Barak Obama...I am sure Obama has access to the media and he knows about the deaths.
And on top all the weapons supplied by the US, the Israeli’s have nuclear weapons around 200 warheads (not verified)..Which have not been inspected by the Atomic Commission as Israel refuses to co-operate. A British intelligence leaked report described Israel as the world’s most dangerous country, in essence a Rogue state completely out of control. A parasite on the American tax payer. A menace to world peace and the Middle East.
Tiger Moto

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The World's Most Moral Army

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        The world’s most Moral Army IDF (Israeli Defence Force)

The IDF has been described as the most moral army in the world. (Others are not convinced).A British military officer on YouTube described the Israeli Army as the Most Moral in the world, this Zionist stooge simply embarrassed himself in front of millions. There is a concerted propaganda war being waged on the internet by the Zionist Lobby.

                      They even got a Black African to say Israel is not an apartheid Racist state like South doubt he was also on the Zionist payroll. It is unbelievable the lengths these people will go to. They say the idf do everything possible to avoid civilian deaths? Let’s look at their record and tactics.

1)    The world’s most moral army in the world has a policy of shooting Palestinian children. See YouTube videos or log on to Breaking the Silence

2)    The world’s most moral army are taught to fire in the head or knees to disable Palestinian men, women and children permanently. Then some are denied medical treatment or there is none, some die a slow agonizing death from their injuries. see YouTube videos


3)    The Worlds most moral army is involved in house demolitions of Palestinian homes. This is collective punishment, illegal under international law see YouTube video


4)    The world’s most moral army has been known to use Palestinian children as target practice (see YouTube video)



5)    The world’s most moral army are taught how to assassinate defenceless men, women and children, while they are lying on the ground. See YouTube pictures of  soldiers taking pictures, of Palestinians they have killed like trophy hunters (see YouTube videos and photos on the internet)


6)    The world’s most moral army will shoot at Palestinian men, women and children without provocation and reason. Watch YouTube video, a soldier shoots dead an unarmed 18yr old Palestinian girl at point blank range. He was very brave when he was doing it. I  hope he got the coward of the week award.


7)    Recently a 7yr Palestinian child was shot in the head by the most moral army in the world. An Israeli soldier blew the brains out of a Palestinian girl revising for her school exams....He was very brave when he was  killing this defenceless child....this type of action is called defending most civilized parts of the world called murder.




8)    The world’s most moral army will stand by and watch while religious extremists bomb,burn,loot,destroy Palestinian homes and property.(  see Breaking the silence)


9)    The world’s most moral army is suppose to protect Palestinians from Extremist settler violence, but in most cases stands by and watch  and do nothing, there have been cases where religious Israeli extremists, have entered Palestinian homes and lynched people. see YouTube settler violence against the Palestinians



10)                    The world’s most moral army before bombing your house will drop leaflets 2 minutes before the missiles arrive. Gaza is a open air prison camp, people cannot escape the Israeli guns,tanks,missiles ,helicopters and f-16 planes which drop one ton bombs on one of the most densely populated areas of the world


11)                    The world’s most moral army has been known to use Palestinians as human shields when entering Palestinian areas. see YouTube videos



12)                    The world’s most moral army puts snipers on buildings overlooking busy areas like major junctions. They shoot  at Palestinians...see YouTube videos...this is called Idf training exercise


13)                    The world’s most moral army will often deny entry at checkpoints to Palestinians needing urgent medical treatment...this called defending the state of Israel....against our enemies which is the whole of the Palestinian population.



14)                    The world’s  most moral army has run over with a tank a wheel chair bound Palestinian who could not get out of the way quick enough. They have used tanks to demolish homes with people in them...this is called urban the idf to rid an area of its Palestinian population.


15)                    The world’s most moral army arrests Palestinian men, women and children without justification or reason, hundreds of children are locked up in prisons.



16)                    The Israeli government has now criminalized Palestinian children as young as seven, who can be sent to prison....Israel has hundreds of children in prisons.


17)                    The world’s most moral army have known to shoot pregnant women, one pregnant woman, the bullet blew the head of the the Idf this is known as two hits with one bullet.



18)                    The world’s most moral army routinely shoot stone throwing Palestinian youth, to kill and injure. In most other countries police or army deal with this type of situation with plastic bullets and water canon to disperse the rioters. The world’s most moral army uses high velocity bullets to kill and injure.


19)                    The world’s  most moral army has killed over 1500 children since 2000,a proud achievement


20)                    The world’s most moral sends trucks into Palestinian areas which spray excrement onto Palestinian homes



21)                    Watch the world’s most moral army shoot an injured Palestinian lying on the street. In the UK we call this murder, In Israel they call this defending the DemocraticTerrorist State of  Israel.(see YouTube video)


22)                    Watch on YouTube  a thirteen year old Palestinian boy shot by an Israeli soldier, lying on the ground gasping for life, while Israeli onlookers tell the soldier to finish the job.(see YouTube video) 



23)                    The world’s most moral army can commit gross human rights abuses against the Palestinian and rarely is any one punished. It appears the world’s most moral army has immunity from Prosecution what can be regarded as war crimes


24)                    The world’s most moral army carries out targeted assassinations, in the West we call this murder



25)                    The world’s most moral army carries out daily, beatings, shootings, arrests, and brutal repression of a defenceless Palestinian population, which under international law, it is obligated to protect.


26)                    The world’s most moral army should allow UN peacekeepers in the occupied territories, so that they can monitor the situation. If any violence erupts they can apportion blame. Then we will really know how moral the idf it is and who’s top blame.



27)                    The world’s most moral army is trained and taught that Palestinian children are the enemy...and they have no human value.


28)                    The world’s most moral army does nothing to stop Israeli extremists who regularly terrorize their Palestinian neighbours. Neighbours, including, beatings, hangings, property damage and other human rights abuses. Often it defends the extremist Israeli’s.



29)                    The world’s moral armies latest policy is to injure as many Palestinians as possible severely, as this looks less bad than killing them. At the international level this gets less publicity. So the number of injuries has gone up.


30)                    The world’s most moral army have been committing acts of Genocide for over 70 yrs against the Palestinians and the West has done nothing to stop this, because the West is responsible for creating the world’s most moral army.



Yes the IDF is the most moral army in the world that is:


·       Morally retarded

·       Morally bankrupt

·       Morally regressive

·       Morally repugnant

·       Morally insane


The world’s most moral army is no more moral than other armies. It carries out daily acts of brutal repression against a defenceless Palestinian population of men, women and children.

                          It should be called the world’s most cowardly army, recently a seven year old Palestinian child was shot in the head by the world’s moral army. Some time ago a idf soldier shot a thirteen year old Palestinian girl in the head then emptied the gun magazine in her body. He was very brave when he was doing it.

                         Israel is a country of child killers..

             The Israeli in Uniform is the real terrorist. The Idf motto is a dead Palestinian is a good Palestinian. Welcome the Democratic Terrorist State of Israel.....The Middle East Psychopath


                                         Kind Regards

                                          Tiger Moto

Sources: The Fateful Triangle...Noam Chomsky

               The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine...Illan Pappe

       Alison Weir

                Breaking the Silence

                Electronic Intifada

                The Middle East Monitor

Please watch an Australian documentary called Israeli’s torturing children..YouTube you can see what I am talking about.

If you want to avoid supporting Israel, do not buy their goods join the BDS movement.




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Holiday to Israel

                                                                       Holiday to Israel
Welcome to Israel, the Land of Mose’s, milk and honey. We hope you will have a pleasant two weeks .We have organized special tours, places to visit, people to meet and activities to take part in. So please be prepared for a hectic two weeks

Day 1) Relax in your five star hotel to get rid of the jet lag. Enjoy cocktails in the swimming pool from water which has been stolen from the Palestinians. Remember we the Israeli’s are God’s chosen people and we can do what we like, with God’s blessing and Military and Diplomatic support from the US (the world’s leading terrorist state)

Day 2) Visit the old city of Jerusalem while it exists and meet its original owners the Palestinians before we evict them and give their homes, land and buildings to the Jewish diaspora.All illegal under international law, but why should we care because we are God’s chosen people and the US (our $5 dollar whore) will support anything we do because we own the Congress (also known as the Jewish congress).
President Obama (the shoe shine boy for Wall St) has just signed the biggest arms deal to Israel by any President).Obama knows not to mess with God’s chosen people.

Day 3) Spend all day at the beach, enjoy cocktail drinks and the finest food and watch Local’s having fun at the beach. Watch Israeli gun boats shoot at Palestinian fishing boats, as these poor soul’s try to make a living to feed their families. Don’t be upset at this, this kind of behaviour is sport for our military to humiliate, insult and degrade a defenceless population. All ways remember we are God’s chosen people, unlike you a gentile (which means you are God’s second class citizen)

Day 4)Enjoy the nightlife of bars and clubs, join Karaoke sessions with local Israeli’s singing favourite songs like Death to the Arabs, watch them cheer and celebrate as their army mercilessly kills unarmed defenceless Palestinians, especially children(an Israeli Defence Force Speciality)

Day 5) Go site seeing of the old Ruins of Jerusalem, especially Palestinian houses we have bulldozed, as collective punishment. All illegal under international law, but who cares remember we are God’s chosen people, and we can do what we like with Legal, Military, Diplomatic and monetary support from the USA (our $5 dollar whore), we get $4+ billion dollars of aid from the US every year(pity the US taxpayer is not made aware of this).

Day 6) we have organized special helicopter flight for you. You can see the beautiful city of Tel Aviv built with money from the Jewish Diaspora, many of them do not even live in Israel. You will also have a beautiful aerial view of the ruins of Gaza, our outdoor prison for the Palestinians, which we destroyed in the last Gaza massacre. Whenever we bomb the Gaza strip as collective punishment, we give these massacres defensive sounding names like protective edge and describe it as a war.
When in reality war is against competing military forces. The Palestinians have no f-16 war jets or tanks or high-tech weapons of any kind, it is not a war but a massacre of a defenceless population who have nowhere to hide.

Day7) Relax it is the end of the week, and were sure you will want to tell family and friends what a wonderful time you’re having and how warm, kind and generous the Israeli’s are to you, as long as you’re not a Palestinian.

Day8) If you decide to go out at night on your own, we seriously suggest do not dress or look like an Arab or stand near one, you could end up being shot by our Police or soldiers, remember the Israeli army motto is a dead Palestinian is a good Palestinian, (and we don’t want you to be a good Palestinian)
Here Jews who look like Palestinians wear T-Shirts to say they are Jewish. If you are going out ask one of our hotel staff for a T-Shirt. (Remember we want you to go home on a plane alive and not in a coffin)

Day 9) we have organized a special event where you can follow our soldiers harassing and humiliating Palestinians 3am in the morning. Be prepared to take video’s and pictures of traumatized children as young as two treated like sub-humans all in the name of ‘security’ and ‘defending Israel’.
We use the excuse of security as justification, when the real purpose is to make life unbearable for the Palestinians. We are proud of this bureaucracy of evil we have created. Make sure you take pictures of our soldiers pointing high velocity rifles at two year old Palestinian children. We call this defending the state of Israel.

Day 10) Take a tour on our Jewish only highways, this is the easiest way to get around greater Israel which now incorporates the illegally occupied West bank. Notice the road blocks placed strategically to make normal life impossible for the Palestinians.

Day 11) we have organized a special shooting event for you, where you can watch our soldiers shoot at stone throwing Palestinian youth. Our soldiers use Palestinian children as target practice.
Live targets are always the best, Palestinian children make great targets. Make sure you take pictures and videos of our brave soldiers tear gassing six year old school children. Watch our finest bravest soldier’s insult, degrade and humiliate elderly Palestinians as they are forced to wait at checkpoints in the heat of the day for hours, all in the name of security.

Day 12) Watch our proud Israeli citizens shoot innocent Palestinian youth then place a knife next to the body to make it look like the victim attacked first. In the UK we call this murder, in Israel we call this defending the state of Israel.
Take a special tour of illegal settlements of mostly Fundamentalist Jewish religious extremists harassing their Palestinian residents. Watch these religious fruit cakes damage Palestinian olive groves, some 1000 years old.

Day 13) we are taking bookings for the next Gaza massacre, you will be able to see from Israeli hilltops our US supplied F-16 and Tanks fire into one of the most densely populated area in the world. A population which cannot escape, as a pre-view watch Youtube Video's of the the grizzly death toll of children in the local morgue of the last Gaza massacre. Remember a good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian.

Day 14) we have organized a visit to a local Israeli school to show you how we educate the next generation of Israeli’s. Read our text book how we tell our children Arabs are bad, how our history books distort and fabricate the real history of Israel. The anti-Arab racism taught in our schools, will help future generations to live in peace, happiness and harmony with their Arab neighbours.

It is the end of your holiday to Israel, hopefully you will have fond memmories.You will tell your family and friends all about the Apartheid Racist State of Israel, the Middle East Psychopath, and the lovely beeches and hotels.
Please book early for your next holiday you may even participate in another Middle East war eer!! (massacre of innocent people).Lets call the next Gaza Massacre by its real name 'The Middle East Pyschopath on the Rampage'.
Kind Regards from the
Democratic Terrorist State of Israel

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