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The EU Referendum Con (UK)



The UK, EU Referendum Con

The Prime Minister of The UK (the snake oil salesman) David Cameron has decided to give the British people an in/out referendum from the EU.This is very kind of him to honour a pre-election pledge, which he never intended to carry through. Let me explain in the last election all the polls suggested the Conservatives were going to lose or at least not have a workable majority.

                                     So Cameron (the snake oil salesman) had never intended for the EU referendum to go forward, unfortunately for the country and its citizens the Conservatives won. So he now has problem how to offer a referendum which he never intended, to stay in the EU which he supports, this is the basis for the EU referendum Con.

                                                  In order to win this referendum, you the people of the UK are going to be subject to lies and propaganda, my intention is to show how you will be manipulated, lied to, conned and cheated into voting to stay in the EU.

(1)  The government has used your tax payer’s money to produce a pro EU report warning of the dire consequences of leaving the EU.The report uses the worst case scenario to suggest that leaving the EU will mean that the UK economy will sink. This is complete pack of lies, leaving the EU will bring many positive benefits and some negative effects.

(2) By leaving the EU we will be able to control our own borders, decide you can come to this country, the quantity and quality of people. We will be able to stop the U.K from becoming a minimum wage economy. Unlike the present situation where anyone good or bad can come to this country.

(3) We will be able to make our own laws, at the moment many of our laws are made in the EU whether they are in our interest or not, we have little say in the matter. The slogan of some pro-Europeans politicians of being in Europe but not run by it, is an oxymoron. We are in the EU and run by the EU, our politicians have little influence and less each year.

(4) By leaving we will be able to negotiate trade treaties with any country and only if it is in our interest. China is able to have trade treaties with many countries all based on mutual self interest , we as part of the EU cannot negotiate bi-lateral trade treaties with other countries

(5) By leaving we will not lose jobs as the EU relies more on jobs from us than we do from them. Those who say the day we leave there will be a line at the dole office is a blatant lie. Scare tactics are being used to get you to stay in

(6) By leaving all the British people living in EU will be turfed out. This is a scare tactic. Most British people living in the EU bring net benefits to the countries they live in. By deporting these people the EU will be worse of economically

(7) The British people living in the EU will have two choices (1) take up citizenship of the country you live in  or come back to the UK.The choice is yours, the same applies to EU citizens living here, you cannot have dual nationality


(8) By leaving the EU we will be able to have own economic policies unlike the present situation where the EU decides what percentage deficit we can have, it is also determining taxation rates we can set. Freeing ourselves from the EU financial jacket we can design and implement policies which are a net benefit to the citizens of the U.K.As for trade, companies like VW will continue to sell us cars unless they decide they don’t want access to the U.K market. This would a foolish thing as it would mean job losses, profit and market share forgone for Germans, which no company wants.


(9) The BBC ( also known as the British Brainwashing Corporation)) has been giving a very negative view of leaving the EU,somehow this country which has done well in the past as an independent country, cannot or is unable to govern itself as a independent nation again.


(10)                So you the public also known as tax mugs and EU tax mugs, will be frightened,confused,manipulated and conned in to maintaining the status quo.You will vote to stay in even though it will be not be in your long term interests


(11)                To fully appreciate what I am saying, look at what the EU has done to Greece which is being run by the EU like a colonial outpost and look at the refugee crises, the EU’s response has been a shambles. Each country blaming the other for the problem


(12)                Many people are under the assumption by leaving the EU you will not be able to travel. This is nonsense, you will be still be able travel, you simply need a visa i.e. purpose for visit as you would if you were going the US.As long as you meet the criteria there is no reason to stop you going to another country.


(13)                The government has just spent £9 million pounds of our tax money to produce a leaflet about the EU referendum which is pro-Eustis is a complete waste of tax payers money. Equal amount of money should be given to the Out referendum campaign.


(14)                By voting to stay in you will continue to be part of the EU empire, you will become a wage slave to big business and a debt slave to the banking sector. You will also participate in the decline of the U.K as an independent nation, a decline in democracy and sovereignty of the nation; you will ensure that the future of you children will be less secure , you will participate in the decline of the welfare state as there is no a link between taxes paid and benefits received in the U.K.


(15)                So if you want all the above please vote yes, and assign yourself the title of  EU tax mug, wage slave and debt slave


(16)                Mr Cameron (the snake oil salesman) has already used £9 million of taxpayers’ money to send a Pro-EU propaganda leaflet to every household.

                            Kind Regards

                            Tiger Moto


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The EU Referendum Con



The EU Referendum Con

The British Government is in the process of giving the British people who are also known as tax mugs, a referendum whether to stay in or out of the EU.The Prime Minister of Great Britain has made his position very clear that he is firm supporter of the EU project and intends to campaign to stay in .This is a strange statement as politicians are to represent the will of the people. The arrogance of the Prime Minister David Cameron clearly shows why Politicians are bad for democracies and even worse for the people of this country.

                                   We live in a highly technocratic world and electing a bunch of amateurs mostly from the legal profession will not solve our problems. These well meaning know nothing, do nothing people will do us great harm. Our politicians being mainly lawyers, their main means of solving these countries problems is to pass endless legislation. The country is being legislated to death. More laws mean more lawyers, a job creating scheme for lawyers. This must stop, the tax legislation alone amounts to over 17,000 pages, and more are added every year. This has created a whole industry of lawyers and accountants, who are able to find loop holes, which enable their clients to avoid, evade or minimize their tax liability.


                                               Now in the Mass Media you the public will be subject to an intense bombardment of lies,deceit,mis-information.It has already started with Cameron warning that if we leave the EU,there will be serious consequences.The classic technique of the fear factor is being used.

                                         Before I lay out the shortcoming of the EU project and why it will fail, i am old enough to remember the last EU referendum to get us into the EU.It was sold as a common market where people would be able to source the cheapest and best quality goods and services, at no time did anyone tell us there would be no border controls or mass migration or it would be a political project. On the common market basis most people took a sensible option of this arrangement as being of benefit to them and voted for it.

                                        The EU project is becoming a nightmare for many of its citizens. The idea of free flow of capital and labour and access to the benefit systems of other countries is creating huge resentment. With so much disparity between income levels of the new East European countries, it was inevitable that citizens would migrate from poorer countries of the EU to richer ones which are what has happened. Smart countries like Germany knowing of this maintained a restrictive policy of transition, of how many they would let in, since they did not want a massive influx de-stabilizing their societies.

                                               Merry little old England did an analysis under the then labour government that only a few thousand would come. This was badly wrong, since other countries put restrictions for a number of years and those countries that did not, the UK would inevitably receive far more than they would be able to absorb in such a short period. Britain now has the highest Polish population in Europe, and Eastern Europeans in less than five years are the largest minority. Before them the Indians who have been here for over a hundred years were the largest minority.

                                          While the debt based economy was booming there was work available. Employers found a cheap, compliant and flexible workfore.It must be said many of the migrants like other migrants are very hardworking as are many British people. It is gross insult to suggest only migrant’s work hard, if people in the UK did not work, the economy would have collapsed many years ago.

                                            The UK is rapidly becoming a minimum wage economy and this is partly due to the EU and mass migration. The effect on our public services has been tremendous, many at breaking point, a housing shortage, and longer waiting times for hospital appointments or to see your local doctor. Despite mass migration from the EU and the rest of the world, the tax base is shrinking. Being on the minimum wage means your taxes paid are simply recycled through the benefit system.

                                             Migration watch website have done some calculations that a person on the minimum wage with a wife and two children can claim more in benefits than their income. These perverse incentives high lights who benefits. The employer gets cheap labour, the worker gets access to the benefit system, while the rest of us you the public or tax mugs pay for this ridiculous system.

                                                Ask yourself who benefits from arrangement, if you have free flow of capital and labour, and no restrictions, which benefits, some citizens will do well but most will not. The people who benefit from this arrangement are the large corporations. The EU is the biggest Con job in history and their intention is turn us in to debt slaves and wage slaves. In the UK and the rest of Europe young people the next generation, the most educated and articulate, their prospects are less than their parents. Youth unemployment in countries like Spain and Greece is 25% or more.

                                              This is a double tragedy, the social capital of society is being eroded. With so much manufacturing located abroad, and automation requiring less skilled labour, there is a hollowing of the labour market, even professionals are being affected. The debt based economic model of EU countries with the exception of Germany is not sustainable.

                                        By remaining in the EU we have locked ourselves in to death trap, a stagnant EU unable to come up with solutions that work. The recent Refugee crises has laid bare the inability of the EU to come up with a solutions to this problem, each country ignoring EU rules and reverting back to nationalist policies. The idea that 28 countries with different cultures, languages, traditions and agendas will agree on common polices that work for each country is ridiculous.

                                   By voting to get out we will be able to control our borders, decide who, how many and quality of people we will let in just like Australia and the US does. We will trade with whoever we want and will only do so if it is in our interest. We will not lose jobs as some say; the EU does more trade with us than we do with them. As for those British residents living abroad, they will have to make a decision, take up the citizen of the country you’re living in or come back home, you decide where your future lies. This also applies to EU migrants living here, stay here and become UK citizens or go back home.

                                       China has more trade deals with other countries than the EU has. They have their own version of the common market. In its region it has done trade deals with many countries ,like India,Pakistan,Indonesia etc.By being part of the Chinese trade block these countries are able to get goods and services at preferential rates,i.e at rock bottom prices, this means Chinese jobs are secure, unlike the EU which has become a poverty enhancement project.

                             So do not be taken in by all the horror stories about leaving the EU, by being an independent country we will do a lot better. The EU project will not last it is doomed it has a maximum life of 10-20 years, before it implodes. Remember most our laws are from the EU and what’s the point of electing politicians here, when they have no power to decide the future of this country.

                            As for young people who are worried because they like to go anywhere in the EU and have fun, you will not be disappointed. You can still go all over the EU you just need a visa as you would if you go to Australia or the US. It’s not difficult, you need to give a reason for visit and few checks, if you have a criminal record, or no income to support yourself, then you will have problems but, these are sensible measures which all countries should have, you do not want to let in undesirable people into your country.

                                 Ignore the pro-EU propaganda and vote with your head not through the fear factor, remember the EU is a poverty enhancement project backed by big business who are the main beneficiaries able to access cheap labour, a consumer market of 500 million, pay the minimum wage and pay little or no tax by playing one country against another, a corporate con game where there is only one winner and 500 million losers.

                        So when the EU referendum comes vote no and let’s get our own country back and a better future.

                                  Kind Regards Tiger Moto


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The EU Refugee Crises

                                                             Many people watching the news will be aware of the refugee crises engulfing the EU.The terrible incidences of boats capsizing and the subsequent deaths from drowning including the terrible picture of the three year old boy found on a Turkish beech, which spiked the heart and conscience of many people around the world.

                      The UK Prime Minister was shamed in to making a statement to allow a few thousand extra refugees into the country, an absolutely disgraceful statement considering that Germany is preparing to allow in hundreds and thousands. The meeting at the EU to discuss this issue the Chair woman was in no doubt as to the failure of EU countries come up with the money to deal with the issue. Besides bickering the EU has no unified response to the situation

                        There is a new game being played in the EU ,its called ‘ Pass the refugee’, where each Country affected by the influx of refugees builds borders, gasses them use violence by police and security forces to keep them out of the country or in one place, or puts them on coaches to transport them to the border of another country.

                            In the game of ‘Pass the Refugee’ Hungry, Croatia, Serbia is winning at the moment. They will no doubt soon be joined by other EU countries as this game becomes more popular. I ask my readers to come up with solutions to these problems here are my suggestions

 Tiger Moto’s solution to the Migrant Crises:-


·        The countries responsible for bombing these countries have direct responsibility to take in ‘ALL THE REFUGEES’. The UK& US will have most of them. `       

·                                                                                                                        The P&O ferries should be sent to these war torn regions and bring these people to the UK.As many of these people are paying smugglers thousands of dollars to come. The refugees would save money, as P&O charge a lot less. This would mean when they get here they will have savings, they would need less tax payer money to settle. A win win situation for all of us.

·                                                                                                                        P&O should also lay on special liners to sail across to the US where most of these people should be going to, as the US IS DIRECTLY responsible for most of the refugee problems in the region. Since large numbers will be going to US, we the British taxpayer as a humane gesture will give each person a resettlement grant ,so that that they can start a new life in the land of Free and the Brave, where they can really taste the fruits of democracy and human rights.

·                                                                                                                   The other option is give this refugee EU citizenship and allow them to settle where they want. Most will settle where there are already large Diaspora communities, which will not affect the recipient country in adverse way as the they already have substantial migrant communities.

·                                                                            The UK is home to very large numbers of migrant’s communities, our population will be become even more diverse and multi-cultural, and remember in the UK we celebrate diversity and Multi-Culturism, so there will no objections from the public? Remember in the UK we love diversity?.

·        So the reader can decide which game the UK should play (1) Pass the refugee (2) ‘Refugee holiday to the US (with one way ticket) (3) The Calais  solution (4) We should stop interfering in the Affairs in other countries. You cannot bring Democracy, Freedom and human rights by bombing and destroying countries.

·        If readers have their own solutions, be free to discuss (My favourite solution is number (4) ).


                             Kind Regards Tiger Moto

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The EU Con

The European Union(EU) meant to be the end point of European civilization where countries merge into a borderless world,with free movement of labour and capital.Backed by by a legal framework of property rights and  human rights.
               In principle the idea of the EU sounds good,it gives opportunities to 500 million people in huge trading area,for people and business to interact.
             In practice it cannot work,the concept of a United States of Europe will not work.You cannot form a Union with 27 countries,with their own histories,languages,cultures,politics,ethnicity and traditions,and merge them into one unit.
           The EU was formed when the world was a different place.It emerged after the Second World War to prevent European countries going to war again.A common market was created in goods and services.Originally the dominant players were France and Germany,France benefited from the huge agricutural subsidies and Germany from export of its industrial output in to the large trading area of the common market.
             Later as more countries the subsidies have steadliy declined for France.So now the dominant economy in the EU is Germany,that is  one of the reasons the EU central bank is located in Germany.
              The EU is undemocratic most of its legisaltion now made by unelected EU officials.It is worst than the old Communist USSR,as it makes laws and regulations to run the EU empire.It is sold as peoples agenda but in reality it is a big business agenda.Big business now can access cheap labour and lower peoples wages and living standards,as people from low wage economies migrate to high wage economies,which then become low wage economies.
                       The EU is becoming a poverty enhancement project as it dismantles the welfare state.
                     The EU is an Empire in all but name.Inthe Good Society we are against empire.The EU empire must go,we believe the EU will not last more than 20 years due to its internal contradictions.
                  The Nation state must be broken into a smaller geographical units,a very decentralized  system with local  laws,economics and politics
                 The Good Society will publish future articles which will show what a shambles the EU is.
                 Kind Regards
                 Tiger Moto

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