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The Garden of Eden for Sale



                                  The Garden of Eden for Sale

Swindlers & Co Estate agents and Valuers are delighted to offer for sale this unique property for sale. The Vendor (God) has requested only serious bidders, no time wasters. All viewing by appointment only, for prospective buyers we have a full and detailed package for you to download. Please read the Garden of Eden prospectus before submitting bids:-

1) The Garden of Eden is for sale due to previous occupants (Adam & Eve) contravening their lease agreement. The following terms&conditions apply

                        (a)Failure to maintain the garden, free of weeds and other

                               Unwanted guests..may mean eviction or fines..depending

                              how God feels.

                         (b)Mr Adam allowed his wife to eat an apple from the ‘Tree

                              Of Knowledge’, which is strictly forbidden under the lease

                      God did not want women to acquire

                                Knowledge. Do not eat the apple from the tree of

                                Knowledge..God wants you to remain, ignorant, illiterate

                                And stupid.

                           (c)The Garden of Eden contains a talking snake..who is

                                Permanent resident cannot be removed. He is devious and

                               Cunning, prospective purchasers warned not to be tempted

                               By the snake to eat from the tree of knowledge. if you

                                a woman you will be instantly evicted. If you are a man

                               You will have permanent erection, but no one to use it on

                                (It will be a cursed blessing).

                               (d)The Garden can be used for growing fruit and vegetables

                                   Cash crops can be grown such as Cannabis, prior

                                   Permission will be needed in writing. God may request as

                                    That you supply a small amount for his personal use, on a

                                    Regular basis.

                                    (e) No part of the Garden can be sub-let..God will very

                                          Upset if you have let part of it to the Devil..his main

                                         Rival and enemy


   There are three Garden of Eden’s for sale:-

(1) Christian Garden of Eden..Contains a talking snake, the Holy Ghost and a former Jew called Jesus Christ who hates Banks and charging of interest, you can drink alcohol and raise, kill and eat pigs..God prefers his Bacon rashers unsmoked.You can only have one wife to beat up; you can have a mistress as long as God or Wife does not know. You cannot beat up your mistress ?.


(2) Judaism Garden of Eden..Contains talking snake, an old man over 800 yrs old found wandering the desert called Mose’s,you are allowed to charge interest, but  only to non jews.You can drink alcohol, and  not eat the pig.In this garden Jews will have special status of being the chosen ones...i.e. God’s first class citizens. On earth this chosen status means stealing other peoples land (Palestine), killing and injuring them including children in regular massacres, called Defending the Democratic Terrorist State of Israel. Your chosen status on earth will not be recognized by others..So you will need to control, the mass Media and Hollywood to ensure the truth never gets out.


(3)  The Islamic Garden of Eden...contains a talking snake, 70 virgins for every suicide bomber, a permanent erection if you eat the apple (needed for the 70 virgins+ 4 wives), no alcohol, pig or drugs...but you can beat up your wife, infact four of long as you beat them equally.


The Garden of Eden is sold on Leasehold basis..God will reserve the right alter terms and conditions.Propective purchasers warned God is a erratic and un-predictable...he will be sending regular floods to the Garden of Eden. Purchasers are warned to have insurance against, floods, and content fact it advised to cover yourself from all possible losses...Lloyd’s of London are offering 10% discount.

                            The Garden of Eden is located in a very desirable part of Heaven. It overlooks the river where you can see Noah’s Ark parked. The Garden is only a camel’s ride to the city centre..Virgin Camel Trains offer special weekend rates.

                           The energy rating for this property are very low due to open skys,but the sun shines all year round, no need for clothes. All prospective purchasers must ensure you have finance arranged prior to bidding. God will accept any currency including bit to be deposited in God’s own special off shore account.

                     The successful bidder to complete the transaction within two weeks. Failure to do so means you will lose your deposit and God may smite thee with Hellfire and Damnation. So good luck

                                     Kind Regards

                                     Tiger Moto


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The Good girls and the Good Time girl’s part1



                         The Good girls and the Good Time girl’s part1

                             It is not often that you can do experiments with human beings without harming them in some way, either emotional or physical. But some time circumstances allow you to observe human behaviour, without interference, or harm.

                           I want to introduce you to a cultural, religious, moral and ethical values of a particular community to which i belong to, i will not mention this community for obvious reasons...i do not want extreme reaction to what i am going to say...i know my community has  zero tolerance to criticism. Drinking, drug taking, and promiscuity, i.e sex outside of marriage are regarded as sins.

                           The community I live in is a small Ethnic minority living in Europe. It is a very tight, closed community, very conservative family values, religion, ethics and morals are linked to how we behave to insiders and outsiders. Western societies to us are economically advanced, but socially regressive. We accept that living in a modern industrial society has great benefits, a welfare system, and well developed educational system, rule of law, Democracy, opportunities for personal development...etc

                                 So living in Europe has given us opportunities denied to us from our country of origin, and the reason these opportunities denied to us because our country was raped and pillaged for over two hundred years by the European country which we live...this is a matter I will be dealing with in future articles.

                                   Before someone reading this makes the comment that if we do not like living here we should go elsewhere...just remember we did not invite you to come over to our country to exploit us and our resources...or rape our women, or abuse us in a  multitude of ways for two hundred years.

                                  So my community enjoys the benefits of living in a Liberal democracy, but we do not like the social consequences of a living in a..anything what you want  Liberal society. This has created great tensions in our community and inter-generational conflict, as older generations of our community try to enforce social constraints on future generations brought up in a society with different values. The social consequences of conflicting values living in one society, while practicing the social values of another, have been disastrous for our community. To explain this I will use one real live example to show what I mean.

                                 In my community the way the system works is as follows:-

1)    You have no rights as an individual, only obligations, duties and responsibilities to your family, your community and your Religion.

2)    As a child you must obey your parents, get a good education, do your school work and keep out of trouble.

3)    As an adult you have duties and responsibilities to your family and community and religion.

4)    To work hard, earn money so that you can carry out your duties and obligations. To be a responsible member of your community and support your family.


                   Simply put you grow up in a household where education is very important. Once you have a good education, skill, or training in your chosen will hopefully have a secure job and income. Many people in our community persue self employment i.e. run their own business. Whichever option is chosen success is measured by your income and status in the community.

                         Once you have achieved the above and are seen by your family as a responsible, mature, sensible person...this usually means you will be between 25-30yrs old, your family will then ask you if you want to get married.

                                          If you have decided on a person of your choice before hand, that chosen person will have to be approved by the family. If approval is not given, your options will be to leave home, or dump the chosen one.

                    If you choose leaving home option you will in most cases be disowned by the family and ostracized by your community. This does not mean bad things will happen to you, simply people will not visit your house, or invite you to their functions. So leaving home is not an option to take lightly if you end up losing your family.

                     Sex outside of marriage is not socially acceptable. People do have sex outside of marriage in my community, but they go to great lengths to hide their activities, especially girls. For them sex outside of marriage has serious personal and social consequences for them and their family in the community.

                                   So I have now given you the reader historical background knowledge which will be very important to understanding what I am going to say.

                               As a former shopkeeper of over 35 years. i have witnessed every human condition you can imagine. My observations have led me to some definite conclusions about human behaviour and the society we live...some of these conclusions I will discuss in future articles.

                             In one particular year I had the privilege to get to know two groups of student girls from my community. Both groups of girls were University students. I have no doubt both sets of girls had worked hard and are clever enough to get to University. What I found interesting was the behaviour of both sets of girls was different which I could not understand.

                      One group of girls who I will call the ‘good girls’, they lived in a student house, there were five of them. During the week they went to University and studied. When not at University they would go ‘window shopping’ usually at the local city centre shopping centre. Like many students they had very little money, so spending time wandering shopping centres was a good way of spending time.

                    To my knowledge these girls had no ‘boy friends’, did not drink, smoke or take drugs. On Sundays one of these girls would come to my shop, buy sweets, snacks and soft drinks and they would spend their Sundays, studying. So according to our community values they were ‘good girls’.

                 The other group of girls were party girls,’boyfriends, drinking,

Drugs’ let’s call them the ‘good time girls’. Now the way these girls were behaving according to the mainstream society they live in is normal, but not according to their community’s values and norms. Now if the behaviour of these girls were to become known to their families, there would be serious repercussions for these girls including physical harm.

                     So the question I am asking if both groups of girls know the limits of behaviour i.e. the norms and values of their community and of their families, why they behaved so differently.

                       Now before you jump to quick judgements, we need to look at the social implications. In the society we live, it is a sexually permissive, an individualistic culture, where the cult of the individual is given primacy over that of the community and society. This has led to high divorce rate and family breakdown, and all the social problems that have emerged, which Governments are spending huge amounts of tax payers money, not to solve the problems but simply to stabilize the situation, to prevent it getting worse...this is known as the decline of Western Civilization or simply the decline of the West, which is in full progress as I write.

               The behaviour of the ‘good time girls’ has social consequences for all girls in our community. Let me explain, as I said earlier marriage in our community is a very serious undertaking, the family involvement is crucial to the success of the marriage. Any potential suitor goes through a rigorous selection process. Think of the process like applying for a job. You send in your application form and the idea is to match as closely as possible the person to the job. Your application for a prospective marriage partner will be considered, and you may be invited for a first interview or rejected.

                   Our marriage system works on the same principle. You check the person’s background, their family values, ethnicity, culture, race and Religion. Is the person of good character, do they have a good education, career prospects, and have they been married before or any previous relationships, is their physical or mental illness in the family, is the  person a drug addict or alcoholic or displays other undesirable traits or habits which could impact on the relationship.

                            All these factors are taken into consideration as to the suitability of the person, to them being a suitable marriage partner, i’m afraid having a big Willy and a bad attitude will not do.

                So in our culture it is hard to get married but easier to get divorced. In Western society it is the other way round. The behaviour of the ‘good time’ girls does not go un-noticed in our community, word soon gets around who are the ‘good time girls’ and how to avoid them as potential marriage partners. Remember in our culture marriage is a very expensive affair, it is seen as an investment by the couple to be married and their families.

                   So if a girl is not prepared to wait and has sex before marriage, and that person is not socially acceptable, does not marry the girl and make all the commitments I have mentioned above, he has the benefit of the relationship without commitment or cash upfront...for free...let’s call this free love. This means the guy who marries her pays for sex ..(i.e. pays upfront as in cash, Jewelry, house,car etc),and the other person has been getting it for love.

                         The minority of girls who behave in an immoral and un-ethical way create problems for the ‘good girls’, which i will discuss later. The ‘good time girls’ may be having fun now only to pay a terrible price at a later date. Let me explain.

                              Let’s say the ‘good time girl’ gets through University, gets her Degree or higher, persues a career, she reaches age 25+ when her family decide it is time to get her married. This will be done with her consent, considerable social pressures will be used to persuade her to get married.

                       It will be pointed out to her that if she leaves it too long i.e. 30+ her chances of finding a suitable partner will diminish rapidly. If consent is given then her family will pass the word around the community that they are looking for a suitable partner for their daughter. They will today with the advent of the internet, use matrimonial agencies, although these are seen as a last resort.

               When a suitable match has been found, he will go through an interview, more of an interrogation as to what he will bring to the relationship. In our culture the girl gets the ‘goodies’.Jewelry and money upfront is often the starting point. It is not unknown for the boy’s family to pay a deposit for a house for the future couple or set up the couple in a business or become shareholders in their business. Again I am generalizing, it depends on the circumstances, terms and conditions vary from family to family.

                          If the girl is educated the future husband will be expected to educated at least to her standing or higher. Again this varies from family to family. It is not unknown for families to stipulate that if their daughter is a Doctor then she should marry a doctor. The un-intended consequences of these demands have meant that many families simply have become unrealistic due to their selection criteria. So perfectly good candidates will be rejected due to minor imperfections in the eyes of the girl’s family. Girls themselves have also have their heads filled with an ideal partner who does not exist in the real world, this simply sets them up for a big disappointed when they realise career does not mean exemption from house work, and cooking for your family.

                        To be able to cook well in our culture is crucial to a successful family life, as cooking forms so much part of social and communal life. Girls who cannot cook will find, their mother in law will be around the house to give cookery lessons and possibly save the marriage from future troubles. Please be aware if you are an Italian girl and cannot cook your prospects of finding a suitable partner also diminishes rapidly, so the ability to cook is not simply a pre-requisite to a successful marriage in my community but in many European communities as well.

                       So how can we explain the behaviour of the ‘good time girls’, let’s look at the possibilities:-


1) These girls are sexually repressed at home, the parents ensure they do not meet the opposite sex unless prior approval given. This means that as soon as they get an opportunity, they get to make up for lost opportunities and time.

                              University especially away from home means they are no longer under the social constraints of their the ‘good girls’ at home, go bad very quickly...3-4 years at University is sufficient time to get a Degree and disgrace oneself in the eyes of God, family and Community.


2) These are naive girls who had a sheltered existence, and are easy prey for male students looking for easy sex.


3)These girls are behaving quite normal according to their,drugs,rock ‘n’ roll and a Degree at the end of it all


4) They behave like this for reasons which we do not fully understand. Extensive research is being conducted to find out firm conclusions have been arrived at.


5)The ‘good time girls’ know exactly what they are doing, and are playing a double game...they pre-tend to be good girls at home, but lead a double life which the parents are not aware of, (unless they find by accident or some on tells them). They get the best of worlds, security and support from the family at home and opportunities to mis-behave, as and when the occasion arises.


6) Reasons for my readers to come up rude comments


This article will continue in part 2 to follow....


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The Pig, God and Religion


                                               The Pig, God and Religion

                          Two of the world’s great religions have decided the pig is enemy Number One. To eat, touch, smell or even look at the pig is considered the most heinous of crimes according to their religion. So if you are seen to be fraternizing with a pig or worst consuming the pig in any form, in public or private, puts you in the same league as Killers, Rapists and Child Molesters.

                            The question asked is what has the pig done in the eyes of God to deserve this terrible reputation, since the Pig is one of God’s creations, and to my knowledge Mr&Mrs pig made it on to Noah’s ark. To investigate this deep mystery I have enlisted the help of the great and good from society to bring clarity to this matter.

                          We are organizing a seminar titled the Pig and God. It will be hosted by Miss Piggy (a former star of the very popular... the Muppet show).It will be sponsored by the National pig farmers association. The topics to be discussed will be as follows:-

1) The pig and Western civilization..How the pig has fed Europeans throughout history. The pig being cheap to keep, eats anything, produces lots of little pigs, and grows  very quickly into a large size, able to feed large families at low cost,second only to the chicken...(the most widely eaten meat product in the world).

2) Free tickets on offer to Walt Disney’s new movie...The Pig Must Die...starring Porky Pig. Michael Eisner...the Boss of Walt Disney will be presenting a special Oscar to Porky Pig for best actor award.Mr Eisner being Jewish will be wearing, body armour, white suit covering the whole body(including the head),also gloves and a gas mask. He will not be shaking hands with Porky Pig, but will present the Oscar on the end of a long 10 metre pole.

3) Free tickets on offer to the play Pygmalion opening in London theatres soon, for 6 weeks only.Get to see your favourite actors behave like pigs.

4) Your local bank will be giving talk on how to save money for young children. He will be giving out free piggy banks for the children, don’t miss out on this free offer.


5) For children’s entertainment, all the episodes of Peppe Pig and Walt Disney’s three little Pigs to be shown continuously

6) The Pig as Cultural Icon, the Chinese celebrate the pig in elaborate ceremonies every year. The pig is crucial to the Chinese cuisine and cultural life.You can participate in this annual event where you will be able to dress up as a pig in the parade. Best pig costume will win a free trip to the local pig Abbatour

7) We will be holding a talent contest, for the best pig impersonations and pig jokes. The winner gets to sponsor a pig for life.



Now for some serious stuff

                  Many people in the world do not eat the pig for religious reasons, others for cultural or personal reasons, if you are brought up in household where you do not eat pork, and then there is good chance you will grow up not eating pork.

                    The religious reasons for not eating pork seem to fit in a number of categories:-

1) Muslims do not eat Pork because it is written in God’s work and considered an unclean animal


2) Jews do not eat pork because, perhaps for the same reason as Muslims + you cannot eat any animal with split hooves. So in Israel an enterprising Jew genetically modified the pig and fused the hooves. His target market was the more Liberal secular, less religious Jews for whom the pig is not so bad or evil, and tastes quite good.

                         The devout religious Jews were not having any of it. They decreed if it looks like a pig, whether fused hooves or not then it is a pig, and therefore not kosher, and it has been banned to my knowledge, unless there is an underground thriving pig market in Israel.

                       Whenever there is prohibition on something it usually creates an illegal market for the product.I have no doubt some enterprising Israeli’s are delivering Kosher Pork Bagels in the middle of the night to the Porky loving members of their community.


3) In the Christian Bible it also says do not eat the pig, and shell fish. Most Christians have long ignored these Biblical rulings and for good reason, they are silly.

Excluding religious reasons for banning the pig from the dinner table, can we come up with a more rational explanation lets try:-

1)    Our three great religions came out of the Desert or as I call them Dessert Religions, because they have been dished out to the most illiterate, ignorant and backward people God could find

     2) In those times people would bury the dead in shallow graves. At night time wild feral pigs would dig up the graves and eat the bodies

3) It was then decided by the good and the great at that time not to eat the pig, because the pig may have eaten one of your dead relatives. God agreed that it was good idea hence it became the word of God for Jews, Muslims and those pig loving Christians.

Does this make sense, sounds rational, may even be true?.Please be aware i am not advocating eating,or not eating the Pig, that is a decision for you to make,i make no moral or ethical judgements on this matter. I am simply stating an alternative viewpoint not necessarily mine. I make no criticism of someone’s religion or faith.

                 The viewpoint i am expressing is from readings of scholars of ancient history, who say that the Biblical accounts are not supported by evidence or there is no evidence as yet to confirm all the sayings and teachings of religion. That many of our religious customs&practices are based on the superstitions and traditions of ancient illiterate, backward, uneducated people, whose limited knowledge has been passed onto us in the form of religious rights. Therefore is it right to carry on these practices when they serve no real meaning and purpose, other than as rituals.

                To bring clarity to this matter. In some perhaps all religions the status of women is not held very highly. Domestic violence is ordained by the Almighty, yet someone who eats pork is regarded as the greater evil. This seems a moral dilemma the almighty needs to resolve. Eating pork may or may not make you into bad person, but beating up your wife does make you into a bad person. We need to condemn wife beaters more than pork lovers.

                      People who do not want to follow all their religious customs should be free to do so. We must not pass judgement on them. It is to God they will be answerable. So we need to be more tolerant and not to take it into our hands to dispense God’s judgement upon them on earth.

                       So let us tackle the real evils in this world, of domestic violence, of child abuse, poverty, greed and shelfishness.Of our political economic system which is driving people into poverty and despair, a system that creates more losers than winners, of rogue states Like Israel which ignore International law and oppress and deny the Palestinians their basic human rights, supported by the world’s leading Terrorist State the United States of America.            

                                           Kind Regards

                                            Tiger Moto


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How to be an Atheist Muslim, Christian or Jew

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                How to be an Atheist Muslim, Christian or Jew

Are you tired of your Religion, do you find it restricting, and fed up of the                   silly routines and traditions which seem outdated?. As a male do you resent                                having your penis being chopped of as a baby? Do you miss that extra bit,                       because it is has denied you work in the porn industry because you no longer                    measure up to the job?.

                                    Fed up with what you can or cannot eat or drink. Resent starving yourself for one month of the year. Tired of being told a man 2000 years ago who upset his own community and got nailed to a plank was sent by God to save humanity, and is the source of all human knowledge and wisdom.

                         Not convinced of your community 2000 yrs ago wandered around the desert looking for the Promised Land by a man over 500yrs old,who      climbed mountains for a hobby. Not convinced of burning bushes and parting of seas. Not quite convinced there are 70 virgins waiting for you in Heaven and if you are female a bunch of grapes.

                            Tired of the God squad knocking on your door demanding money with menaces. Not quite convinced the world was created 6000 yrs ago. Tired of walking around in some parts of the world covered in black...a walking bin bag,along with the many retrictions placed on women in many parts of the world,which deny them freedom and equality.

                  Then all hope is not lost. Do you want to have the Badge of your religion but without the content......then I might have the solution. Under my system you can still have faith, be devout, religious and good. Let me explain

1) If someone asks are you religious say yes.......Say you are very religious...You religiously get up every morning, you religiously go to the bathroom, you religiously have breakfast, you religiously go to work, you religiously come home, you religiously take the dog for a walk, you religiously cook meals for your family and you religiously clean the house....etc

2)If someone asks if you are devout say yes...Say you are devout skeptic,you are not quite sure of many aspects of your faith, you would like proof of miracles....Say you have been to magic shows and they perform miracles as well...and a lot cheaper. Sometimes these magic miracle workers tell you how they perform these miracles. Guess what they’re not miracles at all, but tricks on the mind.... maybe just like religion.

3) If someone asks do you have faith...say yes..Say I have faith in myself to do good. You faithfully carry out your duties, as father or mother or Uncle or sister or Brother or Aunt or a Grandparent, employer or employee...etc. You faithfully carry out these duties and others according to the best of your knowledge, skills and ability,all without the assistance of God or his associates on earth.     

4) If someone asks do you pray...Say yes...You pray every day that all your hard work will reap good rewards on earth and definitely not in a non existent heaven, preferably early retirement will do nicely or a lottery win?

5) If someone asks do read religious books regularly.. Say yes...That you religiously, read all legal documents which relate to you and any goods in your possession like your house and car. Every Sunday you sit down at the dinner table and read these legal texts religiously looking for hidden meanings that you were not made aware of when you signed them.

6) If someone asks if you believe in the Ten Commandments..Say yes..Your Ten Commandments are located in the Kitchen and bathroom and relate to hygiene they say Godliness is next to cleansiness

7) If someone asks you do you believe in God..?Say yes..You believe in the God of real things, that you can touch, feel, and connect with that give your life meaning, hope, and purpose. Your God of real things is not invisible but visible in the natural beauty that surrounds you,and the world we live in.

8) If someone asks do you participate in communal Religious activities to help those less fortunate..Say says... last week you organized an orgy online for the over 60’s, a group which has been neglected. This week  you organized activities for the local youths...for the girls you organized Beauty Therapy and shoplifting seminar, and for the boys basics of ram raiding shops and drug taking safely.

                           I hope with my suggestions you will lead a fulfilled and happy life as a Atheist Muslim, Christian or Jew...As I said keep the Badge of your faith but get rid of the contents, and replace them with good things like...Human rights, respecting people as individuals, equality for all, respect for and rule of law, to be a ethical and moral person, not to lie, cheat and steal.

                         It is better to have cultural values of your society,be they Muslim, Jewish or Christian which give you a better sense of identity and community cohesion .Have traditions that have real meaning and purpose, that change and adapt with changing circumstances. Your life on the planet is very short, it is better to leave this world knowing that you have done some good.

                                         Kind Regards

                                          Tiger Moto

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Wanted for Crimes against Humanity the Angel Gabriel



Wanted for Crimes against Humanity

                   Angel Gabriel

By The International Humans Rights Court


Description: Male, about 6 ft tall White, Black or Brown in skin colour, white robe has wings, multi-lingual, has superiority complex and bad attitude towards humans.

(a) If seen do not approach, very dangerous, call police

(b) Can fly through the air with the greatest of ease, do not mistake for a bird or plane

(c) Last seen over two thousand years ago speaking to Prophets

(d) Can appear and disappear anytime, anywhere, any cctv evidence would help police to locate this elusive individual


List of Charges:-


(1)Lying to Prophets

(2) For Promoting murder and genocide

(3)For causing environmental damage i.e. floods and famines

(4)For promoting infanticide

(5)For promoting violence against children

(6)For promoting violence against women

(7)For promoting genital mutilation

(8)For promoting suffering of animals and animal sacrifices

(9) For promoting hatred and racism

(10) For keeping people,ignorant,stupid and backwards

(11) For promoting slavery


Explanation of Charges:-


1)   Lying to Prophets

The Angel Gabriel is God’s communication Director, as God communicates what he wants through him, we need to be sure that he is a reliable source of information. Why God does not communicate directly with his human subjects raises serious doubts.

                       Since the devil is an Angel gone bad, how can we be sure the Angel Gabriel has not gone bad?. The Prophets sent by God were only his messengers. The Angel Gabriel delivered the messages. All the religious texts contain horrendous crimes against people. Can God really be promoting mass murder and genocide or has the Angel Gabriel gone bad or is mad.

2)   For promoting murder and Genocide

                 In all of Gods great works he does not like any other God but him being worshipped. It appears God does not like competition. We in the modern world believe competition is good for society, it drives innovation and progress.

                 God however has written if other Gods are worshiped except him then the people and places where these other Gods are must be destroyed and all the inhabitants killed.

                    Again we must not question God but the Angel Gabriel, did God really say this or has the Angel Gabriel lied to us. Can God really be promoting murder and genocide, at least the accused must be given a fare trial and their defence council explain why they worship other Gods. It would appear God behaves like a Tyrant. He has no compassion or understanding.


3) For causing environmental damage i.e. floods and famines


                In one of his famous books God sent a flood which wiped out most of humanity because he was displeased with his human subjects. The effects of this event on the earth’s bio-systems must have been devastating for humans and animals.

                   The flood destroyed everything, the earth is still recovering from this environmental disaster.

                    The Angel Gabriel could have told God of the damage being done and persuaded God to punish his human subjects in other ways, perhaps educational classes for his illiterate and ignorant subjects


4) For promoting infanticide

                   In one of Gods great works, there is a passage which says the first born male child must be killed. Can this be true, was the Angel Gabriel aware of the rights of the child under the UN human rights charter.

                     During this period people used to bury female babies in foundation holes in the ground when new homes were built, as an offering and blessing to their Gods. Why did the Angel Gabriel not tell God of this heinous practice. I am sure if God was aware he would have put a stop to this?


5) For promoting violence against children

                    In one of Gods great works it says that if children disobey their parents or are rude to them they can be taken to an open place near their home and beaten to death with stones by the local community. Can this be true, no rational God would say this, and therefore the blame must lie with the Angel Gabriel. He must have lied to people.

                        Again the Angel Gabriel must familiarize himself with the rights of the child under the human rights charter of the UN.Since all life is sacred and only God is allowed to take human life, beating children to death is counterproductive to Gods wishes


6) For promoting violence against women

             God’s great works are very unkind to women, they can be beaten, raped, stoned to death for adultery, female babies buried alive, and a woman’s testimony only worth half of a man. In all Gods works women are relegated to second rate status. Why can this be?

                  Women are Gods creation, without them we as a species would have died out. Since they are Gods creation, why have they been treated so badly in history?

                 Could it be with the first woman Eve who ate an apple from the ‘tree of knowledge’? Could it be that God was so upset because women wanted to acquire knowledge and education, Eve was banished to earth and all women for most of history have remained uneducated and have suffered socially in most societies?

               This is terrible punishment inflicted by an unmerciful God which I do not believe. The blame is firmly on the Angel Gabriel, he is a woman hater.


7) For promoting genital mutilation

                             In two of Gods great works boys have to be ‘circumcised’ as part of their religious custom. This cruel and barbaric custom of genital mutilation pre-dates Islam and Judaism. These ancient barbaric practices have found their way into two of Gods works.

                             Ancient civilizations like the Egyptian Pharaohs had slaves circumcised so that they could tell them apart from non slaves. The Jews adopted this practice and it got passed on to other religions.

                There is also the practice of female genital mutilation practiced in some parts of the world, which has nothing to do with religion but has become a social norm.

                 God I am sure would not give us body parts which in later life would need to be surgically removed. This cannot be Gods works but must come from the devious, malicious, psychopathic mind of the Angel Gabriel


8) For promoting animal suffering and animal sacrifices

                     All of Gods great works contain many references to animal sacrifices and some human ones. It would appear God under certain circumstances can only be pleased by animal and some time human sacrfices.God has a blood lust, can this be true, cannot God not be satisfied with tea and sympathy or some other equally benign offering, such as a Burger king meal or a Kentucky Fried Chicken or a Kebab meal.

                     Millions of animals are ritually sacrificed in Gods name. Can this be true, why so much blood, according to God life is sacred, animals and humans are Gods creation, why have so many sacrificed in his name.

                                In one of Gods great religions it gives strict rules how an animal can be killed by having its throat cut, this is meant to limit the amount of suffering to the animal. Question is an animal will know if its throat is being cut, would it not be better to make sure the animal is unconscious before its throat is cut. This would be a more humane way of killing, as practiced in most Western countries now.

                           I am sure God does not want animals to suffer for our consumption. Again I do not believe God would want animals or humans to be sacrificed or suffer in his name, as all life is sacred to God. The blame lies with the Angel Gabriel lying to Prophets of Gods true intent. The Angel Gabriel must be made aware of animal husbandry, which are intended to minimize the suffering of animals.


9) For promoting Racism and Hatred

                   According to one of Gods great works, he told them they are the chosen people above all others. Can this be true, if so then this makes God a racist, therefore he is not an equal opportunity God and can be dismissed by those who are not the chosen people.

                      I do not believe God has a special preference for certain groups of people over others including giving them land which does not belong to them, when other people have been living there for over two thousand years.

                         As I do not believe God is a racist, the blame lies with the Angel Gabriel for selling false information.Perhaps the Angel Gabriel wants to make God look bad, maybe he wants his job.


10) For keeping people, stupid, ignorant and backwards

              Dear God when your great works have been applied 100% on societies throughout history they have had terrible results. The issue is have your great works been applied as the originator intended, or are the policies at fault i.e.impractible to enforce, or human failings ensure that they cannot work, or a combination of all three.

                   In the past when the clergy ruled in Europe, Gods disciples were in charge we had the dark ages when for 300 years no progress in society was made. Over one billion people have died because of religion, or in the name religion or religion was in the background. I am sure God you cannot be happy with so many people killed in your name. Today we have three examples of countries run on strictly godly principles, Iran by the (Mad) Mullah’s Afghanistan by the (Insane) Taliban and Saudi Arabia (by the Wahabi religious extremists)), beheadings of men and stoning of women are the norm. These barbaric practices have no place in the modern world we live.

                         Since you want peace and happiness with all your human subjects, the fault must lie with the Angel Gabriel, he has not fulfilled his job description. We urge you God to terminate his employment contract, send him to earth so that we may try him for crimes against humanity.

                  I would further urge you to send a new Angel to earth to proselytise your peaceful mission. If you cannot I will be happy to act as your representative on earth. I am happy to work on a zero hour contract of £200+vat per hour. Any payment will need to be paid in to my off shore account in the Cayman Islands.

(11)For promoting slavery

               In all your great works slavery is promoted, accepted, normalized, strict rules for slavery are written in your great works. We in the modern world believe owning another human being is morally and ethically wrong. We have international laws banning this practice included in the human rights charter.

                              God I am sure you do want slavery practiced, we have come to the conclusion the Angel Gabriel has been dishonest in this matter. We urge you to have a long, detailed conversation about this matter with him. If you cannot, please send the Angel Gabriel to earth so that we may put him on trial for Crimes against Humanity.


                      Kind Regards

                     Tiger Moto

           (Insignificant puny earthling)

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