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Grand parents Charter

                                                             Grandparent’s charter
We the grandparents of the world are united under our banner The Grandparents charter. We demand that our children respect our charter as this will go a long way to ensure a fair and equitable relationship between us, our children and our grandchildren

Rule 1) we want at least 24 hours notice in writing before you decide to dump the grandchildren like unwanted toys upon us. This is will give us plenty of time to be out of the country or elsewhere when you come around

Rule 2) Make sure before you bring the children around that they have been fed, watered and cleaned. Ensure you bring with you the ‘emergency kit’, that is food, clothing, nappies, toys, medicines etc

Rule 3)It is not our job to buy expensive toys for the children which you cannot afford or do not want to give the children...This is emotional blackmail, and depriving children of toys could mean a visit from the social up on the UN rights of the child and abide by it

Rule 4) School holidays does not mean expensive trips to children’s theme parks. If you want us to take the grandchildren to these places you must provide substantial cash contributions, we will provide the sweets, snacks and drinks. I would suggest 90% from you and %10 from us...this is a fair ratio and you must stick to it.

Rule 5) we may be retired but we do have a busy lifestyle...We want to enjoy our last years of life. That is we also have a underground Music and Drug scene. We use the social media to organize online orgies for the over 60’s, wife swapping events and other adult entertainments...we need time for these. As grandparents we will provide you with a calendar with days or months marked when we will not be available.

Rule 6) As unpaid carers for our grandchildren so that you may go to work. It is only right that you as a sign of your appreciation offer to pay a bill, or buy food for the week or pay for our car to be serviced etc.By doing these things you will ensure that we are available 24/7 in case of emergency.

Rule 7) you cannot leave the grandchildren with us for more than one week at any one time for free. Any time over one week will be charged at the minimum wage rate of £6.50+ expenses per hour.We will provide you with an itemized bill for our services, we expect payment to be with 14 days or else we will take legal action or go on strike.

Rule 8) only two grandchildren are allowed per visit, you need to organize a rota so that we do not get the same grandchildren every time

Rule 9) as poverty pensioners and grandparents it only right that we should come and live with you and at your expense at least one month a year. Think of this as payback for bringing you up to adulthood.

Rule 10) this is the most important take out insurance for us before we die. This is will ensure when the time comes there will no arguments over who should pay for the funeral. This will mean that as a family you will stay together...we do not want to leave this planet with the thought that our children will not talk to each other or help each other, after we are gone.
                                                                                                        Kind Regards
                                                                                                         Tiger Moto

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The Good Girls and Good Time Girls



                The ‘Good girls’ and the ‘Goodtime girls’ part 2

In part 1 of my article i discussed some of the social problems that my community faces living in the Western World. I now want to conclude this article by showing the serious consequences of the behaviour of the ‘Good time Girls.’

                                     The behaviour of the ‘Good time girls ‘has reduced the trust in the marriage contract in our society.Remember in my community a marriage is  a ‘Commercial contract with an element of Love’, while in the Western world it is all about the love, unless you end up in the divorce court...then it is all about the money.

                                      Imagine you are a prospective husband, you have gone through the vetting process, and are the Prime candidate, your physical, mental and most important financial well being are in good order.

                                      It is your big day the boy’s family have given the four sets of Jewellery for the four functions of the Wedding. The total cost shared between the families, but due to the payment of the dowrie, in some parts of our community cash of $40,000 upwards has to be paid to the bride’s family, before paying for the rest. This is a colossal commitment if things go wrong, you could lose your money and bride.

                                   So much care and attention is needed at this stage to avoid a costly mistake. The gruelling wedding over  four functions, rapidly depleting the bank balance and taking a emotional toll on everybody, as you have to be nice to people you would not associate with in your personal life. As they say friends you can choose, family you’re stuck with. After the wedding you bring your beautiful expensive wife home, hoping you have made a wise decision.

                                   You get your bags packed next day and you’re off to your honeymoon, hopefully the place will be hot and pleasant, where you can have plenty of sun, sea, sand and sex (your return on your investment).

                                  As you sit on the plane discussing small things, while you surfing the internet,keeping friends informed by the hour what you are up to.A friend of yours from your University days, congratulates you on your marriage and future success. As someone who lost touch with you after University days, you mention how he was able to know, he politely tells you he went on a well known social media site and was able to find out. You ask him what he thinks of your future wife, your friend suddenly remains silent for a long time and changes the subject.

                        You quickly realize the deception, and your suspicion is aroused..have you married a ‘Good girl’ or a ‘Goodtime girl’. While your wife is a sleep you surf the internet to see if you can source any information, you did not know already about your wife. As soon as you type her name, lots of information pops up about her various activities and relationships. Your shock turns to disappointment then anger.

                                 The best way to describe this situation imagine you go to a car auction where you are the highest bidder for a new car. You drive the car home and find out that it is a used car, has had more than one owner, with high mileage. You also find out you cannot return the car and get your money back. Remember your future wife is not on a sale or a return basis.

                             The above maybe hypothetical example, but these things do occur. The consequences of this is that in our community, the most educated girls in our society have the lowest reputation. As a result of this we have become a very low trust society,when it comes to marriage. There is now a surplus of unwed girls, who have very little chance of finding a decent husband.

                          Now you would think that families would adjust to the changing circumstances i.e. be more realistic in their requirements, but no they are going the opposite way. They would rather let their daughters grow old, than lower their expectations. Many Girls over 30 yrs can see their prospects diminish before their eyes.

                          Ultimately a relationship is about marriage, with declining trust in relationships and divorce rates going up, now many people especially males choosing not to get married. With men if the marriage fails, he is going to a have liability imposed on him due to the female friendly Law Courts. Many men are the losers in marriage and divorce financially. In marriage a man pays for ‘sex’ also called ‘love’. For this love he will pay a high price, long hours at work, house loan payments+ household expenses. So marriage is a costly enterprise. Divorce on the other hand costs even more.

                                        Let me explain by a real example. I knew an individual who divorced from his wife. The court made an order, being the father of a small child, the court ordered him out of the house and his wife to continue to live in it. The court also made him continue to pay the house loan, maintenance for the child and money to his ex- wife.

                                    The court reasoned as his wife did not work during their relationship, she should not be compelled to go out and work. So he ended up living in a one bedroom dingy flat, continued to pay for everything, and only when his daughter turned 18 yrs was he able to sell the house, and he got half of the the English language we say he was ‘shafted’ by the female friendly legal system.

                   My Nephew is a law graduate, he has decided he is going to remain single as he has no intention of giving 50% of his wealth  to a girl, he may end up not liking...I think he is a very wise young man

                                        To put a final touch to my article the divorce business is worth over $50 billion in the US...women, the legal system and Lawyers the main beneficiaries...the men the victims....Feminism has won and helped destroy Western Society.

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Deadliest diseases to infect Humanity

                                                              Deadliest diseases to infect Humanity

Throughout history there have been terrible diseases which have killed many millions of people. Some we have found cures for, others came and went, and new ones emerge all the time. I want to give you my top ten list of terrible diseases to infect humanity. Please be aware this is not an exhaustive list, this is simply my ten. You can however add or subtract to this list.

1) Small Pox
This disease first appeared around 430 bc.It has been killing people in great numbers. Since accurate records began around 1799 upward of 300 million people have died. Today it is one of the few diseases we have been able to eradicate almost 100%.This is a remarkable achievement.

2) The Spanish flew
This terrible disease came from nowhere and in a two year period 1917-1919, infected 500 million and killed 20-50 million people. A truly terrible disease to infect humanity. It has not re-emerged, which is a good sign

3) The Black Death
This disease appeared between 1340-1771 killed about 75 million people mostly in Europe. Where this disease came from no one is quite sure. Thankfully it has not re-emerged.

4) Malaria
This disease of the tropics spread by the female mosquito kills around 3 million per year. Despite modern living conditions, we have yet to eradicate this disease, despite much research and money being spent. A cure remains elusive.

5) Aids
Aids is a recent disease to infect humanity, no one knows where it came from .Since 1981 over 25 million people have died, and people are still dying today. There has been progress made where people infected are able to live with a mild strain of the disease.

6) Cholera
Deadly water borne disease which has been around along time. First recognized officially in 1817.It continues to kill millions mostly in poor countries where hygiene is not taken very seriously or lack off.

7) Typhus
This terrible disease of the modern era has killed over 3 million between 1918-1945.This disease was very prevalent in concentration camps under Hitler, The American Civil War (in internment camps), and under Napoleon where he lost many of his soldiers to this terrible disease.

8) Obesity Parasite
This recent new disease infecting high income countries, such as Europe and North America. It is linked to high calorie intake, virulent forms are spread by the Fast Food Industry. And it is spreading as the Fast food Industry finds new countries to infect. The terrible side effects of this disease are Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.
The world health organization is doing its best to contain the virus by better hygiene i.e. healthier living, but the Fast food industry who spread this disease are doing their best to resist the new healthier strain of the virus.

9) Tax Parasite
This terrible disease was introduced by Royalty in Europe to fund wars. Since then it has infected democracies especially of rich countries. The tax disease is now spreading to other newly emerging democracies. It starts of infecting small parts of the population then spreads, until the whole of the adult population is infected. Luckily it does not as yet infect children, but that may change over time. The major side effects of this disease are it taxes people to death. In fact death is the only way to avoid this terrible disease

10) The God Parasite
The God parasite appeared about Ten thousand years ago when humans began to congregate, live in villages, towns and cities and started to create civilizations. There are 3 virulent strains of this disease:-

A) Christianity

B) Judaism

c) Islam

A) Christianity
This disease in the past was very virulent, it spread very quickly to most parts of the world. It was very dangerous during the Crusade period, under Colonialism, Imperialism and during the Inquisition. Throughout history it has killed millions. Today this disease exists in a very mild form in most parts of the world. There exists a virulent form in the United States, among the American Taliban, and in the Bible belt region of America, and it infects people in political high office such as US Presidents, who are very susceptible to it. There are signs of this disease now emerging in China and Russia. So far only mild forms of this disease have emerged. This is a good sign, let’s hope it does not turn toxic.

B) Judaism
This disease in the past had a very virulent strain. Great attempts were made to eradicate it in many countries, Especially in Europe. In most countries today it exists in a very mild form. But a very virulent form has surfaced in Israel. It is killing Arabs and Palestinians in great numbers. There is a new strain in Israel now, which has nuclear tips. This disease is now a serious threat to the rest of humanity.
This disease was incubated in the US, with US dollars approved by the Jewish Congress every year. It is now so dangerous that not even US Presidents can control it. It is now completely out of control. It is wreaking havoc in the Middle East.
The only good sign is that the Judaism disease, outside of Israel is declining very rapidly.

c) Islam
This is a new disease compared to the others. It is at the moment in its most virulent and toxic form. It is killing in great numbers. There is a worldwide attempt to eradicate and constrain the spread of this virus. As yet all attempts have failed to contain this deadly disease. Toxic forms of this virus have turned up in Europe, the UK (London underground 7/7).In the US 911 the Twin Towers. Indonesia (Bali bombing) and many other places.
In the Middle East there is a new strain which blows itself up, causing death and destruction on a daily basis. This explosive strain is spreading fast to other parts of the world.

It is difficult to work out where the next outbreak will be, it could be any where, anytime.Since this disease has no recognizable pattern, scientists cannot make predictions. It is hoped that peace and prosperity may bring about a mild form into existence.

This may be difficult at the moment virulent strains dormant in the past are re-emerging such the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafists, Wahabism,the Taliban in Afghanistan ( a strain of Wahabism).International efforts to control these new deadly diseases are proving difficult, despite $billions being spent.


It has been estimated that the God parasite has been responsible for the death of around One billion people throughout human civilization. This makes the God parasite the biggest killer in human history.
There are now renewed efforts to eradicate this disease. The internet is being used with Atheist Medicine to eradicate if possible, or bring about a mild form of this disease. They are having a remarkable effect. In Europe this disease is in rapid decline or exists now in its mild form. In America Atheist Brand Medicines such as Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennit is making substantial progress. Already in the US there has been a 25% decline, especially among younger people of the God parasite.

The reason the GOD parasite is so difficult to eradicate.It is a childhood illness. Once the disease has infected a young mind, it is very difficult to cure in adulthood. Especially the Islamic strain which infects young minds at a very early age. The Wahabi strain as in Afghanistan and Pakistan is spread through Madrassas, with funding from the Saudi Government, who incubate this disease in their home country before exporting it .

Atheism is the best Medicine to eradicate the God Parasite. But the virulent form of the God parasite has been known to be resistant to the Atheist Medicine. So the Atheist medicine has to administered very carefully in small doses over a long period. In most cases the best that can be hoped for is that a mild, less deadly form of the God parasite may emerge over time. So we may never get rid of the God parasite, but we can live with a mild, non toxic form of the disease.
Kind Regards
Tiger Moto

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Reply to God part 2



To God reply part 2

           Thank you God for your prompt reply. I have been working very hard to solve your immediate problems. I have placed advertisements in all the major news papers in the U.K.I have also placed adverts on the internet and television. I am sorry to report the response has been very low. It seems in the U.K. there is a shortage of virgins.

                           This could be for a number of reasons, after extensive research here are my findings:-

(1) People may be too embarrassed to admit they are virgins, let’s call them ‘closet virgins’.

(2) In the highly sexualized permissive society of the West sex is now considered by many as a recreational sport (should be in the Olympics)

(3)The legal age for sex in the U.K is 16 years old. (This is a notional age), many people have sex before they are 16 yrs old, some are seasoned ‘professionals’ by the age of 17 yrs  and earn good money.

(4) If you are an adult and have sex with person less than 16 yrs old, you can be prosecuted for having sex with a minor. Although if you are say 15yrs old and have sex with a 12 year old  its O.K no prosecution. Also if you are under age and consent to have sex with someone much older, who takes advantage of your age and inexperience, it’s O.K because a Judge said so!

(5) The U.K has the most sexually active under 16yrs olds in Europe. This is something Britain is very proud of, and other people need to learn from our example, along with our very high teenage pregnancy rate, and high abortion rate, high divorce rate.

(6)So when this country lectures other countries about child marriages (a practice which should be banned) there seems to no discussion why so many school children are sexually active, which is sex without responsibility, sex under the legal age, when their mental maturity is not in line with their physical maturity, when they should be learning for their future.

(7) You see God in the U.K we have bought in to the most ridiculous agenda called Liberalism, which means you can do want you want within the law, which in the U.K. is very flexible. The consequence of this is society has degenerated to the lowest level, if you mess your life up the state will step to support your immoral and unethical behaviour. This is one of the reasons there is a shortage of suitable virgins which you need.

(8)You see God in the past sex, marriage, property, responsibility, morals and ethics, children were all linked Then the welfare state came along and women can have children without the need for fathers, people can have copious quantities off sex and if things go wrong the state has become the surrogate father, thus absolving people of their immoral and unethical behaviour or responsibility, hence rapid decline of virgins.

(9) As you will be coming to earth soon, one of your great Religions Islam has organised a beard and burka appreciation contest for you to judge. The beards and burka contest will be open to Muslim and non Muslim contestants as we here in the U.K do not discriminate. It will be open to gays, lesbians and transvestites and cross dressers.

                      I believe all of your three text books have some issues with gay people. I hope this will not be a problem for you, as you have had over two thousand years to think about this issue. For the best beard and burka we would appreciate if you would take the contestants on a three day tour of heaven including all the best sites you have reserved for the good people.

(10) I will be retiring soon, it will be difficult for me to survive on my investment income. I am looking for a part time job. Since you threw out Adam and Eve for eating the forbidden fruit and being naked from the garden Eden. I am sure the Garden of Eden must be overgrown and needing maintenance, as it has been empty for over two thousand years.

                                  I will work for the minimum wage about 6 hours per week. If this gardening job is available just need to know if the serpent who is a permanent resident is still there. If so I will need to hire rent-o-kill to eradicate this menace. I do not want to be tempted by it to eat another apple and have the same fate as Adam and Eve. And most importantly I hate apples prefer grapes any day

                                Also can I use the Garden of Eden as a vegetable plot to supplement my meagre diet I will only grow food organically?.The healthy option.

(8) I am sorry to inform you will need to find virgins from other parts of the world or Universe. Virginity is no longer a virtue in the U.K.and in very short supply.

Just one small matter as you are the surveillance camera in the sky recording everything I would appreciate if you could find out who hit my parked car causing considerable damage.


                           Kind Regards Tiger Moto (puny insignificant earthling)


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Letter from God Part-1



Letter from God-part1

Dear Puny Earthling,

                                    Thank you for your letter asking me to come to earth to solve the many accumulated problems. I have booked an appointment in my diary to visit earth sometime in the future. If I cannot I will be sending one of my Prophets perhaps all three.

                            My reason for writing to you puny earthlings, I am having lots of problems in heaven at the moment. The Jihadi’s and suicide bombers from one of my great religions Islam have been turning up in Heaven in great numbers. Each one is demanding 72 virgins as part of my contract. As God i have to honour my contract.

                  The problem is i am rapidly running out of virgins, therefore i am writing to you puny insignificant earthlings to help me out. If possible can you send me virgins from the planet earth. I am offering good pay, terms and conditions for any virgin with an initial one year contract, after a one month probationary period. This contract can be extended after the one year period for a further five years. Please find below my advertisement and contract for any potential virgin:-

(1) Virgins wanted in Heaven to work for God

(2) No previous experience essential

(3) I (God) offering above the minimum wage, contract hours 25 hours per week, with subsidized dinner and three 15 minute breaks, during work.

(4) Four weeks paid holidays, with free health care package, and relocation allowance

(5) Must be between 12 – 35 years old. (If under 16 yrs parental consent will be required in writing)

(6) Free accommodation, free internet service, mobile phone and shopping allowance.

(7) For those wishing to work extra hours I (God) will pay 2x the standard rate.

(8) Two references required, one from previous employer and one personal reference from some who knows you well

(9) A certificate of Virginity will be needed from your Doctor with any application

(10) I (God) am an equal opportunities employer, we offer flexible working week, including zero hour contracts if requested, you can work on a self employed bases or as partnership or limited company

(11) There is no tax to pay on any earnings, although there is company pension scheme which you need to make contributions as an employee. As your employer (God) i will also be contributing to your pension scheme, which is managed by the Angel Gabriel and Pensions advisory service.

The pension contributions are invested in the following stocks and shares

(a) 20% in floods, parting of seas

(b) 20% in burning bushes, turning water into wine, NHS (healing the sick)

(c) 20% in commandments on stone tablets

(d) 20% in infidels, non- believers and apostates

(f) 20% in Gullible idiots

Please apply in writing or online       address   God. Heaven. m20 2xy

                                                              Email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                            

                             Kind Regards God




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