This is a very important book which highlights an area of Brtitish Colonial history little discussed or taught.Mike Davies is not a historian but a Urban Theorist.
Simply put the book explains how during Britains rule of India anything between 7-30 million died of famines which could have been avoided.
Before the British arrived in India the Mughal rulers who ruled for 700 hundred years had insurance policy in place to avoid mass starvation during famine periods.
India is a country of extreme weather, of monsoons and droughts.In times of drought during Mughal rule,there was a obligation and duty on those farmers not affected by drought to help those affected .Also the Mughal rulers ensured the rich helped the poor,in these hard times.
When the British came they gave farmers two choices (1)grow crops for the British for export or (2)grow crops for self but must pay rent on the land.The consequence of this policy was in times of drought there was no insurance policy to avoid mass starvation,millions died,because of British Colonial policies.
If google you can find one documentary which briefly mention this terrible period of British Colonial history.There are other scant mentions in Wikipedia
I will be writing about this from a condensed version i have written.I will write in bite sized chunks for you to digest.I can assure you will weep.
Kind Regards
Tiger Moto

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