Our aim is to expose the lies and propaganda that we the public are subjected by our Governments,by Big Business,by the Main Stream Media.In its entirety the democratic,capitalist system we are part of .

We aim to invoke the concept of the good society,which the Capitalist Democratic principles are based upon.We will try to show how the stated aims are not being acheived and why .We will show how the gap between reality and perception is widening in an ever unequal world.

                                           In  International Politics we want to highlight the plight of the forgotton Palestinians.How The Democratic Terrorist State of Israel with the Support of the worlds Rent-a-Pyschopath the US is able to carry out crimes against the Palestinians,with impunity.We want to make our position very clear,we are not anti-Israeli or anti-jew or pro-Palestinian.We are Pro-Justice,Pro-Human rights.We believe in the UN convention on human rights,the protection of civilians,the protection of children.We believe in in International law, and International Justice if STATES violate any of these they must be punished for their crimes.

                                                                     For too long Israel has been able to commit crimes against the Palestinians with impunity protected by the Master the US.The US at the international believes in upholding the the rule of international law on states except Israel which for some reason is exempt.You cannot apply international law selectively,otherwise it makes a mockery of international law.The US NEEDS TO CHANGE ITS POSITION ON ISRAEL other wise it will lose creditability at the international which has been the case.

                                       We aim to cover a wide spectrum and show how politics,economics,enviroment,capitalism and society are all linked

  It must be stated that our articles come from many different sources  and are not views of the Website itself....the information is provided for you to decide wether to accept or not

                                               kind regards

                                              Tiger Moto

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