The M.O.T Scam
In the U.K cars over 3 years must have a annual safety check known as a M.O.T. Without this certificate and insurance the driver is not legally allowed to drive
The m.o.t system was designed many decades ago when cars were very mechanical,as cars have improved with technology the m.o.t system has remained the same. Attempts to change the system have met with stiff resistance from the motor industry,who rightly see the existing system as being very lucrative,as it enables garages to fail cars on minor issues which do not effect the cars overrall safety,but make lots of profit for the industry.
To understand the implications of this absurd over the top safety system,a well known consumer magazine in the U.K. Took new cars,changed their identity to make them older than they were a number of different garages to be tested. They found over 30% of 'New cars' failed the MOT test. It was quite obvious that these garages were failing these cars over minor issues to make work for themselves.
A number of members of parliament have tried to change the MOT system to reflect the reality of cars today,but have not succeeded. So the best advise I can give is do not take your car to MOT garages which offer very low testing fee's,they will fail your car over very minor issues,best to pay the higher price and hoping the MOT testing station will be more flexible.
The other solutions are (1) Have stand-a-alone testing stations not linked to a garage (2) Testing stations government run.with very minimum safety standards needed to pass. In America the MOT safety test is very basic,few cars fail unless there is serious safety issues.
The MOT testing system is open to abuse,an extortion racket enabling garages to extract money from motorists,as all over three years old must have safety test to be road worthy. Without it you cannot insure your car which is also a legal requirement.
With modern cars with computers which can monitor every aspect of a cars function,diagnoses is now done by computers. Some manufacturers car computers will not allow the driver to drive the car if it not safe to drive,if say brakes are not working,or tyre is flat,red lights appearing on the dashboard are a clear signals as to the problem.
So the capitalist con continues as the motorist is persecuted by governments through high taxes on fuel and other costs,garages rip of the motorist in unnecessary repairs and MOT failures,the motor manufacturers sell cars with inbuilt obsolescence,parts begin to fail after a certain period of times,and the motorist pays very high prices for replacements,which is how many manufacturers make money from selling cars. The motor insurance industry which is a cartel,a few industries control most of the insurance sold,have no incentive to give the motorist a good deal,once you make a claim for a accident,even if not your fault,your insurance premiums will go up for years. Even if you do not make a premiums go up year after years.
10% of the U.K. is reliant on the car,now you would think which so much importance,the motorist would be looked after...not the case...and nothing is done about it..the motorist will continue to suffer

Kind Regards
Tiger Moto

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