The Great ‘Jewish Holocaust’ Murder Mystery
The ‘Jewish Holocaust’ is regarded as the greatest crime of the 20th century where six million Jews were gassed and burned, turned into handbags,lampshades,gloves,soap,sausage meat and other households implements.
The only problem is the evidence for this heinous crime has yet to be the Germans have managed to make the evidence disappear without any trace. I will offer a number of alternative explanations from the conventional to the here we go:-

                                                                                1)The Conventional view
                                         Hitler was born with a genetic hatred of Jews..Despite having Jewish blood. Besides his hatred of Jews he was a vegetarian, non drinking, banned hunting as he regarded it as cruel, liked children, cared deeply about the welfare of Ethnic Germans all over Europe, introduced a 40 hour week, paid holidays, health &welfare for women and children, created 6 million jobs in two years, built and financed German industry like Siemens and VW,hosted the Olympics and contrary to official lies shook hands with Jessie Owens and congratulated him on his wins...this is from Jessie Owens himself before he died.
Hitler’s genetic hatred of Jews meant he passed laws which discriminated against them by promoting more Ethnic Germans into high positions. The reason for this was that Jews in Germany were over represented in the professions, in the high civil service posts and as judges.
He started world war 11 ‘because he was a crazy dictator’ who wanted to conquer the world. He rounded up all the Jews put them into Ghetto’s and concentration camps. It was decided to use insecticide as a murder weapon in small leaky rooms with wooden doors and handles on the inside and windows. People were packed in these small leaky rooms shoulder to shoulder and Zyklon B pellets thrown into the rooms, which released the poison gas. When the people had died the evil SS guards without gas masks would take the Toxic bodies out of rooms and bury or burn the bodies...while smoking, drinking and laughing.
                                                                     We have the evidence for these evil deeds from contradictory survivor testimonies, although non can describe a gas chamber or seen someone being gassed. We also have the beaten confessions from German officers such as Hoess who have admitted to the mass gassing of Jews, also the murder of J.f.Kennedy, the moon landing,9/ll the Twin Towers, the Bali bombing, 7/7 bombing of London underground tube, also responsible for training Bin Laden and his associates.
                                                          The Nuremberg trials which were meant to be the highest moral judicial body ever created to try this most evil of crimes. Special laws were created to try the Germans for crimes which never existed before they took place. No survivor witness was allowed to be cross examined; whatever they said no matter how ludicrous was accepted as true. This trial was nothing more than revenge by the Jews and the Allies...a victor’s trial.
After the war the Allies ensured that the Germans were to take full responsibility for everything and made to pay compensation to the Jews..for a crime for which the scientific and physical evidence does not the Germans were so evil and clever they have been able to hide the evidence for over 70yrs...a true murder mystery.
                                               A huge amount of literature, movies, books, plays is produced of the evilness of the German regime especially Hollywood which is owned and run by the Jews, and constant vilification in the Newspapers many owned by Jews. Survivors appear on talk shows telling of their experiences of the evilness of the German regime..they write books give lectures and make Money...some like Elie Wiesel (also known as Mr Holocaust) make lots of money. Museums using public money are dedicated to evilness of the German Regime..omitting to mention that one of historys greatest mass murders was a Communist jew called Yagoda..Responsible for upwards of 17 million Christians...perhaps the survivors of this mass genocide should be collecting compensation from the Israeli government.
                                                         The Germans will continue to pay compensation till 2030 and continue carry the guilt to future generations not yet born.
It is a criminal offence to question the ‘Jewish Holocaust ‘in more than 17 Mostly European countries. The truth does not need a law to defend it. the truth is self evident, you can deny God or say the earth is do not get fined or imprisoned for saying so. So if you need laws to defend the ‘Jewish Holocaust’ and people are not allowed to conduct scientific validity of the evidence..what does that tell you of the so called ‘Jewish Holocaust’. In Germany the truth is no defence concerning the Jewish Holocaust’..the Lawyer Silvia Stoltz is in prison for defending Holocaust sceptics and for questioning certain aspects of the conventional Holocaust story.
                                                 People who question the conventional analysis of the ‘Jewish Holocaust ‘are labelled as Anti-Semites,Neo Nazi,’imprisoned,fined,their careers wrecked, ostracized in their own community, all in a free democratic society where freedom of speech is held sacrosanct...not when it concerns the ‘Jewish Holocaust’.
A small number of Scientists and people from various backgrounds have raised doubts about the conventional ‘Jewish Holocaust’..especially the physical evidence for this heinous crime which has yet to be found. In Italy they have just passed a law to make ‘Jewish Holocaust’ denial a criminal stop one man from writing about serious questions about the ‘Jewish Holocaust’..and they call Italy a Democracy and defender of free speech.
In France the country’s leading ‘Jewish Holocaust’ revisionist Robert Faurrison has been beaten and fined, yet no one is prepared to debate him on the facts. In Austria they have locked up for many years there main ‘Jewish Holocaust ‘revisionist..yet they will not deal with the facts, in Germany over 60,000 people have been fined or imprisoned for questioning the conventional ‘Jewish Holocaust ’..for many revisionists the ‘Jewish Holocaust’ is a myth raised to the status of a secular Religion..a money making racket.
So there you have it briefly the state of affairs...question the ‘Jewish Holocaust’ in many countries and you will suffer fines or is better not to believe in God than not the ‘Jewish Holocaust’..a ‘thought’crime is in operates many countries..since you cannot get fined or imprisoned for denying God in most can try to deny the ‘Jewish Holocaust Religion’ and possibly avoid legal sanctions.

                                                              Alternative View of the ‘Jewish Holocaust’

The Revisonists view is as follows:-

                                                             World War 1 was started not by the Germans, but by France and Britain..They feared the economic power of Germany and were afraid of losing their Colonies and Status as the World’s foremost Economic and Colonial powers. The defeat of Germany could only be accomplished by US assistance. This was done by Zionist Jews who demanded from the British in the form of the Balfour Declaration which gave Palestine to the Jews..Which they had no right to or the UN which was later to ratify the creation of Israel on the Ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians of their lands.
                                                         The Versailles Treaty imposed onerous conditions on Germany which it could not afford. Many Jews were in the original delegation who wanted to punish Germany as harshly as possible. Hitler came into power his main concern was to overturn the Versailles Treaty and protect Ethnic Germans in Europe who were being persecuted in some parts of Europe. Estimates of 3-10 million ethnically cleansed from many Parts of Europe, some 2 million died (estimates), and Hitler had to help these people to settle back into Germany proper.
On learning of the Jewish influence in helping France and Britain to bring the US into the war and defeat of Germany..this became known as the ‘The great stab in the back ‘for the Germans. Communists took hold of Russia by the Bolshevik Jews who ended up responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of Christian Russians’. The Communist movement in Germany numbering one million was started, creating dissent among the population inspired by Jews like Rosa Luxemborg.Hitler decided to reduce the influence of German Jews by promoting more Ethnic Germans into high positions..Public and Private. This created resentment by the Jews...International Jewry declared a economic war on Germany through a boycott of German goods, as Germany relied on exports to feed its people this hit hard on the German people.
                                                             The German Jews became the enemy within. Please remember when Hitler came in to power not a single Jew was harmed..the Jews were of no concern to him a minority of 500,000 many were Russian Jews who fled the pograms and were given a safe haven in Germany with full citizen ship rights!.
                                                                  World War 11 was started again by the France and Britain who saw the rise of Germany as an economic and military power would be a rival to their dominance as Colonial and Global powers.Britian and France used the pretext of Germany arming itself as justification..Germany on the other hand realized after the defeat in World War 1 that a weak military power is vulnerable to attack by enemy forces, hence why Hitler needed to ensure a powerful military is a deterrent. The Jews within Germany and in conquered Europe became the enemy within.Hitlers ‘final solution’ was evacuation and deportation.Germany would be a rival to the dominance of the Colonial and Global powers.Britian and France used the pretext of Germany arming itself as justification for war..Germany on the other hand realized after the defeat in World War 1 that a weak military power is vulnerable to attack by enemy forces, hence the Hitler needed to ensure a powerful military as a deterrent. The Jews within Germany and in conquered Europe became the enemy within.Hitlers ‘final solution’ was evacuation and deportation, Madagaskar, Argentina, Uganda was considered..his preferred solution to invade Russia and resettle them to the East.
                                                       Zionist Jews however persuaded him to send many to the Haavara agreement Jews could settle in Palestine taking their money and belongings, with assistance from Germany in the form of goods,training,money and logisitics.Many Jews however did not want to go to Palestine but preferred Europe or America..restrictions were put by these countries to prevent large numbers going to the US and Europe.
The number of Jews under Hitler came to around 4 million. Conventional ‘Jewish Holocaust; narrative is that he murdered 6 million, 5 million survived..that is ‘Jewish Holocaust ‘maths....4 million under his jurisdiction...murdered 6 million and 5 million survived. Most of the Jews under Hitler’s regime were rounded up and put into, Ghetto’s, concentration and labour camps with other non Jews..Auschwitz being the best known. At this time in Europe Typhus epidemic ravaged the continent. A disease carrying lice responsible for the spread of this deadly disease, once infected the person dies within two weeks, the body tissue wastes away, hence the skeletal remains found at Auschwitz.
                                                               The Germans had at the camps hygiene facilities for disease prevention. The procedure was new arrivals had their belongings including clothing taken from them for delousing in ‘Gas Chambers’ where Zyklon B an insecticide was used to kill the lice. The arrivals had their heads shaven and given a shower to rid any body lice. They were then given new prison uniforms and put to work. Those who could not work were given light duties.
                                                                 The Intention of Hitler was to put the Jews in Ghetto’s, and camps then deport them to the East. The Ghettos’ were managed by local Jewish police officers. The Ghetto’s became a safe haven for Jews being a market dominant minority in most parts of Europe they were resented, and there were many attacks against them by the indigenous populations in Europe.
Due to the war imperatives deportation plan could not be implemented and many of the Jews and non Jews who were often the majority in these camps became mobile labour to be used at various labour camps scattered all over Europe. The result of this was that war related deaths increased i.e. disease, starvation, bombings, shootings.These war related deaths were sad and unfortunate, but Jewish deaths were no different from the deaths of others.
                                                                 Revisonists estimate that 500,000 (upper limit) Jews died during the conflict from natural and war related. This is a small proportion to the estimated 60-70 million deaths. The most contentious issue is where the missing Jews are, revisonists argue most survived, by emigration before, during and after the two worlds. Many changed identity, nationality, religion and ethnicity..easy to do as most Jews are of European descent. Since after the war families became split some 2 million (estimate ended up under Communism), each family assumed the worst had happened to its missing relatives..Hence the default position Hitler did it.
                                                              So the revisionists are not arguing bad things did not happen to the Jews, but their suffering was no worst than others...war is a bad situation for all concerned. After the defeat of Germany many roving gangs of Jews took revenge on the defenceless German population..Eisenhower the then President of the US put tens of thousands in make shift open internment camps with no shelter where many perished. This information has been suppressed by the Jewish owned and Jewish dominated, Jewish influenced Western Media..but the internet has changed all that and suppressed and hidden information is available online.
                                                           The Jewish owned and Jewish dominated media has labelled this information as fake news which is ironic, as they have been telling lies for over 100 years to the public. Some well known Internet providers have been deliberately suppressing issues raised about the ‘Jewish Holocaust’ under the hate and Anti-Semite laws..which is odd in a free and democratic society of free speech. How can questioning a historical event be regarded as hate speech or Anti-Semitic? Look at how often the Murder of J.F.Kennedy has been investigated..over 2000 books, documentaries, films,lectures..etc
                                                          If you need laws to defend the truth..then it cannot be true as the truth can stand on its own..It is self evident and the facts should prove it. The revisionists strongest point they have looked at the science and maths of the ‘Jewish Holocaust’ as opposed to mainstream Historians who have simply accepted the Victors version of world war 1& 2, and the ‘Jewish Fantasy land version’ of the Holocaust of gassing and burnings..for which we have yet to find the evidence.
                                                               The revisonists believe the ‘Jewish Holocaust’ also known as the Holohoax..Is nothing more than atrocity propaganda turned into an extortion racket...and many Jews suffer from ‘Holocaust survivor’s syndrome’ ...where they share ‘group fantasies of martyrdom..and young Jews today are brainwashed i.e. brain damaged by the ‘Holocaust hoax’. Young people in the West are taught about the Holocaust at an early age..which amounts to child abuse..Trauma based mind control..which is damaging young minds ..must be stopped.

                                                       Speculative Version of the ‘Jewish Holocaust’
                                         My thesis is very controversial i have looked long and hard as to how the Evil Germans were able to gas and burn 6 million Jews and make the evidence of over 25,000 thousand tons of ash mass graves..Radar analysis has proven this. Sherlock Holmes the great Victorian fictional detective has been given the job of finding the evidence. As yet he has not reported to the UN.
My theory is not based on sound evidence, but it does answer the question of the missing millions. I believe that a highly advanced Alien Species called the Swindlers came across the earth while world war 11 was in progress, being a non violent Alien species they decided to investigate why so much killings were going on.
                                             They came across the Nazi German regime that were gassing and burning Jews, who were having problems how to hide the evidence. The Swindlers being a profit minded Alien species decided to a deal with the German regime. For a 10% fee they would dispose of the evidence on the moon .They teleported the gassed and burnt offerings of the Jews and dumped them on the moon. This little secret has been unknown to the world until now. We need to send a mission to the dark side of the moon to an area called ‘Jewish Fantasy land’ where there is the ‘Holohoax Mountain’... a huge pile of human ash. We should not send any astronaut of the Jewish it could be too traumatic for the individual. Once we bring back the physical evidence..a quick analysis would be done to see if it is 100% Jewish. A simple chemical experiment where the Jewish ash would be mixed with Gelatine (a Pork product)..the violent explosive reaction to the pork derivative would prove that it is indeed Jewish Ash.
                                             If my theory proves right then i would suggest the Holocaust industry is entitled to demand the 10% which has been given to the Swindler Alien species..which they are entitled to, and i expect to get a % percentage for settling this issue.
The Jews are the most successful and powerful Ethnic dominant minority in the Western world. They control many huge business enterprises, especially the mass media, they are also very wealthy and have huge financial and material resources at their disposal. I would urge these wealthy Jews to set up a ‘Jewish Holocaust Enquiry Fund’ to send a mission to the Moon to bring back the evidence for this heinous crime, then we will have the issue settled, and the guilt money keep rolling in from those Dumb Germans, and Israel can continue to use the excuse of the ‘Jewish Holocaust’ to deny the Palestinians of their land, murder them wholesale and get to be the victim.

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