A Brief History of Zionism

Zionism emerged in the late 19th century..its founder is a man called Hershel..we shall call him Hitler Hershall. He was an Atheist, journalist and a Jew some people believe he was a Jew,Atheist and a journalist. Regardless of this he had a dream that the Jews in Europe were different and could not live among others in Europe. The usual Anti-Semitism charge used as justification.
He decided to turn his dream into a reality by proposing that Jews should have their own home land,where they would not be persecuted for being Jews and could carry on their religious and social practices such as usury which they invented and gifted to humanity for which we are still paying today and will pay for in the future
It is interesting to note that Torah allows Jews to charge interest to non Jews..but cannot charge it to their own community. This is blatant discrimination,we must put a stop to this...if only we could get legislation passed through the Jewish Congress..an
impossible task
So there was a conference held by the good,bad and ugly among the Atheist Jewish community decided a homeland for the Jews would be a good idea. They considered many options including South America,Africa and the Middle East. Palestine in the Middle East was selected,due to its warm weather,a nice sea shore and most important where Moses's was lost in the Dessert for over 40 years....The only problem was it had people living there called the Palestinians. Somehow measures were taken to let these people that they must leave or be evicted.
The Zionists set up three Terrorist charities..the Ur gun,the Le hi and the Stern gang charities to encourage the Palestinians to leave..by murder,bombings,rape,house demolitions. As a democracy Israel continues to use these same tactics..now used by the world's most 'humane army' called the IDF or terrorists in uniform.
So today we see every Israeli leader using the Nuremberg laws would be hanged. Hitler Hershel if alive today would see Israel's biggest Prison the illegally occupied West bank...its concentration camp called the Gaza strip..its Apartheid racist state where Palestinians have no rights...70 years of land theft and murder continues to this day...supported by the world's biggest terrorist state the United States of America...to the tune of $10-$15 billion per year
With Dumbo Trump in power Israel will get everything it wants at the expense of the American citizen and the Palestinians.

Hitler Hershel would be very proud..since he was an Atheist ...he is not in Heaven or Hell..there must be special place for dead Atheist Zionist Jews...which I do not know. So please can Jewish Hollywood make a movie called Hitler Hershel..70 years of land theft and murder...i think it would be a great hit...i would apply the postion to play Moses's..for which I am well suited as I have long beard and am old..i already have practice walking the Dessert when I went on holiday to Dubai

Kind Regards
Tiger Moto

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